Diablo® III

"Unique Collection" Hunting Group - 3 Times

I've got Logrut the Warrior if anyone needs.


Nice edit, I saw the original. Getting a bit delirious?

Just bored. I tried getting creative but then decided to just keep it simple. :)
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Carver wake the hell up!
Thanks to Viper for Gormungandr!
done wow same time with viper
Feels good to be done! Thanks group!
thanks everyone for their contributions. thanks develmaycry and boybakal for caring and trying to hook me up with garmun the last second. thanks viper for the last kill
Razormouth in game


Update: swapto & I got the kill!
Edited by Lakasas#6283 on 2/4/2013 11:10 PM PST
Otzi the cursed in game


Update: Carver, WarChild & I got the kill!
Edited by Lakasas#6283 on 2/4/2013 11:24 PM PST
Gugyn the Gauntlet in game
- DEAD, Ziko#1896 got the kill!
Edited by WarChild#1492 on 2/5/2013 12:11 AM PST
Thank you Vinzzo for Venimite (finally) and Lakasas for Otzi. The group gave me 3 of my last 5 tonight, huge thanks!
got Razormouth in game.

Left game.
Edited by ScooterBizz#1512 on 2/5/2013 12:27 AM PST
Thanks WarChild for Gugyn the Gauntlet!
Marchocyas in game (Act3 1st area)


Update: Killed by Lakasas!
Edited by Lakasas#6283 on 2/5/2013 3:23 AM PST
Rathlin the Widowmaker - Act 1, Caverns of Araneae

My last one in my game!!! If you need come join the fun!

Newbz needs, someone hold captain cage in his game so he can come please.

Thanks, develmaycry for holding his game.

ZenG, Newbz, and I got the kill! Hurrah I am done!
Edited by Ziplex#1591 on 2/5/2013 9:00 AM PST
Thanks Ziplex for kill and congrats on getting them all!!!!!
Started on 1-2-13 in the forums had about 36 to kill.

Finished on 2-5-13, Thank You all for helping me complete this tedious achievement. :)
Thornback in game
Thanks Ziplex for finding devilmaycry to hold the game for me.

And grats on completing the unique collection

plus thanks for helping me never ever to see the bloody cavern ever again !
Been browsing a while and maybe I could get some help, and help in return, from some people that are frequently looking for these uniques. The ones I'm missing are :

Act I

Ragus Grimlow
Bellybloat the Scarred
Lorzak the Powerful
Dreadclaw the Leaper
Captain Cage
Zhelobb the Venomous
Rathlin the Widowmaker
Qurash the Reviled
Jezeb the Conjuror
Ebenezer Samuel

Act II

Gart the Mad
Saha the Slasher
Blarg the Imp
Mage Lord's Skomara, Flaydren, Ghuyan, and Caustus
High Cultist Murdos


Vicious Gray Turkey
Mehshak the Abomination

Act IV

Pyres the Damned
Grimnight the Soulless
Slarg the Behemoth
Veshan the Fierce
Kysindra the Wretched

My tag is WarChild#1492, Thank you!
Edited by WarChild#1492 on 2/5/2013 11:21 AM PST
Marchocyas ingame, act3 sc, inferno

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