Diablo® III

"Unique Collection" Hunting Group - 3 Times

I'm heading out for 40ish mins. If anyone gets Hazzor, Hellscream, Torsar, Rathlin, or Saha can you wait for me pretty please? :)
got garth the mad up. act 2 sc mp0 inferno

dead , carver , hakeakahuna duffman and myself got the kill

A few of you did msg me for the kill , unfortunately i couldn't get all.
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Thanks for Gart!
01/27/2013 12:21 PMPosted by Newbz
got garth the mad up. act 2 sc mp0 inferno

Thanks a ton Newbz!!!!! Ran it so many times unsuccessfully that this was so satisfying
I have the Archivist yet again.
That means you're looking for Hellscream and I support that!
I am indeed. Does anyone know if he only spawns in the bat/mutt version? I'm fairly certain unique spawns are random and not related to normal spawns but it's been over a week of running it :(
I have Thrum in game.

Every time I get a unique I am going to check all the major unique spawning areas because they must spawn in groups.
Thanks for Thrum!
Thank you to Nemesis for Gart the Mad!

One left!
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I have Vicious Grey Turkey - Open for 15 minutes or until full.

Holy snikes!! Growlfang in the same game!!!

Both Dead: Kills to Devilmaycry, origamikid86, and Mounopliktos.
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thanks insect!!! gl on the last 1!
Thanks for the turkey insect!
Insect you're the best.
Thanks to insect for rhau'kye
plus we got to see him get this achievement done,

Grats :0
Rhau'Kye to Newbz and SABERCAT8.


P.S. - The secret is to play Florence and the Machine in the background - got all of my last dudes to this music today over ~8 hours. :)

Thank you to everyone that helped along the way! Unfortunately too many to name, but a special thanks to Vinzzo - He helped organize a lot of the group searches today that lead to me getting the uniques I needed.
Archivist is in my game.
Lost connection here due to a storm and I get back and see I missed Turkey, Gart and RauKhye... damn, thats depressing :(

Anyways, congrats insect for finishing the achievement! You now join a special club where drinks are served 24/7 :)
Pirez I have the wheel of misfortune. You have 5 mins lol.
i have ashek anybody needs? got few minutes

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