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Life Per second Questions/Mechanics

I have a question I seem to not be able to find data on.

What is the life per second bonus a witch doctor gets? I seem to have a bonus of roughly 1/2, well a tad less per point I put into vitality. If I add 100 vitality I gain somewhere in the 40's to life per second regeneration on my diablo character screen details. So when I look at my details I have 1180 life per second and I only have equiped a vile ward worth 252. When I watch the regeneration numbers I see an average of 590 and 708 regenerating back. The 590 is 1/2 the value shown on my details screen, etc. What I am confused on is:

Whats the buff the witch doctor gets from + to vitality in "Life Per Second" and how does it apply in actual numbers. I am only gaining on average 1/2 the value per second shown on my details screen so the detail screen is somewhat misleading? Note if I add more Life per second gears its shows gains of 1/2 of what my detail screen is showing so I was just curious what the benefit of vitality does?
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life regen ticks for half the rate twice every second.

wd get no innate life regen but your skill blood ritual is giving u 1% of ur hp regen per sec
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TY that answers it. I forgot I had BR on haha. Thanks Chuck. See you in pvp when it goes live so I can get my butt rappped and work on getting better with this chr its so much more fun them my monk xD.
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