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Understanding why Jay Wilson is frowned upon.


leave the poor man alone will ya.
Believe me, I wish him well on the next thing he works on.

I am a diablo fan at heart and want to improve the game.

So my opinion will be voiced.

Games bottlenecked, no random maps. Awsome graphs ruined by rubber banding.

Remember the first videos of the game like...way before it came out. You could see the rubber banding.

I remember some one commenting "whaaat is that". lol.

What is it, and how can it be fixed...like at least a 2 year old question. Long over due for a repair.

I mean...look at all the fricken art work they did. Yea its not lilke most wanted for xmas...but its still damn good.

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leave the poor man alone will ya.
Good post, very accurate and succinct.

People are pissed because not only did Jay ruin the best ARPG franchise, he did it with such arrogance and low regard for the community.
7 years... For a game that gets boring in hours?
I don't understand.
The only reason I continue to play, for Diablo II was a lot in my life, and just continue to play the franchise.
Feels as if they made this game in a 1990s setting still. There's not a whole lot you can do.
I don't know... currently sleepy.
The step from Diablo I to Diablo II was a huge difference in its time... Diablo II to Diablo 3 in it's time was honestly no jump at all.
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largely agree with OP but i think you're off the mark dissing ZK

as for maghda -- and so many other things about D3 -- since we are in the post-WoW era, it's obvious they did stuff like this to try and make the game more approachable to/by females.

idr have a problem w/ it/her.

I think you bring up an interesting point with tying games to be more approachable to women. 40% of gamers (as in people that play video games, i'm not talking about hardcore gamers) are women.
It explains gender choice for each class.
And it definitely explains bad guys that are female. In d2 all you had was andariel.
now we have more female bad guys, not to mention the main bad guy is a woman.
I just doubt fewer women would buy the game if all the bad guys were male though.
People hate him for the same reason they hate ghostcrawler. They mistakenly think they are both behind every change that negatively affects their gameplay style or class.

Game development is a team effort, one man doesn't make all the choices.
There's more replay value in Solitaire.

My gear is far from perfect. It's all I could afford. I like spending my hard earned dollars on things I can enjoy IRL. Not to flex my epeen in a bad game. The social aspect of the game is worse than most 90s online games.

Can't even get into the gameplay. It's all been said before. I don't understand how people can say no one offers constructive criticism. After launch it was all rage because the game was awful at launch. Then came the massive amounts of ideas on how to make the game better. Good ol JW was like "no you're wrong that's not fun". So the rage picked back up, JW is getting replaced, and here we are. I'd say hire a new director...delay 1.07 and let the new director inject some new ideas into the game.


Release 1.07 with JW's vision and have the new director immediately get to work on 1.08 while being vocal with the community on what his/her vision is for what they want d3 to be for the long term. Because atm I don't see this game even surviving long enough for the next Diablo game to release. WoW is reaching it's 10 year anni and I doubt that game will keep players interested for much longer. Blizzard has made a killing from that game alone and aren't even using any of that revenue to release innovative games that they're known for.

You're pretty much dictating what's fun. I mean releasing SC2 with no lan, D3 with no offline, ect. You're just riding WoW for all it's worth and that game alone changed Blizzard. Greed is going to be your downfall. Releasing content for an ARPG would seem like a hassle financially to any other company that isn't Blizzard. You guys are just greedy. I look forward to seeing what you guys reveal at this years Blizzcon. I doubt a D3 expansion being revealed because unless it's different from all aspects. It will be hard not to see JW's hands all over it.

Blizzard really dropped the ball with this franchise.
There's more replay value in Solitaire.
Not to flex my epeen in a bad game.

You have over 20000 elite kills. Clearly you play the game a lot.
Stop playing if you had it so much you hypocritical numbnut.

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delay 1.07 and let the new director inject some new ideas into the game.

It was new ideas in diablo 3 that people hate!!!!!?!?!! Wtf kind of comment is that.
There's more replay value in Solitaire.
Not to flex my epeen in a bad game.

You have over 20000 elite kills. Clearly you play the game a lot.
Stop playing if you had it so much you hypocritical numbnut.

01/19/2013 08:15 PMPosted by st4cks
delay 1.07 and let the new director inject some new ideas into the game.

It was new ideas in diablo 3 that people hate!!!!!?!?!! Wtf kind of comment is that.

20k elite kills is small potatoes. 5k is casual and hardcore is 50k plus. I'm somewhere in the middle. 1.07 is garbage. It still has JW all over it so of course it's lame. Rubies and a PVP system worse than D2. I'm sure it'll bring people back in droves. Just to spam in chat for players to duel them.

I tried 1.07 on PTR. Haven't been on live since I saw what was in store. Also most players got the bulk of their play time from the earlier days of the game. You know? Searching every nook and cranny and what not. I have 600 hours in game. Now I have nothing to prove. I could let you know I have a wife (who hates video games btw), a full time job, and a 1 year old boy. I've afk'd out of more games than I can remember. Now do I care if you believe this? No. There are people with less than 20k more elite kills than I do and are Plvl 100. I got the bulk of my playtime before Plvls were even patched in.

I played the game a lot. After my last friend quit in December in favor of playing Gw2 with his wife because she hates D3 and POE in favor of a rewarding ARPG. I've been strictly casual since then.

Like all fan boys you pretty much troll people who hate the game since we actually get tired of farming act 3 day in and day out for the last 8 months. If you want to do that by all means go ahead.
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Many people, don't understand why Jay Wilson gets the negative attitude towards him, i am one of the people who have negative feelings towards him, but i don't say such immature things like "go to hell, or he's a fat pig" and say things that are that mean to him, i disagree with many of his decision making and his comments and i would like to show you why. Here's some examples, maybe not all, to the many things Jay Wilson has consciously done over the years. If you have some i have forgotten please feel free to add.

Jay Wilson feels Diablo 3 is the best game he could make at release.
Most people found the game to be a lot worse than what the game is now, bugs, obvious abusable exploits that got through etc. The abysmall drops and the terrible itemization (still not fixed only a bit improved) Gave players a bad overal first impression of the game. Plus no PVP or endgame. Why did he think it was the best game they could make? If this is what he feels is the best he could do then maybe somebody else should of had higher expectations should of been doing his job.

"Shut up PVP guy"
Here's a kick to the lower abdomen, the guy came in saying screw PVP, doesn't even want to try and make it good. This is not a good way to start things off and definitely not a good mindset. 8 months later - we get PVP dueling that was scrapped together in a month with no leaderboards, search ques, no balance, and many bugs....because they failed to deliver PVP arena. Which Jay admitted if it was not released before 2012 it would be a "Disaster". What i find odd is that he said he doesnt care for the balance or e-sport of it...yet it takes him this long just to release something pvp related.

Players keep telling Jay that they don't like some of the design choices and would prefer this or that...Jay's response.
Jay Wilson: "Yeah, one of the lessons that we learned in development was people’s memories of Diablo II were way different than the reality of Diablo II. They remember all kinds of stuff that never actually happened in that game."
This will be a reoccurring issue, Jay comes off a little arrogant, or a I know what's best scenario, where he dismiss players feedback telling them they are wrong. If you follow blogs you will see alot of "We feel" in conjunction to "It was not fun". Again according to who? Jay Wilson of coarse. It's just disheartening to being told, what's fun over and over again. We know what's fun Jay..not you. Get over yourself.

Many players tell Jay during the Q&A that the story was weak, this is what he says in return...
Jay Wilson: We've commented on story several times now. The majority of feedback we've gotten on story has been positive. I'm sorry your experience varied.
He hears the same question being asked and feels compelled to answer to every one saying basically "nope, people tell me it's good," What feedback said it was good? The yes-people who cannot tell Jay something stinks?

Bad game design.
"Primarily due to players' preference of DPS over everything. As we played the game we found everyone just moved to the damage type that did the most damage. If we equalized damage they ignored ones that didn't have CC options. Case in point, we kept the slow on cold and gave it a lower damage budget and it's the least used damage type now." Not sure if this is a Jay Quote, but it's definitely a Jay decisions. Why include elemental attacks if they do ABSOLUTELY nothing... Enemies don't even have elemental weakness. They are just there to "look cool"... This and many other "simplified" mechanics made for a simple game, how can anyone argue that it was made for the better, i could never know? Maybe God of War is up Jay's alley if he just wants to make a cool action game.

Question: Why don't bosses guarantee decent drops on your first kill in Nightmare or Hell? This leaves 30-60 feeing VERY dull and boring because you're not getting your loot fix. It's not a question of how do I gear up, but a statement in that beating a boss that drops two bad blues is very disheartening and is a very NEGATIVE reinforcement for continued play.

Answer: (Jay): This was my decision, and I'll start by saying that Wyatt and Andrew have talked me out of it. In a future patch (not 1.0.3) we'll add this.
But so you know my reasoning I think this just moves the problem. Design intent is that at end-game we want you to stack NV and 'then' kill bosses to make farming loot more interesting. To facilitate this bosses have to stop dropping tons of rares 'at some point'.
My worry was that if it was at Inferno everyone would be like 'WTF why Inferno hardest difficulty with worst loot!?!??!' instead of the current complaint.
The reason I've decided my decision was wrong is the gap that exists between Normal first time drops and the NV farming of Inferno.
Here we have undeniable proof of what made Jay not that great of a "Game Designer" that i keep hearing, he made a conscious bad decision and ignores people and has to be "talked out of it" later on. This i felt was an obviously bad design over something so simple, If he could not see something this obvious, what about the games... more ambitious designs?

The great graphic debacle. Many player's keep telling Jay Wilson that the graphics were "not good", "Too cartoony" or "Too bright" - He answers them with "Whismyshire" - Anyone with a brain could tell that this was his answer to those types of people and IMO was pretty immature response. Why even waste your time designing this area, for a light-hearted, insult to the "cartoony" responses? Yes, we get it, that's what cartoony really is, don't waste your development time and resources insulting your fanbase - I don't think the graphics are that bad, except for a few elements - such as Act 2 felt like a Disney cartoon to me... Magha and Kulle were 100% Disney villains. Oh well, it didn't bode well for the Great Jay Wilson when he was already on thin Ice.

"7 Years in Sanctuary" Only responded in the forums twice... What does it take to get Jay to listen or address fans criticisms? Well you have to be well known apparently.... which brings me the number 1 reason, people have such a negative attitude towards Jay Wilson,
"F that Loser"
This is the big reason, why Jay Wilson gets so much hate. Here, we been telling Jay for months, even years, what was initially wrong with this game, and he ignores our pleas, and when someone like David Brevik who basically say's the same thing we been saying for all this time, he say's "F that loser"....and why? What did he say that was so insulting? It doesn't take a genius to know that by calling David Brevik a loser, he was basically calling every single one of Diablo fans losers. We been saying the same thing he has and yet is compelled to call him a loser(really meant for everyone who disagree with Jay?). I guess we are all the real losers in the end here. He also has the audacity to say "Bad comments hurt the feedback process" on his twitter... Yet responds to the the concise constructive criticism by David Brevik. Who's hurting the feedback process the fans or Jay Wilson? Looks to me any kind of feedback will hurt the feedback process according to Jay Wilson, so long as it's saying how amazing he or the game is he will acknowledge it. If you criticize it at all, well your a loser, according to him at least.

So if you disagree with with why people are upset, then that's fine but we have our opinions and we have a pretty good argument why we should feel the way that we should. Let people have their opinions and they will let you have yours. But 8 months later nothing really has changed, the core problems still exist, the foundation to this game is still poor (Itemization is absolutely absmall and still not varied) PVP although being worked on for 2+ years was scrapped and rushed with an alternate. One may wonder why anyone thinks he did a good Job with this series, i guess you have to be his, friend, work with him, or be the one to hire him to ignore such obvious flaws. He may have some talented individual, but i just don't see him as a great inspiring artist that will make people the people or the press excited for anything he has worked on... I mean there are dozens of developers, producers, and game designers that hype the people and the media. Jay Wilson will never get that fame that generate taglines such as "E3's around the corner and we at Spike TV will reveal Jay Wilsons next big game" etc

Great post OP.

First of all, this false dichotomy created by fanboys that either you love this game completely or stop playing altogether is stupid and nonsensical. I think there are lot of nice things about D3 and it is improving every patch.

That said, one of the primary factors that soured the D3 community on Jay Wilson was his refusal to listen to the community. That is not to say he was oblivious to what the community wanted or never instituted some desired changes; however, if you look at his comments, time and time again, he exhibited enormous arrogance that his way to play the game was somehow the best and most enjoyable.

Unlike Dave Brevik, Jay Wilson never understood the most fundamental principle in game design and that is, let the community decide for themselves what they find enjoyable in a game. If we want to run only Vault of Assassins a million times, let us do that. OTOH, if we want to run Inferno from Act 1 straight through to Diablo without losing stacks, let us do that as well. DON'T DICTATE TO THE COMMUNITY WHAT IS A FUN THING TO DO. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I posted a long time ago that I would never purchase a game with Jay Wilson as head game developer. Now that he's gone, I actually may purchase a D3 expansion. But we'll see.
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What online game can you name that has been released that had zero bugs. A game with zero stability issues. A game with zero exploits at release. Go ahead I am waiting to hear from you. That is part of the terrority when it comes to online games.

So PvP has to be perfectly balanced to be fun. I would say no to that, it can be extremely rewarding beating another player that you should not be able to beat. But because of your skill and build you win.

So then Jay should've worshiped at the altar of D2:LOD. Making this game a perfect copy of that game with prettier graphics and maybe a different story huh. Sorry I wouldn't have bought this game and mabye I might have not even thought about buying this computer if that was true.

So I tell you then since one person hated the story then all players hate it. It would be impossible for even one player to like it right. Come on I have a bridge to sell you if you really believe that. I could say the same things about your game if you were to make a game. Where you might actually get some good comments about part of your game. But because I say that part stinks then it is impossible for anyone to love it.

So then you would have a weapon for every monster that has a dfferent weakness huh. I would love to see just how much inventory space you would have after equiping such weapons. I have a good idea what he was talking about. Take fire, in almost every rpg that I have played fire with its DoT's means it will do the most damage. Now if they added in CC to all other types. Then Fire would alawys be the right answer as far as damage types.

As far as dark as concerned I wold make a game where the only thing you could see is a period on the screen. That period is a torch your character is holding. Oh and btw that would be during the daytime. There is more to dark than just the look. It is the overall atmosphere of the game. I got the dark gothic feel from the gloominess of the people in town. The cows were not any scarier than the pony land we have now.

Look he was making that unprofession comment. Due to the fact that some of the members of David's team was still working for Blizz and some of them are on the D3 team. I guess it would've been better if he went further than what David said. Not only agreeing with him but saying that those of Blizz North that stayed behind had absolutely zero talent in game design. Why they did not make any contributions to the success of the first two Diablo games. Where the only ones that made the Diablo franchise are the Big Four. They are the only ones with any real talent.

What AAA game has he released since leaving Blizz North? That comment of David's hit them in a way he shouldn't have done. He should recognize their acheivement of helping him to make a great game. I would serious like to see him release Marvel Heroes where he is the only one working on the game. We can see how long it takes and how good it is since he is a superman of game designers.
When I heard Jay Wilson comment about D3 and D2, I was left with the impression he was NEVER a dedicated D2 player.
The three things that this game has failed for me are;

!) Time invested to loot ratio.
-I have not seen any reward since level 60 that was greater than the AH.
2)Paragon leveling is a task rather than a reward.
-although loot gets slightly better over levels, I don't feel any excitement or need to get to the next level. Just the end.
-each level should bring reward and an excitement. so you want to get to get to the next level not just to level 100.
3) I don't feel any personal connection to my character.
- you can't customize your character any more than beyond gear. which is singular in focus as well.
-your damage is the same as everyone elses as long as you can buy the gear, making this a pay to win game.
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