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Experienced Monks: Dealing with Tempest Rush

I beseech the experienced monks, who use Tempest Rush, to lay some wisdom on me.

I feel like tempest rush is the best ability to escape hot situations. But I'm getting very frustrated by its horrible unpredictable tendency to randomly teleport you back to the beginning of the rush spot. It has already happened to me several times that I got frozen because after TRing out of there, I was popped right back into the ice balls. Thus far, I have managed to survive the situations. But I feel like it's very likely that this bug will one day kill me.

How do you deal with this? I noticed that it tends to happen when I'm in a hot situation. Does it help to pause for half a second, without performing actions, before using Rush?

Does the removal of the character "flinching" in 1.07 help alleviate this issue? (I haven't played much monk in the PTR.)

Will I just have to hope that, in that crucial moment when TR is supposed to save my life, that the random chance of it failing just won't occur?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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with Tempest Rush, you have a 50/50 chance of escaping deadly situations taking rubberbanding into consideration ... without it, you have none.

Dashing strike is also known to have that character freeze bug...

just my 2 cents

Hope you get better answers from pro monks
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i find i can use tr now and i never rubber band..

i guess the trick is 2 fold..

first always try and walk out when you can
second dont tr through arcane/damage

so even if you can walk out of an arcane beam/molten then tr away thats the safe way to do it..

i think the rubberbanding is due to taking damage at the time of starting tr.. if your not taking certain damage you will tr successfully - conversely if you are taking certain damage you will rubberband

this from a 1150 hour monk who has never taken tr off the right mouse button

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im not that kind of a no-life-player (seriously 1200 hours alone means at least 5 hours a day since release !) but my monk can handle up to mp3.

u could also use Inner Santuary, the most underused skill monk has in my oppinion.
it will basically knock back all enemies a few yards and prevent them from gettin in again, and u gain 35% less damage, but the pullback should be enough to open a path that was blocked by enemies thus far. and after that just use ur teleport wisely ;)
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Like Superform, I've rarely had issues with rubberbanding anymore. Through 59 paragon levels, it's only left my bar 2-5 levels in which I was experimenting with other builds. The only time I seem to rubberband now is when I TR at such an angle that I clip the edge of a wall or object.

Hope that helps
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There is always SSS for the teleport, but that is situational...Also, you take no damage while SSSing.
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I dont think ive rubber banded in a long time altho mostly i use tr to go between mobs.
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when i used TR i had to deal with rubberbanding constantly. many times i found myself thrown right back in the middle of dangerous situations that nearly killed me.

dashing strike doesnt have this problem. while it does have a problem where you could end up invisible, as ive read it doesnt kill you. ive only had it happen once to me and that time it didnt kill me.

imo, dashing strike is better :)
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I survived the whole game dual wielding with just dashing strike. It's totally better.

I got caught with the bug like 3 times, but after a while you know what it is and you can't die from it, so allll good. Absolutely mandatory skill for me in HC.
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Tempest rush was good for Diablo back when Diablo was difficult; I think a significant AoE with a knockback is much more useful in general; knockback deals with being cornered just as well and does much more damage than tempest.
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Never use Tempest Rush right after you attack with Fist of Thunder. Wait at least .5 sec.

Same goes with DHs. Never move right after you attack with one of your Hatred Regen skills. You "rubberband"
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01/21/2013 02:46 PMPosted by Morogoth
imo, dashing strike is better :)

Yeah....DS is good. But it takes a little practice...The timing is important when using it on frozen so you literally never get hit with the frozen nova
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^ yep. but for beginners you can just dash out of there completely, and relocate the fight a few yards away.

when 1.0.7 rolls around, there will be no incentive for me to use SSS anymore... because if i dash 5x, that's 1515% damage, compared to 1777%, but way more invulnerability and usefulness. =]
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I just like TR better than DS in general. I think I'm going to stick with it, despite its unreliability. I'll just try to heed the advice of Superform and Luda, and try to practice not getting into the rubber band situation.

Thanks guys.
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I just want to say, I appreciate the advice. I haven't had this problem lately, as I've been more conservative. (That is, I would take a couple steps out of a hazard before TRing out of there, and I avoid hot zones with it.)

That said, just because I know how to deal with it, that doesn't mean I'm not upset about this bug. In taking the proper measures to avoid the TR pop-back, I am deliberately avoiding my own natural play style. I like to do things down to the wire. That is, I like to do all the damage I can, timing it so that I can make my escape at the last moment.

It's part of my nature. With my DH, I take the maximum amount of shots before I need to vault out of there. When crossing a street, I look for small openings between car paths that I know I can get through. I can time it so that, while it looks reckless to the outside observer, I've determined that even if they try to accelerate they can't do it enough to hit me in my gaps.

Playing the way I did before, cutting TR to the last moment, just felt a lot more fun. So while I now know how to deal with the bug and it isn't hindering my survivability, it's still hindering my game experience.
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=[ but hey, next patch you will get a 100% or more effective dps boost. muahahahaa

Should ease the pain until they fix their !@#$.
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=[ but hey, next patch you will get a 100% or more effective dps boost. muahahahaa

Should ease the pain until they fix their !@#$.

Hah... I would expect then to nerf WoL way before they acknowledge the TR pop-back.

They're all over the place with that $#!7. First it was 450% during the beta. Then, when they decide to make it low enough level that we can try it in the beta, it becomes 150% and useless. Then they make it 390% in 1.04. And now they're making it 829%.

I'm thinking of starting a pool for what it will be next. I would have a set of damage ranges.
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