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Game Stuttering Still an Issue for me....

I have looked through many many different threads on this topic and nothing seems to matter. I don't have a bad computer, I have tried disabling any sort of "real-time protection" which is only Microsoft Security Essentials. I have tried running the game ALL on a RAMDisk and still same issue. I use a Radeon HD 7950 single GPU config with an i7 2600k and 16GB of ram. I have tried Diablo 3 on WD Cavier Black HDD, OCZ Vertex 3 SSD and the RAMDisk...all same issue. I have turned down all graphic settings to bare minimum, turned off AA, Smooth shade not smooth WHATEVER! It's starting to really annoy me.

I have no freakin clue what to try next. I have read the moving the pagefile of Windows may help? Someone apparantly turned off pagefile then back on and it was good so I am going to try that later and post back but looked like some people didn't have their problem solved by this. I can't believe Blizzard has not fixed or has not give any sort of solution. It's unacceptable period. I have been looking for a solution for months now...even stopped playing D3 and came back a few months later only to see no fix. I play Farcry 3, SC2, BF3, whatever...all perfectly. Someone...for the love of god....save my sanity and shower me with your words of wisdom....I beg you.

EDIT: I realized I didn't really explain the definition of "stuttering". The game plays perfect at times...smooth as hell. Then all of a sudden, doesn't matter what's on screen, it gets very...grainy looking. Hard to explain but basically feels like fps drops...even if it doesn't. Makes your eyes sore just playing like that because your trying to make things out like text etc and it's hard to do so unless you stop moving. RamDisk didn't help so I'm leaning towards GPU issue or Background program/pagefile.
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Im with you... It makes it impossible to play. Im about to just quit and find a different game because waiting this long for a solution is crazy. I can play all games on ultra settings and no problems but not this game for some reason. Crazy lag spikes.
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Problem Solved! I disabled indexing on my C: Drive (This is where Diablo 3 is also installed and is an SSD drive that contains Windows). I chose the Drive PLUS subfolders. I also disabled my paging file completely (Paging File was on the D: Drive "WD Cavier Black 1TB HDD"). I'm not sure which of the 2 has fixed it but everything is fine so far. No more random stutter. I hope people with my similar problem try this and it works for them. As stated before I have 16GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram running at 1600mhz. If paging file becomes an issue I will probably get the free version of Radeon RamDisk again and put the paging file to that.

Again this is not stutter due to bad hardware. My PC is really good and runs all other games top notch so if your stutter is related to pushing your hardware past it's limits then this probably won't work for you but doesn't hurt to try.

EDIT: Playing for about 45 minutes game runs smooth as silk. Safe to say it's working great. Even have AA plus vertical sync enabled and no issues.

UPDATE: After about an hour of play, I experienced slight stutter again. It is no where near the extent as it was before (only for about 5-10 seconds usually every 10 minutes now) but it seems not totally gone yet. Definitely a huge improvement but something else is being picky. I will continue to work at it.
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