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Finally Eligible to Join the 100K Club!

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01/24/2013 02:39 AMPosted by Shade
You should have continued on your journey to be a non CC CD monk, then you would be a Unique monk, now you are just one of many 100k dps monks.

Yeah, I was sorely tempted to do that, but try as I might, I couldn't break over 40K DPS. Then MP levels came out and I realized that unless I want to be stuck farming MP 0/1 for eternity, I'll have to give up my uniqueness. I still find minor consolation in the fact that at least I'm the only cookie-cutter that's using Sweeping Armada as secondary attack, which sets me a little apart from the pack, but probably not for long with all those changes coming in 1.0.7.

Congrats man can I ask why you don't use Exp Gem in helm?
I just keep a 2nd helm in my inventory with MF and MF gem and swap on boss kills.

Frankly, I don't care at all about experience gain. I just don't see the point of rushing towards PL 100. I slowly farm my way towards it and I'll eventually get there, I'm just going to enjoy the little victories over occasionally gaining a new level for a lot longer. That's why I've also never gotten even a single Hellfire ring - bonus to experience is a wasted affix slot for me and the chance for the rest of the stats to roll well are really minuscule. I've done all the Ubers few times though, out of curiosity. Got one useless organ in the process, that's currently wallowing around my stash, along with several equally useless keys. (%
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congrats dude! I really like your gear set up: 3% LS, 1800 LOH, 5k armor, ~800 AR. Also, you achieved 100k dps with a Won Fist and no Echo Fury! My only advice is to get more attack speed. You should aim for the blackthorn amulet and swap out your belt with a WH. That's a 16%-18% AIS boost while keeping the BT set bonus. You can afford to lose some AR.

Check out my profile, I also just reached 100k dps tonight. I was inspired by your Monk so I decided to shoot for the 100k dps milestone while having good sustain and mitigation. Once I get another 600+ LOH, I will most likely get rid of the LPSS passive and Inna Radiance. I need mooarr dex bad lol
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Congrats!! :D

Yay, go me! Where do I sign up?

I realize that 100K paper DPS is not such a big deal these days, especially if we take into consideration that it took me over 8 months to achieve it, but I'm still proud that I managed to get there while retaining quite a bit of the tank properties I started with, before we had MP.

I think it's a huge deal. I know it was for me when I got there not too long ago. It's all about the journey, isn't it? Taking the time to build and craft our monks, remembering all the milestones, good or bad, and looking forward to what's to come. (geeze, I sound like a Hallmark card. LOL!)
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Edit: when i hit 100k it seemed like almost within the next week that i was able to jump to 150k

Wow! Meanwhile, it seems to be taking me forever to get past this particular hump. What's your secret (to increase your DPS by 50% over a matter of a week)?!?!

Oh, and congrats OP! :)

EF, nats set...flew my DPS up
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Sadly, after all this applause and encouragement, I'll have to temporarily surrender my newly printed membership pass. It's a real pity, the ink was just starting to dry.

The reason - just found myself an upgrade in the pants department, courtesy of some very helpful Tomb Guardian. A new Temperance with 179 Vit roll, regular retail price in the 200 mil range and it fits like a glove! Woohoo! On the downside - it came with min Dex roll, which was enough to tip my DPS, which was precariously balancing on the 100K mark, in the wrong direction, so I'm currently sitting at 99,789.

Meh. Now I need to level couple of Paragons, in order to gain access to the club once again. Or get myself a weapon upgrade in the 70 mil range... Yeah, right - off to Paragon leveling it is!
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Getting an EF instead of the WKL gets your DPS up significantly (on paper that is). You could increase your critical hit damage by a lot on your amulet and rings. Perhaps get a witching hour and tal rasha chest. That will get you to 150K in no time.

Other than that, nice monk!
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