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New Wizard Looking For Gearing Advice

Hey guys, I am new to the Wizard class and I figured I would drop into the same ol' cookie cutter build that most people use.

I've read PieHoles CM/WW Build [Guide] http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7200301791

and I saw a lot of what I believe to be decent information on gearing choices and what I really should be focused on.

I've put 100s of millions into my Barb/Monk and I have ~500m I can put into my Wizard. I just honestly have no idea where to even begin. I don't want to just start picking up items at random that I believe to be good.

Any advice on where I should start? Maybe with weapons? I saw his post on what stats to look for on a Chantnodo’s Will. But what bout the Chantnodo’s Force?

Any tips you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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If you want to play it safe you could transfer some of your gear over from your other toons and buy some cheap stuff to see if you like wiz before you invest. If you decide to dive in I think you should decide on what gear route to take first. Basically you need to hit 2.73 aps and 45+ cc with high ar and armor. 500m can get you a decent cm/ww wiz gear. For that price you could go

cc mempo
chant will with os
chant force with apoc
nat reflec with cd or cc
nat boots
tal chest with ar, vit and armor
witching hour
250 intel vile ward with high st and/or vit
blackthorne pants
ammy or ring with loh
high ehp 6cc bracers
trifecta gloves

Check out my gear it's pretty cookie cutter. If I had to do it over again I would have gotten an apoc chant force with non cc mempo instead of stormcrow and regular chant force and my budget is less than 1/3 of yours. You give up a lot of ehp with lacunis unless you are rich.
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tal chest with ar, vit and armor

Chest cant roll all 3

01/23/2013 03:59 PMPosted by Shoe
If I had to do it over again I would have gotten an apoc chant force with non cc mempo

CC Stormcrow with a non apoc force is only marginally lower then a same cc mempo apoc force.

You only need a higher dmg force =)
Mempo also requires you to have Loh on Jewellery

With a 50m plus budget you can use this.

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01/23/2013 04:56 PMPosted by Comrade
tal chest with ar, vit and armor

Chest cant roll all 3

It comes naturally with up to 100 VIT. AR and Armor are the 2 random rolls. Admittedly, rolling both together is expensive.
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Awesome thanks for the reply guys.

If anyone else has info to add I'd greatly appreciate it.
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