Well i think we all agree that D3 right now has a problem called "end-game", and might be due the itemization system implemented. We dont feel progression since the system is based in pure luck, which means after decent amount of hours spent in the game, its really hard to identify 100 items and get an upgrade.
My idea is based on specific items, complete sets of the best properties you can get on that slot. No random, just solid stuff, but the difference is that this sets will be able to be upgraded SOMEHOW. Let me explain:

Tier 1, complete set of usefull properties on each piece (depending on class needs), example for Demon Hunters:

-Gloves: 100 dexterity / 70 vitality / 20 all resistences

Tier 2:

-Gloves: 150 dexterity / 100 vitality / 40 all resistences / attack speed % 5

Tier 3:

-Gloves: 180 dexterity / 130 vitality / 55 all resistences / attack speed % 6 / Critical Hit Rating % 4

Tier 4:

-Gloves: 200 dexterity / 150 vitality / 70 all resistences / attack speed % 7 / Critical Hit Rating % 6 / Critical Hit Damage % 10

Up to Tier 15 or 20 i dont know, of course the progression between levels should be balanced, since this stats are very high on low upgrade levels. But the idea is that theres gotta be a lot of tier levels.

The idea of this is to set a solid objetive to the players, which means that requieres a LOT of time to complete the entire full upgraded set, however you can upgrade your gloves, chest, pants or whatever to the next tier in less than a week (by feelling progression all the time).

The upgrade system, well is still working on my mind, thats why i let you guys (if you like the idea) to help.

What i though is: you need the Blacksmith to upgrade the piece to the next level. It requieres a specific amount (high i think?) of materials obtained by salvaging Legendaries + Rares. So now, you will be farming items (if they are good enough you keep them) and blacksmith materials (if items are trash they are usefull too).
But i still feel that need something else, so i thought about adding legendaries or rares to the combination to make the upgrade more powerfull, so people can difference their gear from each other having the same tier level. The items added to the forge will be used to add some porcentaje of their stats depending on the piece of the tier you will get, for example:

I want to make Tier 3 Gloves: It requieres Tier 2 Gloves + 50 Fiery Brimstone + 120 Iridescent Tear + 500 Exquisite Essence. I add a Mempo of Twilight to the craft which has 200 dex + %7 IAS + 80 All Resistence. The result of the combination will be Tier 3 Gloves + a porcentaje of the item i added, that could be: +20 dex, +8 all ressist + %1 IAS.

Of course on the mix will be a limit of items you can add, i though about 3 max, and each one will be lost after the craft.


I dont mean to do a very large post here, but i take the opportunity to write another idea that came to my mind:

New kind of scrolls (or something) that adds or modifies properties of an item, something really similar to runes in Diablo 2. But the difference is that they dont need sockets to be implemented, but it could take the penalty of replacing a chosen (by the player) property of the item.
How do you get them? Well i dont know :), could be farmeable from bosses, some new event, etcetera. Example:

-Scroll of strenght: 200 strenght
-Scroll of mighty strenght: adds 50 strenght bonus (if you had 50, the item will get 50 + 50 bonus)
-Scroll of attack speed: attack speed increased by %5

The main idea of this is to dont expect from a random item to be extraordinary (specially based on luck), because it could be just very well upgraded by this system.


Of course this ideas needs a lot of work, but i leave here the basic concepts of what i think could benefit the game in a good way, essentially to keep players active.

I hope i expressed myself correctly, since english is not my native language :)
Anyway see you guys ingame :), bye !
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