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Just going to throw this out there, the math for ruby vs emerald has already been done 100% and, as long as your wep suffers from the min + bonus_min > max bug, ruby adds more total dps at almost every level of CHC and CHD when using 1 weapon and competes very well when using 2 weapons.

I will be putting a Ruby in my Skorn and my dps will be going up.

Cheers! :D

-Druin, the happy monk
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Piffle, I've been doing some more playing aronud with d3up.

I Imagined that jco had a socket in that leet axe of his instead of 100% CD. A ruby would actually be better for him than an emerald.

I was shocked when I checked this... I want someone else to check this as well.

I severely underestimated the value of rubies at first. I completely discounted the effect of that +%damage. Rubies are much better than I thought. More and more, I'm finding uses for them. To be honest, I'm starting to think they're going to represent a substantial level power creep in the game.

(EDIT: It's not even close. He gets like 15K DPS)

Shame his weapon doesn't actually have a socket then! lol

@Druin can you point to that post por favor?
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@Piffle & others

Here's probably the best thread for insane increase in damage --->


Here's probably best thread for elemental vs. black damage --->


And here's a thread which seems to hint Sledge Fist might be getting a huge buff when comparing Emerald to Ruby --->


NOW, if anyone has actually tested Sledge Fist + marq ruby... myself and sounds like others would be very interested in your results for farming high MP (and possibly lower MP)!
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01/25/2013 09:12 AMPosted by blhotz
From the DH and PTR threads it still looks like no one has confirmed exactly how rubies work with respect to Damage %, attack speed (gears OR weapon aps), elemental damage, dual wielding, etc.

Thats actually not true.

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From the DH and PTR threads it still looks like no one has confirmed exactly how rubies work with respect to Damage %, attack speed (gears OR weapon aps), elemental damage, dual wielding, etc.

Thats actually not true.

Go look at when I created the thread :P. Took awhile for a general consensus which didn't happen until hours after I created the thread.

ANYWAYS. Now it seems damage calculators are working fine with Marq Gems. I still haven't landed one to test on PTR. But I inserted it into sssdrawr with my Sledge Fist and came up with --->

A 110% crit damage Emerald into Sledge Fist ---> ~14,500 DPS

A Marq Ruby into Sledge Fist ---> ~23,500 DPS

My crit chance is right at 40% (attack speed is 3.28/2.84 which could be higher with an EF) - those stats are probably typical of most Sledge Fist users.

So yes, it seems my speculation that Rubies will be beneficial to Sledge Fists is correct. I was hoping for a little more of an increase but I'll take it especially considering Sledge Fists only get a 10-15% damage mod where as lvl 60 weapons can have 50%. Not sure if it's enough for higher MP farming but I'm looking forward to trying. Still interested in "practical testing" if anyone has tried on PTR!
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So it's final. With the news of no max "double bonus" for black weapons, it looks like Emeralds will ALWAYS be better in Sledge Fist. And therefore Sledge Fist will probably never be a plausible "standard farming" tool.

I tested a Radiant Star Ruby in these two weapons -->

44.5% crit chance for both weapon tests

1078 dps 1.63 attack-speed dagger
100% emerald ---> +15,000 dps
120/120 ruby ---> +17,000 dps

159.5 dps 1.54 attack-speed Sledge Fist
100% emerald ----> +15,000 dps
120/120 ruby ----> +12,000 dps

For the record, with a good amount of attack speed rubies definitely seem better than emeralds in most cases.
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