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29 million isn't that great of a drop. Over 1000 hours too. That is 34k gold per hour. In a loot based game that is pretty bad.
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Absolutely serious here. If you aren't getting good drops frequently you're simply doing something wrong. I'd like to help if I can.

If you are serious about wanting to enjoy the game, please be honest with yourself answering these questions. I'm loving this game more and more every time I play it. I don't actively AH flip. I haven't used the RMAH once. I've made all of my gold selling the drops I find myself and I think I've made about 40mil total (of the 3.5~4bil I've gone through on my monk) from a couple random ah flips I happened to see when I was looking for an item for myself.

What is your base mf (with follower, assuming you farm solo, which is what you should be doing, unless you have friends you farm w/ who you don't have to carry)?
What is your edps?
What mp can you farm and still oneshot trash? That whole mp0/1 thing is absolute bull!@#$.
Is your farming goal really loot? Or is it experience? If it's loot you should be doing voa runs. And I mean strictly voa.

Clear voa > leave > resume > clear voa > leave > resume > clear voa > etc

edit: I'm not trying to flame or whatever, I'd really like to start a discussion here. Any overly aggressive posts will be ignored
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01/25/2013 11:43 AMPosted by familia
"Farming" for countless hours would ruin any game.

Ever play D2? I farmed the hell out of D2 and had fun doing it. What ruins the game is the terribad itemization and loot drops.
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I feel the same way at this point, but I think it's a good sign.

The core gameplay is very solid and addictive, but the rewards and the surrounding mechanics need serious work. I prefer that to a nice game with a horrible combat.
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01/25/2013 02:21 PMPosted by ChemistCarl
29 mil is a pretty solid drop IMO.

well, I'd say half decent if we compare the hours spent and the godly items available.

And that's the only one out of 400 approx. Not worth the time, I'll keep saying it. The reward system is flawed big time.

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The game doesn't have a leg to stand on. I routinely check it, then log out. I no longer have any purpose to click "resume" because it's just an empty game.
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01/25/2013 04:07 PMPosted by SuperduperJW
The game doesn't have a leg to stand on. I routinely check it, then log out. I no longer have any purpose to click "resume" because it's just an empty game.

Agreed 100%, Im off work, Im going home. Im sure I'll log in, check things out, will try hard to stay logged and play a few hours.

But Im almost sure it will take 20-30 mins for that dang question to pop up "why do I bother?"

Im better off going out for a drink with my friends :)
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I only loot farm, except for farming 50 hellfire rings to switch things up every now and again.

I only do alk runs with groups of online friends speed farming on MP 5. Being a 110 dps CM wizard, I can't afford farming on a higher mp, and slaughtering elites doesn't take long. Maybe 30 seconds a pack on average probably.

MF is well over 400 after stacks, probably around 450. 30k elite kills in 900 hours.

I focus on pack density. I never farm solo, because I quickly learned that the extra MF boost doe snot justify the loss of kill speed associated in group farming. Killing volume>MF. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. If I find I am carrying someone, I finish the run and start another party.

I am dead serious. My intention is loot. My first 10 paragon levels the only thing I was interested in leveling, and then realizing it would be a hell of a grind, I switched to loot farming. 10 paragon levels...thats like 2-3% of the paragon leveling experience of where I am at. You don't see me running around with a ruby in my helm and cming mp10 to satisfy my desire for masochistic face-rolling torture.

My total value in drops is probably 150 million, and I picked up 80 million gold. My drops freaking suck. I timed my auctions to finish on friday evenings because I know that is when the most people play and then see your auction. It doesn't make a massive difference, but it probably gave me an additional 20 million over these months. I know only to pick up ammys, rings, set items, legendaries, and one handed weapons. I only pick up packs of 2k gold or more and ignore the loose change.

Is there anything I am missing? Is there a secret run for loot other than alkaiser? I honestly don't believe in this rng crap because it freaking hasn't been there for me. Thats why in the last month I log in only to check the prices at the GAH and laugh at these prices...that is the only enjoyment I have gotten out of this game. It doesn't make sense to fork out 900 hours of playtime for three hits of dopamine when I got my three 40 million gold items.

My only saving grace is that the NHL has started again. I am originally from detroit, so I have a soft spot for the Red Wings. As horrible as they are this year, I have gotten much more satisfaction out of watching that on-ice abortion over 4 games than I have with 900 hours with D3. I did not buy this game with the intention of saying that either. I understand if I have offended someone by saying that and I apologize for that, but I am typing the truth on that one.

What is the incentive for me to play anymore? Honestly? I know I am not getting the drop because I have put in that much time and followed the methods for farming recommended by the better (luckier) players on these boards. its as simple as I am not getting the drops.

I WANTED to like this game. I played all of the old Blizzard games, the first warcaft (the only one really worth mentioning if you ask me), diablo's 1+2, Starcraft, all of that. I loved it all. I know I am not looking back with rosey colored glasses either, because I showed these games to friends at college years ago and they ate those games up a decade after they were released. Hell, they played with me until Mac was no longer able to carry them. They were really, really good games.

I just feel stale after this experience. I didnt mean for this to be a flaming post, and I understand that kind of what this has turned into, but I really feel frustrated with this game when much of what made these older games good was TOTALLY REMOVED from the series. Class/build diversity, diverse loot, an atmosphere that actually felt like I was fighting evil...I actually was able to find stuff of some value (it definitely was not end game loot). They could have copied and pasted the mechanics and just updated the graphics and I would have been fine with that. It has been stripped to a 20-30 dollar game you would find in the knock-off game section of Wal-mart. That is what I feel when I play D3. This is a loot farming game with no diversity in loot/builds. Am I missing something here?

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good for you zap. enjoy those drinks. the game is intended to be enjoyed, if you're not at this present time enjoying it, you should most definitely take a break. in the mean time, i'll continue to plug away at the game because i realize the only way to find items is to play for them. they will not drop immediately after you start a game. i personally like all the garbage drops.. keeps that hope alive until you do find something good. if you cry all you find is yellows, there's probably something that can be done to correct it. and on the subject of reward system - it's not a job.. you shouldn't think of it as 34k an hour.. nor should you be netting so low per hour. just keyfarming i get roughly 100k an hour; barely trying. so don't cry about gold or itemization or anything like that. you're just super inefficient. again i'll offer any of my services to anyone who wants 'em.. add me and i'd be glad to help.
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01/25/2013 02:11 PMPosted by LordSandwich
OP has obviously used the RMAH to purchase most of his gear. He's spent a few hours in inferno and is upset that he hasn't found any upgrades to his RMAH purchases? Why is anyone taking him seriously?

I've actually gone through 2 accounts. This is my third, the first two were lost under what I believe to be crap pretense. This wizard was geared from another account. Not everyone plays the way you do. With one char maximized. I enjoy playing multiple accounts and using other accounts to boost my own chars.

Like I said I honestly want to enjoy this game I do. So much so I've spent around 200$ on it. The extra 20$ was gold for when I started my fresh 2nd account.

Alot of people have gone way off topic here. To those who responded in like context I appreciate that I'm not alone. Those who stayed in the confines of the topic yet disagree, I wish I had your frame of mind!
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