Perhaps you should consider giving us the option to choose which quest we want to "start" the next act. Here's how it could work:

  • Do an act 1 run (whichever part you like) and finish it by killing the Butcher and freeing Tyrael. Upon completing the first act (You get the "act ends in 30 seconds), the game host gets the option to pick whichever quest he wants for the next act --- and upon entering the new act, you automatically start at that quest with your party. If no quests are chosen, it defaults at the first quest.
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    Note that "you cannot choose previous act nor can you skip acts".

    Having the NV stacks persist through acts is a really good addition, especially for act 4. However, it's not going to be used if we have to do EVERY quests in the next act (except act 4). For the people who care less about efficiency, they could go clear some areas, kill act boss and jump to the next act with the quest they want (and continue their farming).