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so not looking for your spec sucks blah blah... idc.. i like it... my question to you guys is how would i make it work better... atm my pets can do mp10 i get face raped if they look at me even on mp1... i know my dps is low but wont matter if i instant die am i just missing some key point here or ? any help would be awesome thanks... my budget is super low around 5 mill tops
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Some thoughts for you:

Your build appears to be a thorns build, but you have low thorn damage (3000 or so), so your pets are doing very little additional damage for you.

So if you want to do a thorns build you would need over 10,000 thorns to make it worth while. How high an MP could you do then? I have no idea. Probably MP3 or 4 max.

So right now I would suggest you drop the two passives, Zombie Handler, and Fierce loyalty, because keeping your pets alive longer is doing you no good - you can always recast them if they die. I would instead recommend to you the passives Grave Injustice + Gruesome Feast. These passives will help keep you alive, replenish mana, and give you more damage.

As for your main attack skills firebomb and AC, neither is doing a whole lot of damage in a hurry for you. You need to either use a third attack skill like bears or cloud of bats, or you should dump AC in favor of one of them.

I think for longer term build goals you should spend some time going over builds and other articles in our Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides
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If you don't want to touch your skills that's fine..

Your life regen is probably not enough to sustain you at higher MP.

I would invest in some LOH at the least.
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ty :)
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