Diablo® III

Best character and its build for farming?

So i just started diablo 3 today and got my guy to lvl 27 (barbarian). Being so new to the game i was hoping for some tips from the already experienced players here :)

What is the best character and its build i can go with for earning legendary items? I want to be able to ZOOM! through the map obliterating everything in my path while having a as high as possible chance at getting better tiered equipment!

Also, please don't use acronyms since im still new to the game ^_^ (in regards to the special stats i must have on the armors/weps for best legendary finding and fast killing)

Thanks ahead of time everyone!

PS: if this has been asked a million times, i apologize now! Please be patient with me ^_^
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i use a whirlwind barbarian and i can breeze through inferno monster power 7-8 (its an check box in options-game play-interface). there are alot of guides on youtube about making a successful WW barb, anyway hope i helped, have fun
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Thanks ill continue working on my barb! I had stopped lvl'ing him for now for fear of being told someone else is better vs. croud control / farming.
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WW barb .. Farming is way easy on my barb
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Tempest Rush monk is the fastest farmer. Farming is easy with all classes.
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I think the classes of characters organized by how difficult they are to grind from lvl 1 to lvl 60, without going to the RMAH for gear is:

Barb, Monk, Demon Hunter, Wiz. ALL four become more about gear and template setup AFTER they reach lvl 60.

This game is about learning how to use what is available to one's best advantage through effective blending of gear versus skills/runes. Time spent leveling is where the player can realize what is good or bad.
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