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I dont have my barb with a lot of MF gear but he is pushing 40 paragon. With NV and paragon with what few items barb has hes got descent MF. I MP5-10 all the time and I would love to know where the best drops usually are? Why do I find crap even though Im doing the high end MPower lvl? I was understanding that the more MP5-10 the better loot. I dont feel that this is the case at all. Whats it hurt for Blizz to allow a descent drop per acct here and there.
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Can't see profile but unless you are one of the top DPS barbs in the US then you are playing at too high of MP.

MF is great, killspeed is just as good, it is the same difference.

Unless you are rocking over 150k DPS unbuffed then you should probably be at MP0 (act3 of course). You will kill faster, probably more than 4x faster than MP5+, that is basically +275% MF (400% faster - 125% for MP5).

And to answer y our question directly, the best loot comes from anywhere in Inferno where you get ilvl63 item affixes only, that is:

1) Act3,4 MP0-MP10.
2) Act1,2 MP1-MP10.

Some will argue that the MF bump from MP will net you more legs/hour but this only holds true for very highly geared players. And very rarely over MP4, again most simply cannot kill fast enough to get a net MF gain.

You will also get far better exp in MP0, at least until the patch drops, maybe even after.
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