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Zuni set SNS/CM wiz, Please show yourself!

I want to start Zuni set SNS/CM wiz only b/c I think we believe that we will be the most viable in PvE farming and PvP in both worlds.
So far, majority of SNS/CM wizzes are built around Tal chest due to it's 8%/9% IAS.

However, I want to see number of people who have built their SNS/CM wiz around Zuni Set (two or three sets). Zuni pox seems must then they have either Zuni chest or Zuni boots or both. I personally think three sets are awesome due to 130 int and 55AR bonus.

Just starting this thread only for those with Zuni set so we can compare our gear set ups. Thanks.
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its cause im black aint it :)
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Three piece doesn't tend to make a lot of sense because the native AR on the Nats replaces the Zuni set bonus.

Now, if you're going to spend the coin on Zuni Trails with AR, THAT is another matter entirely.
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I'm looking for Zuni Set Cm and so far, I got one BT and one Tal Rasha.

@Ossian, yes, if you would have to get AR trail to make it more worthwhile.
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I have 2 pieces zuni, 210k dps @ 2.77 aps, 55.50% cc, 1300 loh, 700~ AR, 48k hp.

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Take a look at me :) Not godly and building gear is painstakingly slow but I can run SNS on mp10 but I have to use teleport/safepassage to save my bacon sometimes.

Running a meteor spec right now so no mocking me hehe
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All I do to switch from my current Archon/PVP gearset to SNS is swap to a 1.79 APS Chantodo's Will, an APoC Chantodo's Force with 9 IAS, a crit/9 IAS Lacuni's to put myself at 2.74 APS.

Thinking about getting an int IAS+cc Blackthorne's ammy, though.
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I just got a trifecta ring that gets me beyond 2.73 breakpoint w/ IAS chants set and IAS neck with 3 piece Zuni now.
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Looks like zuni set guys are well built. Looks like a lot of thought went into it. Better looking than Tal/nat wizzes. keeping posting b/c I want to know you.
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I started out as an Archon, but built CM gear around my existing pieces where possible. I ended up with a 3 piece zuni set, but I'm basically stuck with an IAS chant's wand to make the build viable, so it's dps limited. I'm weak in a few pieces of AR and crit still, but here's what I'm at currently with my CM set.

110k dps
42k hps
5100 armor
640 AR
2.79 APS
47% crit

If you've got enough money to optimize your gear, the 3rd piece of the Zuni set doesn't make sense, as the 7% crit bonus from Nat's is just not replaceable.
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Nat boots give you Armor and 7 cc whereas Zuni boots as third piece give you 55 AR and tons of Vital and Intel where they could roll higher than 100. I feel that getting extra vital/intel/55AR well worth replacing 7cc not only for farming and pvp.
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I tried on Charalton's OP Zuni chest/ring. Honestly didn't like it.

Dps loss and 3b more cost..... not for me.
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I have a pair of 80allres Zuni boots that I never wear because I find the armor from the Nat's boots and cc bonus impossible to replace elsewhere.

I think in very unique cases where you've got a magical unicorn of a weapon like Frostburn's dagger, Zuni boots will be a clear win, but for me it's a push on DPS, you trade off armor and dodge for allres and vit, which for me is a push on the eHP front. The loss of crit chance does have a noticeable impact on sustain and build mechanics though, so for that reason I never use them.
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@Darshu, then can I buy your zuni boots...=)
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Not looking sell just yet... who's to say I won't find that weapon some day :)
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I've been an Archon wizard like Dairen. I geared around zuni so I could replace only weapon/source/amulet to easily switch between Archon and SNS. It's hard to pass the zuni set bonus even though I had limited choices to find IAS in other pieces to meet breakpoints.
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i've tried every wiz build around my gears and have since been trudging along well. not gg but gets the job done. i mainly play cm/ww cm/sns, archon when feeling lazy, meteor when wanting to go B.O.B.

zuni chest/boots = defense/offense.


i'll only go tal armor if it can compare to my zuni armor and i know that's stupid expensive :(
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2.74 aps, low CC because I never really liked the Nat's set.
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I use zuni armor + ring for both pvp and pvp and switch nat combo for zuni boots and DPS ring for PVP.

Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Mrmorph-2705/hero/9490006
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what is best combination to use nat/zuni (2) set simultaneously getting minor loss of AS/CC ?
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