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Zuni set SNS/CM wiz, Please show yourself!

Nat boots/ring
Zuni Chest/ring
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Nat boots/ring
Zuni Chest/ring

Humm great..
New upgrade possibility
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Makes it harder to reach Attack Speed breakpoints though.
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2.73? whatever u doing it half good. can survive da hits but like chasing maybe

i like way shand/darshu/charlatan does it better. i cant aford it or id be right there with ya..zuni is where its at
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Hopefully some higher AR/Armor Tals get listed whilst everyone converts to Zuni. - Yay
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I go with Zuni Ring+Boots. Because I didn't use CC Nats so I didn't suffer a CC loss converting to Zuni. My next step should be a TriPox and then good CD Gloves for more DPS. I don't think I will use Zuni Chest, it has less DPS than TR Chet, and the DPS from Zuni Boots is too good to drop. Granted I have what I consider top tier Boots for CM.

Nats set is awesome for CC (only if you use CC nats though), otherwise it's like this imo Pox+Trail+TR Chest+Rare Ring > Nats Ring+Nats Boots+Marrow+Pox in term of DPS, and imo they both have similar mitigation, assuming average pieces like what I'm using. Godly pieces like Trifecta nats or TriPox can change the equation completely though.

Ah... and you will likely need TriPox if you use Marrow, and still have like 100 fewer Intel. So need like 40 CD on Nats to compensate. Now that's quite a godly setup, and ofc cost billions. The Rare Ring can possibly beat even CD Nats hand down though, still need Trifecta Rare, so maybe it's irrelevant.
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2 pieces of Zuni here (armor/ring). Coming from Tal's armor + Litany, but never looked back since I switched to hte Zuni's.

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Does 2pc zuni with 2.002 APS count? :D It's gotta sound stupid, but I can actually get a 7x multiplier on ghom with the set up using bone chill and time warp.
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I am a recent convert to the marrow/pox setup. Will not go back (hope I'm not forced to either)

Only possible in my case due to the mempo
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Yes, I think I might also stay with Zuni (marrow/pox) set up for a while b/c the mitigation from vital/intel/armor from the chest and CD/AR from Pox is way too good. I also agree with Darshu about sticking with nat set. (ring/boots) I don't know why I wanted three sets to get extra 55 AR bonus. I think Nat boot's huge armor is awesome and he is so right about nothing can replace extra 7cc bonus from the nat sets.

Unfortunately, I am not at bp of 2,73APS anymore but I do not miss it so far from farming MP8 and didn't feel much difference compared to wearing Tal Rasha Chest. I even had one of the Frantics blow up purposely in front of me and due to 62K hp, I was still alive whereas I would have been easily dead with Tal Rasha Chest.

From what I have seen so far, some of the great Zuni two pieces set up wizzes are:

Darshu: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Darshu-1802/hero/837265
Addicted: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Addicted-1627/hero/10659183
Shandlar: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Shandlar-1961/hero/1580104
Dboy: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/dboy-1704/hero/1129262 (three set)

Check them out. They are Godly but you can emulate their build. I think the key is building from Tri Pox and Marrow. I went with CD Pox but some people go with IAS Pox. Again IAS pox is more expensive than CD Pox.

For Marrow, go with high armor with AR then it's your preference weather you go with high vita or high intel.
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Three piece doesn't tend to make a lot of sense because the native AR on the Nats replaces the Zuni set bonus.

Now, if you're going to spend the coin on Zuni Trails with AR, THAT is another matter entirely.
you can get a lot more dps and vit on a zuni boots than a nat boot. So in reality, in pvp, the 3 piece owns nat set
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you can get a lot more dps and vit on a zuni boots than a nat boot. So in reality, in pvp, the 3 piece owns nat set

agreed. so i have a spare in my stash just in case.
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I don't get it why people keep saying Armor on nats Boots is hard to give up, Trail can also roll the same Armor value. The only advantage of Nats is much higher CC with CC nats, and, /Dex/. So tripox + Nats, or just Zuni if tighter budget imo
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Looks like I'm the only one who's using Slorak and two zuni pieces. My AR is low but I need a trifecta pox to get the AR bonus while keeping the attack speed gain from rings. Of course that cost billions. I guess the conclusion is Slorak sucks lol.
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Tri pox + boot + tri nat + boot @ 2.73 = GGGGGG

For pvp 3 piece Zuni probably see more use.

Always loved the Zuni set, huge dps for archon too just need a triumvirate and black weapon !
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CC Nats + IAS/CD Pox for those who don't have billion. Still very functional, with a lot of Dex. It's the same as using 2 CC Rings in fact. But I like the Intel from Boots.
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Check out my gear setup. I've enjoyed zuni's for a long time. I'm doing life regen though instead of armor. Which both i feel are good for PVP. I went with a lower attack speed setup though. Which surprisingly i can do CM meteor build really well this way, because its more about damage per hit more so for me. Still need a mempo though! For now using an awesome stormcrow :x
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I run 2 piece Zuni. I just finally reached all of the min defensive requirements for playing high MP, and will now be slowly upgrading my dps. Here's a quick stat rundown:

ASPD: 2.77
CC: 50%
APoC: 18
AR: 800+
Armor: 5K
LoH: 950
Life: 42K
DPS: 130K

2pc Chants, 2pc Zuni, 2pc Nats, 2pc Blackthornes
Vile Ward, Witching Hour, Lacuni, Mempo
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looking to get a nice trifecta zuni ring soon :), mempo + apoc chants source....so im a solid 1.5billion away from being solid lol
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Well yea if you cant afford trifecta zuni you can always get cc + loh i guess.

Same here my weakest item is my zuni ring, not too happy with it.
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