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Zuni set SNS/CM wiz, Please show yourself!

I currently use 3 piece zunis for my cm wiz. By all means, my character ain't godly or anything but I think it still does a decent job. I'm hoping to go for nat rings and boots in the future but the price on nat rings are just too high for me to afford. Just crossing my fingers I'll get a good nat ring drop.....someday lol...but until then, I'm just sticking with what I have :)
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Showing myself. I find that I do more real dps in the current setup. For magda/SK and anything MP10 I use nats combo and for SK/magda I use my taskers.

Going Zuni enabled me to be able to toy around with a lot of things because of all the vit/all res. Now even in my most dps variant i still sit over 900/5.2k unbuff ar/armor which is nice. Feels much smoother on MP10 ubers

SK deathwalk getting hit by all 3 ticks bumps me to around half hp for a couple ticks, but it really doesn't hurt much. Lag still kills me more than anything.
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Well yea if you cant afford trifecta zuni you can always get cc + loh i guess.

Same here my weakest item is my zuni ring, not too happy with it.

No kidding but 5+ CC LOH pox is more expensive than some TriPox.
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3 zuni wiz here....
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2 piece zuni, 2.57 as 600 ar, 4.5k arm, 48.5% crit 45k hp
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my archon goes for like 400kdps (see my profile)

i usually go for shocknado when doing ubers with friends and switch my set with these:


and getting this stats: (2.85aps) with like 50k hp


3aps with bubble


MP10 tank capable
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I recently switched to zuni.....Added about 40k ehp to my set up!! Now I just need to save up for an ias/cc pox!!
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I just don't die. Mob is still a piece of cake but due to below. 2.73, wound up is slower so I slightly struggle with <3 elites. But I just don't die anymore. and having 62k HP helps. Now, I also need ias/cc pox.
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I recently switched from Zuni's chest/boots/ring to Tal's chest and Nat's boots/ring. That allowed me to swap my IAS Chant's Will for one with a socket.
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zuni ring is a real pain.. im struggling to get decent trifecta but the choices are very few in AH. with it i can reach 3 aps breakpoint without bubble.. pretty cool specially in groups
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WHat gives more ehp, or easier to get one with better properties for CM:

Zunimassa's Marrow or Blackthorne's Surcoat ?
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I say Zuni marrow...but I never thought about BT Surcoat.
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I've seen some Surcoat's roll as high as 275VIT, but you're automatically down a lot of INT versus a Marrow.

The Surcoat does have the advantage of reduced melee attacks (usually 6-7%), which for me would equate as 30-45k of ehp.

The Surcoat can be had for much cheaper than a Zuni though (not as much demand), so you can get a cheap one and try it out.
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humm, thanks.
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