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It's been far too long

Just recently started playing D3 again. trying to figure out the best possible way to upgrade my hero. I was told I should try and get crit chance and remove SS. Not sure about my abilities either. I can only do mp3 in my current gear and abilities. Not too sure on what to pick/replace.
Thanks in advance.

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the goal would be to remove SS. If you don't have good CC right now this may not be an option for you. However the over-inflated DPS is a "false sense of security" so to speak as far as you aren't doing that kind of damage in reality.

With you taking off SS (looking at your profile) the 57k dps you have is pretty low and that is with both ARCH & Steady-Aim as passives.

You only have 9.5% CC on your gear (your DML Quiver)

with such low DPS you are most likely getting closed in on by mobs and the SteadyAim is doing not much for you when they get close to you.

Personally where you are at right now I'd replace Steady-Aim with Sharpshooter unless you are very good at kiting and keep all the mobs away from you so SA works all/most of the time.

you have 34k HP which isn't bad but could use some work to go over 40k.

the biggest issue I'm seeing is you have no AR. I think I only saw 25% AR on one right and on no other gear. that 34k HP you have may make you get 1-shotted since there is no AR for mitigation. Or if you aren't 1-shotted you are losing probably 90%+ of your HP making things very difficult.

as is in may posts...... goal for survivability is 40k hp, 400 AR and that really helps a lot just to survive so you aren't running around with your head cut off and wasting a lot of time running from enemies instead of just shooting them.

From a dps side you need to get that CC cranking so you can really get rid of SS once and for good. If you don't have much gold look for CC/CD or CC/ASI on your amulet/rings/GLOVES. if you balance between the 2 then you avoid stacking just CD or ASI on your gear and will be more beneficial for you. The CC is important though so you can actually crit .

Honestly it is surprising you are able to do MP3 with your current gear/dps. You must be going very very slow on mp3 to not get hit.
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Yeah my CC isn't great at all. Yes, I do have to go slow. I can take 1-3 hits depending on the mob.
I use caltrops a lot, I'm able to keep my distance for my passives to continue. I'm on a very small budget of about 400k-500k. About the whole SS damage thing..yeah it is a false sense of security. I've pretty much been farming act 3 to try and get some decent items to sell. My gear was a lot worse, I had a friend pretty much give me most of the items I have except for my bow and quiver. I bought those for pretty cheap. 200kish for both.

Thanks for the help, I'll try and buy some gear with AR and some CC.
I figured I'd keep SS till around like 20-30% crit chance unless told otherwise?
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