Diablo® III

Impulsive Buying ??

Its been quite awhile since i upgrade my ring, and now i'm wondering ?!?!?!? am i paying too much for this Rare Ring due to its low stats, bought this for 90++M.... can anyone share their
opinions ??

28 int
81 vit
43 Resist All
28 CD
88 Life Regen
4.5 CC
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if the ias was 9 and cc was 6, maybe but 90m for that ring for me is overpriced
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Maybe a little but it's a quality ring so i wouldn't worry.
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Considering it has good amount of VIT/AR, I think that makes it a good deal.
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It's close.

Slight over pay IMO. But I'd you did probably only about 20m. Not a lot of high stats Cept ias.

The vita roll is decent though.
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thanks for the reply guys, well i bought it due to the lack of Vit & Resist All in my gears, i had one w/o Resist all & Vit but the dmg was like 6000+ more than this... it was pretty hard to find a ring with Vit, INt, IAS, CC, CD and resist all for less than 100M in the AH... ANd now í'm seriously thinking whether shld i get a new amulet or its better for me to hold on to my gold n wait for the new versions of amulet to launch... any suggestion ???
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I think that's a good buy.
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I also think it's a good buy, Trifecta Ring with AR Vit Intel. CC is decent, IAS is quite good, and Vit is high, AR is not bad. Would worth more I think.
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thanks for the encouragement, the only stats i reali mind is that pathetic 28 int... well i love your witching hour, it is way alot better than mine !!!

now i'm thinkin of changing my tammy... but i'm not sure if it is the right time to change seriously... lolz dilemma @_@
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01/23/2013 03:30 PMPosted by pichapiegal
if the ias was 9 and cc was 6, maybe but 90m for that ring for me is overpriced

You know that the cheapiest trifecta 9/6/cd ring on AH is for 260M right?
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fair price there, considering it has 40 AR.
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