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If D3 Have Skill Gems like PoE & Rune Words Like D2

i Was just thinking if diablo 3 Has all this in game PoE skill gems & D2 Rune words.

Should be Fun right?

I would like to hear what diablo Fans think.
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I think imma go back and log into PoE diablo is dead
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I havent personally played PoE so i dont know about the skill gem thing but as for the rune words something like that may come in an expansion.
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Diablo would be top dog again ...PoE cant really replace Diablo IMO, its just missing the those innovative elements the pulled you in the the previous games. Granted i've only played 30 mins of PoE lol
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poe is a pos ..
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PoE is still just boring. It just has no addiction factor because the combat is so bland.

I think rune words would be nice. The skill gems really don't add anything to the game to be honest. They are just one more thing to manage for items making sure you have the right color slots. They are a gimmick and not much more.
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If you introduce runewords, then I don't think you really need to introduce skill gems also. Runewords imply that you will also have runes to put in your gear, and although a lot of the runes in D2 were underwhelming, the ones in D3 could be better.
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Skill runes used to be in Diablo 3 from what my friend was telling me. They changed it to permanent unlock on level as you see it now. Runewords would be awesome but the limited sockets in items wouldn't fit the runeword system. They would have to release new items and redo the item system for it to work.

I do have an idea of how to bring Runewords back, in a different capacity but then it comes back to the limited sockets and we are right back at square one.
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Fun ?

Wait... Fun ??!?!?!?!

Ok, if you call a fun when 10000 angry nerds attack official forums and cry about some skill-set being overpowered then yes.. It would be a fun..
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I just played PoE since everybody is talking about it.

1. My hands are a bit tired (2 hours sesion - very low for me). Theres something about the game controls that i do not get it. Something is wrong. More research need to do.
2. I like the thing with skills in sokets. Very interesting. But in end game i fear you will max all runes and then just swap and swap till you find cookie cutter.
3. The skill tree is very nice and allows a lot of replayability, however ppl are discovering a lot of builds that make the tree 80% absolete - cookie cutter builds are favorite amongst players.
4. Graphic is bad, very bad. Too much textures that blend with monsters, sometimes i don't know if a monster is dead or not.
5. Areas have so many dead ends ... so anoying going back and forward on the map. It's confusing.
6. The game is a breath of fresh air. A combo between itemization,skill,runes + diablo playstayle and engine+graphics will make a ... legendary game.
7. PoE is nice, but it's not the game ppl described it. I will play it ofcourse, but i don't think i will spend 600 hours like I did with D3.


Both game have flaws, both games can be a lot better. Depends who will be the first to achieve greatness ... any bets ?
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if u like that stuff go play that game and dont bother diablo

diablo is the best game out there
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I play D3 when I want to mindlessly procrastinate and not have to think about what i'm doing and I play TL2 for when I want to do some theorycrafting and char design....perhaps I should give PoE a shot at some point. Would love if D3 incorporated many more RPG elements. Tired of playing an arcade game.
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Jay wouldn't approve if he was still the director.
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PoE is still just boring. It just has no addiction factor because the combat is so bland.

true... hate combat in PoE... it's so... nondynamic xX
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just the fact you are able to compare a multi billion dollar company with a indie company of 18 people shows me who really has a heart for gaming and who was a heart for the paycheck.

yes the gameplay is a little blocky. but has improved since closed beta launch and the devs are working on it..but there is much more content and depth in skills and builds.and areas

..there use to be a cookie cutter build but that has been dissolved in the latest patch...The devs said no one will have an easy time ...so if that is what you are after you are in the right place brother!!! right here.
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Skill gems are a horrible idea in my opinion. My character should learn skills through experience, not putting on a new shirt.
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Well they wouldn't be able to just copy runewords from D2 since Enigma would be the only armor anyone used. No cooldown teleport ftw.
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