Diablo® III

1.08 wishlist

That the characters are marked as HC and SC in the profile. Maybe even the profile image can have a distinguished look, like a red glow around it. I know that the webpage points out, which toon is a HC or SC toon, but the profile page in game doesn't.
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Not in any order:

1) ID All function
2) Gem Diversity (new gems)
3) New Legendaries
4) Increase Movement Speed Cap to at least 36% (one more slot of 12)
5) Do something about elemental damage to where it's not just pretty colors (outside of cold)
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I want the Demon Hunter passive Hot Pursuit to increased movement speed beyond the cap. You have to make a meaningful trade-off in using the passive anyway, so I think this would make it viable.
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uber stations on all acts with the pay-off going from rings to boots? to bracers?and finally uber weapons ?.
more gem choices , would provide alot of different builds
i believe they are lots of expansion areas , think of battlements . one wall explodes out with 2 moloks , could be a new area to explore?. many other areas like that
finally stop listening to 90% of the people crying , blizzard get themselves more in trouble trying to pacify the masses , who are mostly self centered about only their character.
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01/24/2013 07:30 PMPosted by treemayne
1. ident all from cain or an npc of similar sorts


01/24/2013 07:30 PMPosted by treemayne
2. +10 movement speed for all classes


01/24/2013 07:30 PMPosted by treemayne
3. destructible towers


01/24/2013 07:30 PMPosted by treemayne
4. less drops, higher quality


01/24/2013 07:30 PMPosted by treemayne
5. cooldown times decreased

agreed, but only some of them, espiecally the 90- 120 second ones, except archon.

auto pickup gems, tomes (optional choice in menus)
remove cutscenes (optional)
move between any act
fix bugged achievements

yes to all of this. especially the cutscenes.
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I disagree with the 10% movement speed for everyone. Seems arbitrary.
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No BoA items. /end thread here.
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