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Going WW this time - critique please!


I love WW, and I know it's SO much less tanky, but I feel the constant movement works well with staying out of bad.

Right now I know my HP is a bit on the low side. It seems manageable ATM though. I also need a better off-hand weapon. My CC is really high buffed (52% I think) but my CD is really low so I am working on that. My AR is actually pretty good for once (700-800 buffed).

I've only got about a million gold ATM so I really can't afford many good upgrades. Any suggestions would be appreciated though (build or gear). Thanks!
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Get at least 5 k armour and 50 k life before even thinking of dual wielding / ww

Use your 1.2 mil and put a Star Amethyst in the helm

get vitality everywhere , then get sustain in the form of life regen / inspiring presence

stay sword shield in a non ww build till u have more eHP / DPS
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@Wockets - Definitely not trying to sound rude but did you even look over my profile very carefully?? I've already got 5k armor (4.7k, plus a lot more buffed). I'm already using inspiring presence. I just feel like your responses were generic and not really focused on my particular build and stats (or lack thereof).

Thanks for taking the time to post though...
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I'm just bored - I don't run a WW spec even. I would say your life is on the low side. That damage is decent tho, so I imagine you are killing things at Act 1 pretty quick.

I admit, I haven't done the math enough to really know - but I always feel more comfortable with a shield. Extra armour, extra AR, usually decent vit, plus the block % is always relevant.

I think some of your gear is a little bit too offensive based at this time. For instance, those boots are nice b/c of MS and AR, but lack vit and are low-ish on STR.

Lastly, I think that you should consider at least 1 more defensive passive. I know the 3 main defensive passives are used a lot - but maybe something like juggernaut is more appropriate for you?

Just my 0.02!
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The dps you have (assuming its unbuffed) is more than enough for MP1/2. But I wouldn't try MP2 with those defensive stats. A few things I'd like to comment (you may not agree to some of it)

- Health is too low to use Inspiring Presence. You are better off switching it to Superstition. You can gain extra fury while fighting elites.

- all resist and armor is on the low side for duel wielding. May want to first get amor above 6k

- Not enough leech. I say get an offhand with a ton of LoH or LS.

- Since the defence is on the low side, you may want to use Leap instead of WoTB. When you get stuck, at least you have an escape skill.

- Maybe you can sacrifice one finger to get a ring with massive all resist and vitality. To make up that missing 4% crit chance, hire scoundrel :p

- you have a really nice budget gear for MP0 farming. Now you can slowly phase out those stuff and upgrade your gems as gold starts to flow in.
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Life needs to be at least 45-50k, dmg should be closer to 50k, Inspiring presense is a waste as riceroket said, run superstition and give up some AR for dmg and health. Superstition helps keep your Fury up in molten as well which is a plus.

I wouldnt give up WOTB for leap though, I would keep it as a get out of jail free card (literally) and when you engage 2 or even 3 packs simutatniouly you can hit is pre-emptively. Life after kill is a good stat for mp 0, but you definitely need more life on hit, 800-1000 life on hit and some Life steal on your belt if you dont have some already.

Good luck to ya
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Supserstition! OMG I always thought of it as a straight AR passive, but you're right, taking damage gives you the fury gen. Good call there! Rice you said my AR is too low...which surprises me! It's 700-800 buffed. What should I be shooting for in a dual wield WW build?

I definitely want LS/LoH on both weapons but I just couldn't afford a good one yet. I bought a IK belt with 3% LS so I'm good there. Speaking of LS/LoH...which is better for WW? I was always under the impression is was LS since you get a net return for nado ticks as well but I'd love to hear what you guys think.

I think I'll stick with WoTB because with my BR on I can keep it going quite a while (and your superstition idea will only improve that) so it really helps me kill things quickly (which alleviates the lack of defense).

I had actually planned to replace rings fairly soon too. I think you're right, I can afford to lose some CC (I am already using the Scoundrel), so my rings can do what you suggested.

Great advice guys thanks!!!
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I was under the impression with WW barbs that 3% LS on belt was sufficient because you need to hit certain IAS tiers in order to proc faster.
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Use Blood funnel for now if you cannot get LOH cheaply. Re-gem to amethyst.

MP0 A3 easy peasy. Stay out of Keep2 until you get more speed to run from exploders.

Defenses are sufficient.
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As far as All Resist goes, I have high 600's low 700's plus superstition and do just fine.

LoH is better in your dmg range, LS becomes better when you do over 100k dmg...

LoH is a strait number that is proced on each hit regardless of dmg dealt, where as LS is a % of your DMG... Low Dmg LoH is better, high Dmg LS is better.

I always suggest having a mixture of all, I got over 1000 LoH, 2.8% LS and have like 2800 life after kill, with close to 1000 life reg per sec... Variety is the spice of life.

Like Ricerocket said, up grade your gems which will add life and dmg, to be honest the first thing I would try and up grade is you off hand, that thing provides nothing... (No Crit dmg, life steal or life on hit) your better off with a shield that has crit chance than that off hand.
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Ok so my AR should be fine (which is what I was thinking).

LoH, got it, will work on that. I never had much of a need for it in SC so it's still a fairly new concept to me.

I was thinking a lower main DPS weapon with good stats might be doable. Like 700-800 DPS with CD and a socket and maybe IAS.

Speaking of IAS. Isn't 3.3 APS the sweet spot for WW? I'm a little fuzzy on that.

Thanks again guys!
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Pretty good, are you going to stream by any chance?
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Switched over to Superstition and bought a new weapon.

My DPS went down just a touch but the new weapon has LS and IAS so I thought it was a good trade. I'm still looking for a nice stat stick OH but it may take a while. Options are limited on HC AH.

I HATE the model of my helmet but the stats are actually pretty good so I am stuck with it a while I suppose. I currently have 1.2m gold with 10 auctions so hopefully I'll have more by morning.

Anybody want to suggest my next upgrade assuming a budget of 1-2 million?
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Your old build had 60k life, 6k armor, 500 res and the barb died. Your new build has 35k life, 4k armor, 500 res all. I dunno how the new character is supposed to survive.

i know ww is fotm, but these ww builds are very squishy.
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The old barb died in A3 MP1. I won't be doing anything but A1 MP0 until this barb is ready to move on to A2 then I'll probably farm VoA for a while.

I knocked out the Skele King and sold a few things on the AH so I'm sitting right at 2m gold. Need to plan out my next upgrade...
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Your hits/dps are way to low broseph. Hits should be closer to 55K IMHO. MP0 shouldn't be to bad to dual wield in though. See my profile.
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Swap your offhand and your mainhand into the opposite hand. You want your mainhand to use the slow, big damage weapon, and your offhand to have the fast low damage weapon. This is so that your tornadoes spawned by sprint always tick with high damage (mainhand) but half the time will tick at your offhand speed (faster). It won't show up as a sheet dps buff, but your edps will get better.
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01/26/2013 07:08 PMPosted by Chaeron
Swap your offhand and your mainhand into the opposite hand. You want your mainhand to use the slow, big damage weapon, and your offhand to have the fast low damage weapon. This is so that your tornadoes spawned by sprint always tick with high damage (mainhand) but half the time will tick at your offhand speed (faster). It won't show up as a sheet dps buff, but your edps will get better.

Are you sure on this one? I thought tornados use mainhand and mainhand stats only.
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