Diablo® III

I played poe for a bit...

i know atleast 1 designer from PoE who is a former [L] Legendz member from D2. Op Legendz
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I also played Poe once, but apparently pretending to be an American poet, and posting Raven poems is very offensive and disturbs the flow of constructive discussion.

01/25/2013 11:14 AMPosted by battletag
not even interested now with D3
When I am not interested in my exes, I also fill their inbox with messages about how I am not even interested in them anymore.
01/25/2013 11:16 AMPosted by NeLLy
The designers who made PoE are former diablo 2 veterans who were involved with d2jsp.org and they saw how succesful paul tolberg was with "just stoopid people" so they made a spin of from diablo 2.. and in the end they will sell gold to people who want to gain advantage over others in pvp

There is no gold in PoE and the creators of PoE did not make a mod of D2... Get your facts right.

Laz creates some unique items in PoE and he made the most popular D2 mod. He is a mere unique item designer.. nothing else.
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So far I like POE, haven't played a lot, only at lvl 20 with a Ranger. It's interesting so far, a ton of different builds possible. Look forward to trying some different builds and how different items and gems work together, especially at higher levels. Looks promising.
01/25/2013 11:13 AMPosted by NeLLy
PoE is Pay2win again... people will use real money to gain advantage... there you go same as on d3

Seriously Nelly, get a life, and do a little research. It's not Pay2win in PoE. You pay for cosmetic features, you don't buy items/gear.
Believe me, PoE ( the game ) // d2jsp.org ( the trade site ) both were inspired by blizzard ENT aka Diablo 2 (and Lord of Destruction).

D2jsp.org = Well conrstructed rip off that was put together for people to be able access each other to trade with using their forum gold (which you could buy for money) (Owner Paul tolberg)

PoE = Well constructed rip of that will have the same principle where you buy gold in the end to gain advantage in duels... ( you will see, you cant yet until they gather a strong fan foundation )
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It is funny how POE fanboys only talk about DIII in-game, but as you can see..
Vice versa, DIII forums are filled to the brim with POE threads.

Regardless, I've played them both.
Exile was fun for a bit, but made me appreciate DIII's overall appeal even more.
They are free to play, so it doesn't matter if you choose between the two, but this excessive debate about which game is better needs to stop. Obviously biased fanboys of both parties will come to the rescue.. It's almost sickening, stop the "fanboism."

I'm comfortable playing a little of both.
DIII until it gets better, because it will..
POE until the overall dullness prevents me from logging in.

I actually agree with this....but I'm not bored with POE yet and hope I never will get that way with either game.
I agree with OP. I like Diablo III for what it is, and I like PoE for what it is. I'm glad they're different games. I think I'll be playing them both for a while. No reason to have to hate one to love the other.
01/25/2013 11:24 AMPosted by xxBarabbasxx
Link/Citation? In other words... Prove it....

yea sure il prove it now, i been absent from "just stupid people" for 3-4 years now

its all good man wait till a fan foundation is established then true colors will come out
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Nelly stop talking nonsense. You're just a flaming without a cause.
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Man to me Path of exile is a game created 100% Against Diablo3 lol

Its A well constructed rip off that was inspired by diablo games just like www.d2jsp.org was or is
No we are not Pay2Win we are completely free... oh if you wanna download it please purchase some gold lol b.s.

Ne way back to pvp lol

D2jsp isn't a game. Are you moronic? It isn't a 'spin-off'. It was a trading site designed to foster trading and create a market for the gamers that wanted one. It was the D2 AH before Blizzard decided to make their own. d2jsp gave Diablo 2 so much life for me (It made me about 800$ while I was in highschool too).

The Diablo2 clone in Torch Light. I suppose you think Torchlight is a rip of D2 as well. POE is more of an adaptation of D2.

Must every [Insert Genre Game] be a Rip off of its predecessor regardless of how it plays/looks?

POE is free for me. You could get into the closed beta by kickstarter'ing some donations.

Personally I like POE. I like Torch Light and Torch Light 2. I also greatly enjoy D3, but get bored of mindless farming.

Oh wait, its my second favorite genre of video game done well enough. 'course I'll play it.

Pay 2 Win? Not really anymore so than D3. Get mad about it kid. People are going to pay $ in both games. At least I'll be the one collecting either way.
01/25/2013 11:25 AMPosted by hampster
Nelly stop talking nonsense. You're just a flaming without a cause.

ok man... what ever you say the fact is Blizzard ENT inspired a dumb game like PoE
A copy with minor changes and different graphics.
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Nelly stop talking nonsense. You're just a flaming without a cause.

ok man... what ever you say the fact is Blizzard ENT inspired a dumb game like PoE

Yup, just proving my point.

D2 did inspire PoE and many find it entertaining. Get off your highhorse. You've obviously never played it.
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What are you smoking?One is a website, the other is a game...

dont worry about it, i know one is a site and other is a game i pointed that out already.
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