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I played poe for a bit...

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Honestly, PoE is in general just a better overall designed game. The story's not that memorable, but as far as character customization, itemization, d2-style mob mechanics rather than wow-style mob mechanics, the game offers a lot more to the person who'd like to be able to pretty much create their own custom build in a game that allows a solid amount of builds to be viable. This is the kind of stuff lots of people were into in D2. The game's engine and fluidity are of course short of corporate Vivendi's ability to provide for. They may not become as popular as D3, but they won't really need it if their micro-transactions work out well for them since they're such a small company. You've got to admit they produced a pretty decent game for their circumstances.
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Im outy PEACE!! did i spell somethin wron? ahw who carez PEAZE

So much for that.... Didn't take long either... I thought you were done...

He doesn't want peace...he just wants to troll and when people call him on it he screams and pretends to leave.
Even though Nelly is borderline incoherent, he does outline the basic reasons why I have no interest in PoE (I think).

PoE is D2 + FFX skill tree. I played both of those games over 10 years ago. It just doesn't seem to have a lot of original features. I'm not really interested in a game so similar to D2. D3 is quite different from D2. Some people like it and some dont. But at least it's something new.
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And djsp.com isn't a game? Not sure why you're comparing that here

Path of exile (The Game) and D2jsp.org (The Trade site) Both are spin offs from Diablo 2 and to me they are well contructed rip off's in the end you will see.... PoE is Pay2win again... people will use real money to gain advantage... there you go same as on d3

PoE may be many things, but Pay 2 Win is not one of them. You clearly have never played the game. Or perhaps you can tell me how my pet kiwi kills all the monsters for me?
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Go to any game mag site, Ign, PC Gamer anywhere on the net where there is an article about D3 with a comments section and they will be bashing this game :(
I haven't played PoE yet, but watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b0b7E7rauY has shown me the difference in design philosophy. My favorite parts were at 10 mins, 14 mins and 20 mins/25 secs into the video. From what I've seen PoE has a philosophy more friendly towards gamers who want to support games that they like.

Unfortunately D3 has more of a "let's see how much money we can extract" philosophy. D3 is a much better game than it used to be at launch, but the core principles still seem to be rotten. It should be noted that like the game designers of D3, I want D3 to become the best game it can be. That being said, the D3 team and Blizzard should be very worried about PoE. In my opinion the only thing stopping PoE from overtaking D3 is probably graphics. Again, I haven't played PoE yet so what do I really know? lawl.

To quickly address those calling PoE a ripoff. Is this really a concern of yours? Were Warcraft and Starcraft the first RTS's to ever exist? Did the current D3 team come up with ARPGs? Of course the answer to these questions is no. That's how life works. Someone comes up with a new idea/genre and then other people build and improve on that idea/genre. Get over you're idiotic emotions tied into this game and take note of how the world works.
In playing POE I can honestly say I am quite surprised how good the graphics are compared to what some of the trolls would have you believe. The art style direction they took is just so different from D3 that it is really hard to compare them. I just wish it had the game play smoothness and monster hit detection like D3 has...hard to put it to words other than to say its a little clunky, but still fun.
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i dont consider japanese a language but bunch of construction on a paper when its written out... sorry...

i've been trying to ignore all your ignorance, but this is.. wow, just wow.
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It is funny how POE fanboys only talk about DIII in-game, but as you can see..
Vice versa, DIII forums are filled to the brim with POE threads.

Love this quote to death, "familia"...

People are SOOOOOOO afraid of seeming like fanboys, who defend their favorite game, they'd rather go to another game's forum and bash that one. I've been in this forum, almost since launch, defending D3 because I believe in it as a great game that's sorely misunderstood by those who want nothing more than to cut it down to the lowest common denominator.

Honestly, I've never played PoE, and I don't even think it sucks or is a bad game, in fact, when I get to a point in D3 that I feel I can break away a bit (maybe make my first Hellfire ring, get my DH to level 60), I'll very likely download PoE for free and give it a shot. I'm sure it'll feel new and fresh, and in the end, I'll still probably like D3 better.

Not because it's a "Diablo" game...but because all the nonsense and debate and immature arguing on this forum made me truly realize WHY I actually think this game's great. It has immense potential to be BETTER than Diablo 2, and that's because it took a lot of risk. Hopefully, the bulk of this community can embrace that and start using their creativity to make varied builds people can try instead of continually cutting it down just because it's gone in a different direction.

Ultimately, if we're cutting things down to lowest common denominator...people who claim they've "quit" Diablo 3 say PoE's better because of one thing: customization. They can allocate skills on a weird snowflake looking tree sorta thing...they can socket skills into weapons and gear, and from what I've heard, that's "fun." And I don't doubt it...it probably is fun. Diablo 3 can have just as many similar customization options added to it, though.

But to me, Diablo has ALWAYS meant "working hard to find great gear." Whether there's Uber Bosses or colorful ponies or cows or bugs or amazing rings or whatever in the endgame, to me, Diablo equals one thing...the grand item hunt. I've come to acknowledge this, and so, my answer is to NOT buy up every piece of endgame gear there is.

Example? Last night, I found an Ivory Tower shield. And I was psyched! Great rolls? Eh, not epic, even I know that. But I was still excited to find one, and I may even be able to put it to use. And I know, "wait till you find a ton of them, you'll hate them." So far, I've found over 25 DIFFERENT legendaries (myself, not counting a Fist of Az'Turrasq and an Immortal King Gloves I found with friends, both of which I may brimstone)...only one I've found twice is the Dawn crossbow. But since my main has become my all self-found Monk, this game is still really fun for me, because buying stuff on the AH hasn't killed my interest.

Most people in this forum? They've circumvented that entire gameplay motivation, by wanting great items so badly, they use their gold (and sometimes real money) to buy up every rare item they should be finding. They effectively KILL the most final endgame for themselves...

Then they flock to PoE because they CAN'T kill the endgame for themselves, all the while blaming Blizzard for their own inability to fight temptation.

I'm not ready for a break from D3, but when I am, PoE might be interesting to try. I'm a balanced and fair person, so I'd love to try PoE and enjoy it...

But from what I've read about the bulk of the systems...D3 seems way better to me.
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