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I just got the game yesterday and was looking for some barb advice. Im at lvl 28 right now. Im not sure what weapons I should be going for and general stats/skills.

Currently just go for Vit and Str, usually skewing for more Vit over Str if given the choice. Dont really have much choice and just take whatever comes first from crafting usually or if something happens to drop that I can use. No other stats really showing up, but when should I start looking into stuff like magic find and life steal and so on?

For weapons, Ive been duel wielding and 2 spears were best Ive found so far. Should I stick the barb only weapons in general once I start finding actual gear (mighty weapons I believe)? Or just highest dps/stats and dont worry about weapon type?

As for skills, I havent really tried anything outside of bash/cleave (using cleave almost exclusively now) and whirlwind. Others im running are battle rage, revenge, earthquake and ground stomp with passives as ruthless and weapons master. I havent died yet and just sorta face roll through up to act 3.

Main thing Ive noticed in the day or so Ive played is that I have no gold compared to AH prices for even blues in my level range that are worse than the stuff Ive crafted/found, let alone affording a decent upgrade legendary. Everything costs 100k+ for decent upgrade and Ive barely come back with 10k gold after an hour run or something. Sucks for new players to try and even use the AH.

Morp, Dont worry about your skill until you reach lv60. (That's when all skill and runes available for you). Once you reach lv 60, then read this http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7591980848

Gear wise, you dont need AH until you reach lv 60. currently I'm playing WD and I only use what I found.

Just use any weapon with high DPS, and you already in track collecting STR and VIT for barb.

add me in game, i might have same gold to spare. Just to buy potion and repair bill.
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crafting kinda sucks unless you get the inferno plans (archon "x" of strength) so I'd stay away from crafting, or even leveling the blacksmith. he just isn't worth it at the point of the game you are in.

for your level just use whatever weapons are the highest dps for you. once you get the passive weapons master (i forget when it become available) you should mainly be chosing between axe/mace or swords/dagger(mainly swords as they just have higher dps in general) to take advantage of that passive.

as for skills, just mess around with them, have fun using any really cause there aren't really any "builds" till you get to lvl 60 when you can buy/find all the good gear. frenzy is fun, if you want to move faster use the vanguard rune, it'll just help ya clear the content faster.

and yeah you came at a time when the game has been out for almost a year, when people with a hundred million gold are considered "poor". Softcore economy sucks my man :-/
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i just got back into the game after stopping playing my dh 6+ months ago and decided to level a barb, hit 60 last night and have the ~1.3mil i made while leveling
any chance anyone here could help me out with i guess making a budget set for the char trying to maximize on the little bit of gold i have currently.
btag zaibas#1960 if anyone feels like taking the time to help :)
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My other char is a wiz, and found this in wiz forum http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7811021522?page=1
Sort of similar with this tread, so if you just reach lv 60 you might want to look it. they give away mostly wiz's gear, but they do have free other char's gear.

My old and unused legend usually go there.
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Hey barbs, im new to the game i bought it 3 days ago and can easily say im addicted. So far im lvl 41 and near the end of act 2 on nightmare. Id appreciate some advice from an educated barb more than gear but that wouldn't go a miss if it was offered. Please add me in game if you can spare the time.

Elliosodon #2116
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bumping this,
been leveling my Barb and have stashed up quite a bit of good give aways,
add me ingame and mention this post

good hunting everyone
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Hey guys,

I've mainly played wiz so far. I've got a barb (which I only used when playing along a friend of mine to have someone at a similar level to him). I'm interested in trying to gear my barb now. Obviously hard to take on all this knowledge.

If you guys got stuff you're otherwise going to vendor I wouldn't mind getting a hold of it to make a starter barb.

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So SuperJJ is giving away a gear set on 4/15/13 for NEW barbs. Link to his thread:


Read his criteria first just to make sure you qualify in his give-away.
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Hey guys just looking for advise on what to upgrade. I've only been back a week and im still having a tough time understanding the smallest of math for determining my stats.

I have 35m to spend so not much wiggle room.
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Hi I would like to contribute to the free gears as well. I normally keep even mediocre gear in stash. So I probably will have a few stuff to give away including an IAS + CD + AR ring and so on.
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My battle tag Anwin#6258
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Just got back into the game, left early june 2012. Barb is my only 60, last I played I couldn't get through the first quest in act 2 inferno. Working through inferno now with some ease but stepping up the monster power seems scary but necessary. Would appreciate any item upgrades or advice, have about 3 mill now to upgrade with too.

Bacon #1721
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If you're interested in the ww build, you can refer to http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8569598851 for the 2.5m and 5m budget set
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stuck, dunno what to upgrade......
aps 2.42 and 2.60 with WOBT...
can anyone advice me what to upgrade: single slot, 150 mill budget and hope that i wont upgrade that until i reach p100 :)

PS: this thread really help me with my barb
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If you have no intention of getting both weapons to the 2.5 APS breakpoint (just need 1 more source of ias), possible "single slot" upgrades are:

a) Better main hand (without ias or Vit; go for Str, chd, socket)
b) +0.24 APS, 200 Str EF with chd and socket (as much DPS as possible)
c) 150/150 Str+Vit IK Chest (was @ 10m, look for higher Str/Vit combo to fit your budget)
d) 150+ Vit Inna's (was @ 70m; alternative is Str+Vit combo)
e) chd on either Unity or Litany (a 6/30 cold SoJ to replace Unity is also an option)
f) gloves with more chc (craft or AH)

Personally, I would use the 150m to upgrade these 4 slots:
1. Upgrade IK Chest (10m-15m)
2. Upgrade Vit Inna's (70m)
3. Swap to chc Lacuni w/70 AR (35m)
4. Swap to Ice Climbers w/300+ Str+Vit (30-50m)

The others may have better recommendations for you. :)
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Great info here, as I have also recently got back into "Barbing it up". That said. I am slowly working towards the proper WW spec set. After watching some decent farming videos I feel like I finally have found a decent spot to farm some gold to start the slow climb upwards for gear. Act III on MP1 is about the most efficient for me. Want to say thanks again to the community! Any help is welcome.
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Got more stuff if anyone needs the gear/Help
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can you look at my gear and advise me of my next direction for upgrades?

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Great thread Check out om barb Im having a bunch of trouble doing mp3 i use cleave/hota or ss is my gear ? of res ? or just crapy weapons im poor I can buy any gold or items for real money so Im struck with what I find or can afford to buy any help would be great
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can you look at my gear and advise me of my next direction for upgrades?


You are really hurting on vitality and all res, I'd look to upgrade those two stats to up your survivability.

04/21/2013 10:07 AMPosted by GdBiker
Great thread Check out om barb Im having a bunch of trouble doing mp3 i use cleave/hota or ss is my gear ? of res ? or just crapy weapons im poor I can buy any gold or items for real money so Im struck with what I find or can afford to buy any help would be great

You have an abundance of vitality, too much if you ask me. Change some of those amethyst gems for rubies to up your strength. Your dps is lower than average due in part cause you dont have sockets on your weapons, you are missing out on 200% CD right there.

Your all res is fine, you can stop using war cry and use over power killing spree for a nice10% CC jump and nice AOE damage.

Your other skill are jumbled IMO, what type of build are you trying to play? If you aren't using WotB I don't see why you would use battle rage - into the fray. I think the rune adding 30% damage would be more useful
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