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Hey guys. Would love some help. Talked with LZ awhile in barb chat last night and he helped me a bit with my build and told me to come here for gear. I'll be on here for awhile. I will try to see who is up! As you can see I'm fairly new :)
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I'll give you a hand in a little while when I have a bit more time.

I definitely have some pants and possibly some shoulders for you. Other than that, my starter gear would probably result in a downgrade for you. If you have some gold I can help you shop a little bit though. I'll take a better look later though.
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No worries, and thank you for the offer. I actually got a hold of Eclipse and he SIGNIFICANTLY helped me out. Did he give me a barb ready for MP5? No. But then again, nor was he supposed to. I am just saying that for all the newbs out there thinking you guys will give away stuff to make them the best barb out there. He did exactly as advertised and I am ecstatic. It really helped me to be able to handle my own starting in Inferno and I am forever grateful.

To LordZeus, Eclipse, and the other players out there alike... Thanks for keeping this game fun for the newbs and I intend to return the favor to other new players some day. Cheers.
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Hey everyone!

First of all let me say, this is a cool thread, and just another proof that there is a very cool community here.

I've been getting great advice from fellow SnB barbs in the SnB thread and was pointed here, too, so I thought I'd put a post up and say hi.

I'm a new 60 (only just got to playing Diablo in 1.06 because I, too, am a recently new Dad like our OP!)

So, I built up a gear load-out of cheap rares and a couple low-rolled legendaries for about 500k total and feel like it's a good foot-in-door setup, but any advice for builds/where to go from here gear-wise/how to make some good money to afford the fun items like Mempo and Vile Ward would be great.

And of course if you come across items that are better than my stuff I'd certainly appreciate any help. And I'll pay! I just can't afford the AH prices for most upgrades yet.

Thanks again to everybody who comes in here to help aspiring new barbarians develop. Hopefully, schedule permitting, I will get this guy to the point where he can solo MP10 anything and then I'll be the one in here giving stuff away!
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I've helped quite a few new barbs already but I still have some decent barb gear for you guys. Just add me up.
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Nice chc Stormshield. We can help you with your gear / skill directions once you've cleared Hell and hop into Inferno.
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I have more stuff, looking for a new barb to offload it on.

Add: Punxx#1191 ... online now.
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Thanks Eclipse. I gave in and paid a buck 25 for it on the RMAH. I know how critical an item it can be to making a solid SnB barb and I saw the low price and said "why not?"

Now I just need to work on the rest of my stuff! lol

Hell mode is a breeze so far, so hopefully it won't be long til inferno comes along and shows me who's boss. :)
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Still have some entry-level Strongarm bracers, Stormshields and rares. Will Brimstone if there are no takers.
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Lots of key/uber runs later...more free stuff to give away
Will be online if anyone still needs help

Pls include this this thread in msg field
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Hi all! I recently finished leveling up my Barb and I need some gear advice. I geared my barb with some things I had and bought some others from the AH. Some advice on what to upgrade would be nice, I have around 10 mil, maybe can afford to get some other 10 mil.
Thanks in advance!
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Hey everyone. First I just want to say thanks to Pikka and Eclipse for some handy advice and freebies.

I'm in inferno now and if anybody has any thoughts about a next gear upgrade I would love the help!

I'm sitting on a scant 2 million gold, so I feel like whatever I go for next will require saving up and will leave me broke for a bit so I want to choose carefully.

Any advice or help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! As a note: I picked up an IK belt today but have nothing to complete the set bonus yet, in case that influences your thoughts. My AR is pretty good at the moment, though, I think.
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IK boots will be the cheapest upgrade
go for higher VIT if you can afford it

Look for a cheap Unity if you want LoH they are affordable as well with 160ish Str avg dmg and

I would drop AR on jewelry for now as it will gimp you in the future as far as upgrade
a good ammy on the budget look for as high of CD/CC you can afford, they can roll highest here 100/10

add in Vit and avgdmg on the ammy as people generaly under price those stats here, Str can be made up else where
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I pretty much have a whole stash tab filled with gear that I'd give to someone if they are upgrades for them. I've added tons of people but very few message me in game. I'm going to vendor/brimstone most if no one gets with me.
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Greeting everyone

Please feel free to critique my gear and build if possible. I obviously don't have a lot of gold to spend and I farm as much as possible to gain some gold and useful items while also trying gain some paragon levels. I am trying to get some reasonably affordable gear upgrades while still trying to stay competitive once I start doing some MP runs.

I also have a question about MH / OH mechanics and what the rules should be when equipping MH and OH weapons

My link to my character is here:

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank You
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Bump ;)
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Thumbz #1173

Ill help as well.
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heey guys!

just dinged 60 with my first character...
have about 400k so anything is welcome :D
items, advice, anything!


EDIT: gamertag: iTzCoMPLeteD#2604
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With the new account-bound gear that can be crafted (and some people have already crafted some seriously awesome gear), more newbies would be able to better gear themselves if they can farm for enough materials and gold to craft for themselves. :-)

I wouldn't mind giving some brimstones to noobs who need it for crafting. Just add me up.
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I'm not a new, but also Im not a old player in term of experience, power or anything...
I'm played D3 about a month after this game released. So I have a 60 Bar. But I had to complete my master thesis so I quit.
Now I have time and really want to go back to D3 and have some fun.
But all I got is a 60 Bar (in inferno act 1), 100k golds and a world with item costs Millions golds :(, a world with *very powerful* creeps to me :(

I hope that someone can help me with anything to continue my Bar.
Thank you so much.
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