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Would like help with cm/ww build

Right now i have 3.00 aps with the slow time bubble and 51.5% cc with pinpoint barrier. I am still having trouble keeping mobs frozen.They will move a little bit at times and i would like help with knowing what else i need to do. thanks for any help
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Check latency, above 250 its usually a stutter. Finger skills need more practice for spamming =).
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It depends so much on how many mobs you're fighting and how many of them are being hit by each of your WW casts. That will determine how good your stats need to be for the freeze uptime you want.

Import your character stats at d3cmww.com and set the skills you want (num_targets and ww_targets_hit will also have a huge effect) and it will tell you what freeze uptime you'll get with changes to stats or skills.
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what MP? UBERS? farming? stutter freeze is common. if LAT>280 then you're not getting much benefit from 3.01 AS. for farming IF you have the gear/means, get +50% CC and lower iAS. If UBERS, then get another 4.5 CC from jewels... keep iAS



LOVE the numbers!!! Check my life return on 4 targets :-)
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I tested on the ptr last nite.

my ping rate is 250ms - 300ms

at 2.99 aps (2.74 breakpoint) + 57%cc,
teleport safepassage
(ww,eb,crystal shell,pinpoint)

I was able to ko rakanoth/ghom with no issue on mp7 solo and brought sb/zoltan kulle down to less than 20% hp b4 sb pickup+zk whirlwind killed me.

also tested against skel/magda with no issue at
3.24 aps, 57% cc using bonechill instead of coldsnap. no issue as well.


so long term goals = more ehp
3.01 for ubers running bonechill for party support (via stretch time rather than ias chantodos), otherwise 2.74 break point is sufficient for ubergroups running coldsnap.
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Thanks for the comments and all the help
@DethAxe thanks for the site that really helps

Also do any of you have ideas as to what i should upgrade next?
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Lots of little things to upgrade, at least:

- Bracers. Look for 5 CC, 70+ All Res, 500 armor, int/vit - sometimes you can find these as cheap as 1M. Its scary good for cheap.
- Tal's chest. You should move to Armor/All res eventually. Maybe 600/30, for starters. if not, look to max out armor in the meanwhile, like shoot for 800 there, not just 529.
- firewalkers have to go. Go for a nice set of ice climbers. 500 armor, 180 INT, 75 All res....STR? VIT? i forget what's all on mine. I don't use them much anymore. But they are <10M and are nice for EHP.
- look to get VW with 80+ STR. 170 STR would even be better. I guess the DEX is OK, but I'd probably go for STR if you can.

.....haven't I made suggestions for you before? Or are there just several people running around with double INT/double VIT rolls on their BTJM, lol? Possible. For some reason I also think you're on my friend list.....at any rate....if so, message me if you in game if you want any gear advice!

edit: well, there's at least one other that I've helped. Maybe I'm not going nuts...lol.
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Alright thanks PieHole lot of stuff i need to start looking for.
and i dont think you've helped me before i dont really post on the forums much
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