Diablo® III

commitment to charakter/ Exp -> Skillpoints

We all know we can change our chars skills within seconds at hte start of a game without any losses or benfits.

Besides the very very simple itemisation is one point what erases deepness, let us at least have an impact on our chars. I don't feel very connected to them right now. They are replaceable and you only need one of every class as a platform.

Isn't it sad to have a char which just works as an itemholding vehicle?

I would prefer a system where you can put experience points into certain skills you like. My barb platform is p-level 63 and if I now had a chance to put those 63 points into certain skills, I would feel way more connected, because the platform it now is would become an idividual char.

We could actually focus on certain skills and adjust our chars with the right gear.

Right now we just grind preset Skillsets.

What do you think?
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Skill points and Stat points and Skill synergies allowed gamers to build their characters uniq in diablo 2. Ones people figured out the best build it became less diverse because everyone used similiar builds in the end but it still allowed the choice which is missing in diablo 3.

I miss strength glitch especially ;)

Would of been nice if blizzard took the foundation from diablo 2 and upgraded it with innovative ideas so its uniq and different in diablo 3 so we can have more choices in building our characters. More diversity but in the end ones the best builds are figured out it would have become less diverse again.
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they can allow stats other than your main to improve a skill

e.g frost nova - str increases radius
- dex increase crit chance

benefits: customization, items that would be considered crap could have atleast value. its a simple enough change. balancing can be done over time
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Does it really add to the depth of the game to have to do a gear/stat juggle, and to have put your 5 points in every level?

I don't think so.
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Skill points and stat points aren't the end all be all of character customization.

If one character uses Meteor and the other uses Hydra, that's a pretty drastic difference in how that character plays.

If one character uses Meteor and the other uses Hydra... but one of them has 3 more intelligence than the other... who bloody cares!?

"Hey bro. Bro, Hey bro. I put three more points into my INT stat. !@#$'s crazy."

"Whoa! Dude. Bro. That's some crazy stuff right there. Let me copy your build!"

"Yeah. Just put 3 more points into intelligence."

"Whoa, slow down. This is complex character building!"
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There will always be "the best" build for a certain objective, you can never level everything out in a game like D3.

This isn't a goal you should aim for. Diversity of skills and an attachment to "your" personalised little pixelfriend should be a basic in this game.

Besides PvE, which is very easy right now, PvP would be much more fun.
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...you dont put stats into skills, that is a total diffrent system. You put Exp in Skills to make your favourite skill stronger.

Stat points for a certain purpose an their secondary system would be another thing to look at.

Right now I'd like to be the strafe DH much stronger, just because ist's fast, agile and fun to play, but I don't need the class or the skills to be changed.

I'd like to put some points into strafe to make it more powerful, knowing my gloom and vault will stay as they are now.
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