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Looking for MH advice.

First off, here's my profile-

I'm farming MP2 with ease, but I cannot seem to get to MP3.

I've been farming crafting material because I want to take advantage of the new crafting items in 1.07, but I'm also looking to be able to do MP3+ once 1.07 hits.

I know my MH needs an upgrade, but what stat should I be looking for? I've been focusing on a lot of strength on my weapons, but is that a good idea?

I'm just lost on what path I should be taking my barb, esp. since for the gear I have I should be able to do MP3+, but I just get trounced by the elite packs, esp. ones with the fire walk. They kill me before I even get a chance to get WW going, so I'm guessing I'm just really low on AR and armor.
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The reason you are dying to anything at low MP is low sustain. IMO at low dps you need 3 sources of LS and some LOH. Your AR and vit are fine. I would look for a new OH with LS and a new MH with big damage as I describe here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593621248#3
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Edit- Nvm, I should have actually bothered to read your guide better.

Thank you!
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What should the OH focus on?

My understanding is that for lower-geared WW barbs it is preferable to just ignore damage on the OH because it doesn't contribute to the tornadoes, but what other stats should I priority most heavily for if I want to develop my sustain?

Just LS/crit dmg?

read the post i linked, i describe my opinions there. It's not the only way to gear.
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So, after following your post by actually reading it instead of just skimming it like an idiot, then getting a SoJ, I can now do MP 4 without any problem whatsoever. I can probably do MP 5 or more, but I think it'll take too long to kill things.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction =D
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