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Barb is OP because of LifeLeech on mighty belt

Barb LS does feel imbalanced in comparison to the monk. They have can have 12% LS (the best scaling heal) from passives, belt, and 2 weapons. A monk can have 6% off weapons, and thus gearing is much more expensive because you are more pigeon holed into finding a weapon with LS. Even my monk with over 1k LoH it doesn't compare to 3% LS on a reflect damage mob and it'll only get worse as I gear up my monk more and do more dps. When my barb hit 60 he jumped right into MP 3/4 with really cheap gear because of how easy it is to survive as a barb. They can be more defensive but as it stands there LS ability is so great that they don't have to sacrifice much offense. Honest opinion, I'm leveling PG on my barb next so I'll get to have the feature that I think is somewhat OP but what's fair is fair and 12% LH doesn't seem quite fair.

Glad Wiz getting buffs they needed it, DH/WD is in a decent spot in terms of cost/effectivesness with the buffs from last patch.
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Totally agree. It is so easy for Barbs to get LS from Passive skill, belt and weps. But the other 4 chars can only get LS from wep. How ridiculous is that? Pls dont tell me Barb is a melee char and therefore deserved LS privileges, bla, bla, bla. What a joke. LS is a must for any chars to sustain in heavy battles. 3 ways to get LS for pampered barb, and the rest gets only 1? Fix this!
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Simply because they take more damage than the other class.

Why would you give a DH a LL while she has gloom in the first place, and far away from the mob?

If DH has gloom and is far away from the mob, you shouldn't give them LL?

Why should the option be given to barbarian alone?

Gives LL on all belt and Fury on Hit for Mighty Belt!
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01/24/2013 08:00 AMPosted by papryaka
WD/wiz other choice skorn with 6% LL or manticore with 3% LL.

The trough one

01/24/2013 08:00 AMPosted by papryaka
Cool isn't ?

One last point. People here seems having problem understanding sentences.

Looking at your sentences, I can't help laughing when you criticize others for not understanding.
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Why hasn't this been done?
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