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Zunimassa's Set Vs. No Set?

The set affects are great; however, wouldn't it be better to get legendary equipment in the slots that have attack speed (mempo of twilight vs zunimassa's vision) and crit chance over having 150 int? Also a better ring is easier to find instead of the zunimassa's pox (considering the low amount of rolls on the ring over a regular rare ring).

Can someone who is experienced lead me in the right direction on this? My current DPS is 127k with pierce of the veil. I like to use zombie bears and splinters(540% crit dmg is fun to watch chunks fly off monsters). Is the set worth it for me?

P.S. The Zunimassa Vision looks so epic its persuading me to keep the set lol.
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There is no way you are running bears efficiently with that set up on anything higher then MP1. Adding more IAS is only going to make matters worse. If you are farming MP0 then you're better off with a TOTD and Cain's set using Ghost bomb and Acid Cloud. If you're looking to do higher MP levels then 4/5 zuni is a must, swap PtV for Vision quest and swap splinters for spiders and GI for blood ritual.
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okay another quick question mr. jumbob

[skorn w/ 391% crit dmg ~+13k] vs [knife + mojo -13kdmg and 91% crit +10% crit chance]
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That really comes down to a play-style preference. Unless the mojo has -ZC cost most Bears WD go with a skorn. I personally find it too slow. For people who only use bears as a source of damage then you're probably going to want the higher Life steal %. While a top end skorn vs a top end mojo, the 1h+mojo will work out to be more dps not only on sheet but also in dps that's not registered by the sheet (+elite damage etc) , but tt will cost lots of money to reach that point where 1h+mojo>skorn.

Also I'm not sure if jumbob was a typo or an insult.
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I kindly suggest you not to invest on attack speed. I have done it before. People from here warned me and then I changed my gear. Better invest on critical hit chance & critical hit damage.
We are in the same paragon level. If you want, you could check my profile:

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it was a typo, lol. sorry.

Thanks bro. I lost ALOT of damage but i gained .5 dps and my mojo is part of the set adding -12 zb and 14 m. gen. my bears are pretty much sniffing their butts now and i gained the 10% crit chance vs -100% crit dmg so its more crits and faster hits. i guess in actual application its better.

Why should i swap out PtV? its free 20% dmg, GI adds 50% int vs more spammablity?

I am assuming you are considering higher level of mp builds.. DERP. thanks for the help bro!
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PtV just hurts with mana regen, running without it makes you a more efficient WD.
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Np and best of luck to you !
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