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Monster density: Let's be honest

You guys remember when the red Cow portal got completely flooded by cows and going in was extreme suicide? hahahaha
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monster power mob density..... autoloot auto id. Why not just ask blizzard to give you a D3 world editor and just make your own maps and just change everything? Seriously. At this current rate they might as well just cut there losses and just throw the game on Facebook. .....
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easier way to fix this is to lessen the density in act 3. although they can't really do this because act 3 is war. war and not so many mobs? that wouldn't be right.
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01/23/2013 10:51 PMPosted by Grimiku
We definitely want people to farm multiple Acts, so we are discussing options to achieve that goal.

No, this is NOT what we want to hear. This means that chances are pretty good you'll try to come up with some other way to make farming effective, but you WON'T use our idea. Monster Density is NOT all about farming. I honestly do not care about farming. At all. I want monsters to kill. Plain and simple. It bores me to tears, going from killing a group of 20-40 mobs, and then running around for 20-30 seconds, finding maybe 4-5 mobs. It's boring. We all want Monster Density, all for our own reasons. Please, for the love of God, don't come up with an idea you "think" we'll be happy with, and just give us what we're asking for. Thank you.
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One thing that can be done is to allow monster density to be increased at a cost of XP and loot, and proc rates. If it were categorically less efficient to move the loot slider all the way up to 11, it's a win for those who want monster density for it's own sake without making it feel like a mandatory way to play. If you got half the proc rate and one tenth the rewards for twice the number of enemies, you might have an interesting mode for some people.

As for making all the acts equally efficient, maybe just give a small bonus for downtime if you're at 5 stacks. Something like, for every second you spend out of town not killing anything you earn a second of bonus XP/gold/MF for the next second fighting. A very modest bonus, and you can only store up a few seconds. Just something to smooth out the areas with downtime.

Just tossing out ideas here.
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Monster density was low in acts 1/2 because of story. Those acts are like the start of a movie, where tension is just starting to build up and you're newly exploring the world after Tyrael's fall. Act 3 is packed because literally the legions of hell are swarming out to invade bastion's keep.

Now if mob density is going to be increased to facilitate farming, might as well get rid of the quest driven storyline and give us free roam. For obvious reasons, anyone looking to farm Acts 1/2 will have MP on, so that's a good place to tie the mob density to.

Maybe make it so that with any MP level activated, we get more mobs in A1/2/4. (and free roam? please? with a cherry on top)
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The other day I was doing an act 2 Key run, nothing crazy, mp 4 or 5. In a party of 3 (the forth guy suddenly lost his connection) we got our 5 stacks and entered Oasis. We found KW + 2 elite packs + 3 or 4 packs of regular mobs. It was an epic 5 minute fight, trying to dodge, arcane, waller, jailer, frozen, molten, poison, of course KW reflect everything, Reflect damage, and who knows what else. Point being, it was FUN! Trying to stay alive, while still engaging mobs (not having to run away too much) was exciting. We all died once or twice, but no biggie.

Anyhow it was more exciting than walking around and randomly coming across 1 elite group or going 20 minutes before even seeing an elite group.

My vote would be for a scale just like MP. But if we had to all settle on a set number, I think overall a 50% increase in mobs in pretty much every area (besides some of act 3, 4) would be very good. Act 1 early on, especially...1 zombie every mile, it hurts.

The true issue is that your characters move too slow, so it takes a while to get to the next mob group. I think making everyone move 100% faster would actually reduce the amount of mob density complaints alot.
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Since we have mp system why not have density system, hell why not just blizzard had over the dev system the mass and let us tinker with it since we all know the dev and the leader of the dev dont really know what diection to go.. so why not just give your code of the game so we as the community ,each player decide how much densit , how much monster power , and god forbid give us the tools in the game to shut off the story so we can just farm to the hell over and over.
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I agree with what you wrote OP but its silly that many times we run for 10-20 seconds without seeing any enemy. there should be less empty sports on the maps even on act 3 and esp on act 4. Act 4 isn't worth farming at all atm.
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add an option that players can choose density of monsters which they want when creating new game

for example low,middle,high density and making that option enabled from paragon 50-75

3 act is really onlyone place where the highest density now
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Ive been playing since the launch of Diablo 1 and dont really say much, although i read almost everything that comes up in popular topics, in spare time, and always loved the aspect of massive mobs, that were almost imposable to kill without massive AOE, or a different setup from the norm all together, so Monster-power(0-10) was a well accepted challenge, made it to where we can challenge Our selves to a extent.

As for a added choice to modify mob density, probably a really good idea, at least this way people would not be inclined to only stay in act 3, for farming. as mentioned countless times before people actually like the HOLY-COW-ClUSTER, only because it gave them something to bash at and well to be honest, kill the cows...lol no goal just the unyielding urge to kill the not so normal.

As dinkrster9#1538 said above some people just enjoy the endless hordes, even if it meant almost a guaranteed death at least it will give us something to go down in a blaze of glory with, like in act 1 most people have to go to the same places over and over to build stacks for keys, if there on the lower mps, however if we could adjust the density and make it to where there were countless mobs, and minions. would actually make farming in the other act worth wile.

Other people not just me, as mentioned by "Revculter#1260" just the one i can see atm, would just like something to kill, honestly if the monster density was adjustable it would be used by a lot of people to affect farming, but even if it did not affect drop rates in anyway. at least we would actually have somthing to kill not having to run to a new zone to find mobs..

But over all as everyone seems to agree with is the mob count in acts 1,2 & 4 is way too low i know your supposed to be learning in the earlier areas, but honestly who hasn't figured out the base idea to the game by nightmare difficulty. even if everything after that was adjustable on mob count, lots of people agree. it would be nice.

another thing people keep asking for is some entirely pointless place to just kill hordes of minions, even if it was just a event unlocked by achieving something very difficult to unlock as i mention in a earlier post but no one really viewed it so i dint bother, adding any more info.

  • http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7394279726

  • As for me I'm going to continue playing just as i have, hoping for something to change, so the we can challenge ourselves to to a endless mob :)

    Thanks for Reading
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    That would be completely priceless...lol
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    In act I sometimes I can't find a group of 5 monsters to grab a full soul harvest. Not like it matters the buff runs out before I can find the next group of monsters.
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    act 1 is soooo boring. there are only 2 areas with decent monster density. like when you go key farming in the fields of misery and they come in packs of 3 or less. that's so lame. there was no issue with having masses of enemies in act 1 in d2.
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    I think density isn't the only problem. Completely aside from farming though, a1/a2 just don't have enough monsters. There's just so much time spent walking walking walking, then you fight like 3 monsters and then another 30 seconds of walking.

    Other than that, from a farming perspective just buffing the monster density of a1/a2 until they were on par with a3 would be awesome. I mean, the first town is under siege by zombies... until you get past the barricade, then you run for 2 minutes before you see any zombies. Even if a3 was still the most efficient farming route, if the other acts were at least close (say withing 5-10% of a3) then we could at least mix it up when we got tired of a3 and not feel like we were wasting our time.

    But from a farming perspective, the density complaint is really just a symptom of another problem: the only thing worth farming in d3 is trash/elite packs. Bosses drop maybe a little bit more loot than elite packs, but they have no significantly higher chance to drop ilvl 63s/6 affix rares/legendaries than elite packs. In d2 everyone just farmed bosses so I understand why you wanted to get away from that, but now you've gone so far to the other side of that continuum that you've made bosses completely worthless.

    I'm not sure the solution is giving bosses better chance to drop legendaries. It might just be something as simple as "bosses can drop higher level gems" or "bosses can drop organs/whatever new crafting stuff in 1.0.7 if killed with 5 stacks of NV". If you buff bosses to drop legendaries more often it's not hard to see that could end with everyone just farming bosses again.

    Maybe you could just add some items (legendaries or set items) that can only drop from certain bosses (they'd need a higher drop rate than the regular legendary drop rate else no one would bother).

    Regardless, monster density could stand to be buffed throughout the entire game, even a3 in my opinion. More monsters is a good thing, not a bad thing, because killing hordes of d00ds is what diablo is all about.
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    Could be like an extra difficulty setting with setting up the mob density, at least don't nerf it and destroy the fun for eg. archon wizards.
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