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Monster density: Let's be honest

Nephalem Valor
Worthless helps nothing.Its one of Blizzards lies.Just like their drop rates.
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how about being able to take waypoint between act like you should be able to in an actual diablo game

This please.
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now, allow travel between acts when you select the last quest of the story line..

this is basic diablo2 gameplay right there.
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01/29/2013 10:34 AMPosted by Tom
Please make it so that we can go to any act from the waypoints like in Diablo 2....please...

I agree with you all.

Like with Elective Mode on skills, one should be able to disable "Story Mode" in the game options, which eliminates all main quests and cutscenes, but the main bosses will still be there, and inter-act waypoint travel is possible.

Forcing the story on players is not a good idea. Somewhat like Diablo 1 single player mode where you had to start in the cathedral each game. Everyone played multiplayer for that reason alone.
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Forcing the story on players is not a good idea. Somewhat like Diablo 1 single player mode where you had to start in the cathedral each game. Everyone played multiplayer for that reason alone.

Oh the joys of going down and down and down and down...

On the cross-Act waypoints... Still can't understand why that good point of Diablo 2 was just thrown out the door? WHY?
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i would like to be able to choose mob density with monster power
some days (or on some of my chars i play less often) i'd like to mow through mp1 with very high mob density, wheras other days I might want to try a higher mp but with less mobs so i dont get my face stomped in. More density also increases chances of encountering 2 elites at a time, which on lower MP is fun as hell but on higher MP sucks bad!

i also like the idea of no cutscenes and quests so i can just kill monsters + bosses in all acts :)
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ACT 2 - Desert is pretty well Deserted it seems.. sometimes I can walk until I virtually die of thirst before I'm able to quench my voraceous appetite on demon blood again...

Act 4 - Could definitely use a 30% boost in monster density

Act 1 - Could definitely use a 30% boost in monster density

I do wish to express that I think Act 3 is max density as is. I don't think Act1, 2 or 4 should be as dense as Act3 because I like the monsters ability to run our sorry asses down and force us to fight to the death.

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I, for one, like mob density just for fun.

Cursing through waves of countless enemies, hacking and slashing one after another, has a fun factor on its own.
They could drop nothing at all, and it would still be fun.

Imagine if there was spots with 'challenges'. You talk to some NPC, start the challenge, get locked in some arena, and you ave to kill countless enemies that give no drop or exp.
And when you complete a challenge, you get to open a chest that will have loot based on how good you did, and talk to the NPC to check a Leaderboard for that challenge.

That'll be lots of fun. Don't tell me it would not.
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You would have to think you would just start off and make your game in A4 at diablo.
Then surely you would be able to have all the Way Points throughout all the acts because to get to Diablo, you would obviously have had to finish the Acts previous?

Then if you didnt want to start off in A4 you would just go back to where you wanted to start from? is that not the simplest solution?
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waypoints system through the hole game....(with nephalem valor not disappearing)....killing butcher and then immediately waypoint travel to kill azmodan without leaving the game...

monster density should be like the monster power system...we adjust it like we want it to be...
lets say act 3 currently have monster density level 5 of possible 10...we could double act 3 if we wanted and the extra monsters spawn randomly through the act...
act 1 have probably monster density level 1 or 2...if we boost it to 5 its equal as act 3 like its rightt now.

also why not make it random what kind of monsters spawns with this system...that would make the replay value of this game increase like never before...(kinda endgame solution)

this would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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