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poll for effective high mp wd's, mp8+

please read thread through before making a statement as i dont want an arguement thread if possible. i only want to gather info to give our brothers a fighting chance!!!!! if bothered or annoyed or want to address an issue not dicussed by this thread please contact me on my account and leave the rest of our brethren out of an arguement(my contact info below). we are going to try to keep this totaly constructive. i will address any issues that you deem important and inform all with concerned statements.

So to figured, on average what do high mp wd's use for gear and what priority stats are for them. i'd like to take a poll to give me and others an idea of what gear, passives, skills, or anything else that may be a factor in surviving and executing high mp runs would be a good guide to what works. this is a thread for PvE.

i understand a wd cant just be judged on it's affectiveness on high mp's or PvP but the data would be too random to take both into account. if i can get someone to do a poll on low mp farming/exp/etc i will update averages on both.

if you have the time and can effectively do mp8+(solo preferably), i and i'm sure others would love to see the results of this poll. if you wish to participate just answer the following and the wd community can potentialy benifit from the results. thanks ahead of time!!!!!

#1- build? ie(zero dog, bears, acid cloud, proctor, crowd control, thorns, etc (if different or a combo just add them together with a short description)

#2- 1 hand or 2 hand

#3- full zuni set or not (specify which was used if not full set)

#4- weapon type(spear, axe, sword, etc)+ attack speed

#5- other set ie(not zuni) + list bonus

#6- attack speed total

#7- crit chance total

#8- crit damage total

#9- mana regen total

#10- vitality total

#11- armor total

#12- all resist(lowest and highest)

#13- life steal(ls) or life on hit(loh) and amount

#14- passives(abbreviate if you want)

#15- skills(abbreviate if you want)

#16- dps

i will display results as often as i can and in as much detail as possible and hopefully we can get some constructive info from the efforts of all the brothers in our community.

if you participated thank you very much and our wd community thanks you. if you disagree with this poll for a reason or another please let me know online so we keep this constructive for everyone and not an argument thread. hardcopy#1738 or Optimusirish@gmail.com. i will post results once daily and hopefully we come out strong and proud from the odd man out in 1.0 to total beast in 1.7 and on into the future.

P.S. i've got 100,000,000 to give out as a prize to one of those that have helped out with the wd community. at the end of feb 2013, we will give this prize to the person that has benifited our community the most by way of a vote. please do not vote on this thread, it will be announced. be proud wd's, since 1.0, wd for life
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add in at the end other benifits that weren;t included in list.
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Summary: For me, sustainability is important. Mana and life sustainability. I was able to do MP8 (slowly) with much worse gear a long time ago, but the DPS was holding me back. I can now do MP8 much more quickly and with less stress. I have been doing MP10 on solo over all acts/quests because I want to figure out which elite affixes and enemies bother me the most. I found some interesting enemies.

#1- Proctor with Spirit Barrage: Well of Souls, Acid Rain, Bears, and Dogs

#2- 1 Hand

#3- Full zuni set. Not wearing the helmet so I can wear a Visage.

#4- 1.2 aps, highest average damage spear I could get at the time with life steal and a socket. I found a higher average damage with a socket was better than what was available at the same price (~300 mil) with life steal, a socket, and crit damage.

#5- Do you have other sets?
Yes. I have alternate gear with lots of pickup radius, starting with a TotD. I can have anywhere from 20 to 45 pickup radius and Fire Walkers to bust through doors.
For MP1 I use a locust swarm build, swapping out visage for one with crit and locust swarm damage. Bears for elites.

I have a zero cooldown Wall of Zombie Pile On build for fun.

For the following, 6 through 12 and 16, see http://d3up.com/b/70667
#6- Attack speed
#7- crit chance total
#8- crit damage total
#9- mana regen total 91 mana/sec = (12+14+20+45)
#10- vitality total
#11- armor total
#12- all resist(lowest and highest)
#16- DPS:

DPS 136,221.86
DPS vs Elites 143,032.96
Attacks per Second 1.39
+% Attack Speed 16%
Critical Hit Chance 41.5%
Critical Hit Damage 329%
MH Weapon Damage 97,924.29
Physical Resistance 813.4
Cold Resistance 813.4
Fire Resistance 813.4
Lightning Resistance 813.4
Poison Resistance 813.4
Arcane/Holy Resistance 863.4
Crowd Control Reduction 0
Missile Damage Reduction 0%
Melee Damage Reduction 0%
Elite Damage Reduction 11.65%
Armor 3,267 (~52% iirc

#13- 2.4% Life steal, ~1200 Life on Hit, and 411+450 (Blood ritual) life regen.

#14- Blood Ritual and Rush of Essence to generate mana. Blood ritual also for life regen. Then either fierce loyalty or jungle fortitude. If I get more life regen then I think fierce loyalty is better for keeping the dogs alive. Currently in MP10, I found jungle fortitude is better, but in MP9 and under, fierce loyalty was better.

#15- Well of Souls (left click), Acid Rain (F), and Bears (Right click).
Soul Harvest 60 second rune, Spirit walk mana regen rune, and Zombie Dogs leaching beasts.

I use the zombie dogs to keep enemies still so I can WoS+Acid Rain or Bears them.
When casting WoS on a group, just target one enemy, hold down left click (WoS), and then tap acid rain once every 3 seconds.
WoS+RoE builds up mana per second which allows two things:
1. Bears
2. When in danger, cast acid rain multiple times and run.

Versus reflects damage (RD) and health link+RD:
WoS: Dead in a few seconds
Bears: Dead in a second

But with Acid Rain, especially 2x acid rain stacking LoH and life steal, I can:
1. Cast WoS and be life positive (full health). With one acid rain and WoS in between, I am life positive, but if won't full heal me in all situations like 2x acid rain does.
2. Cast a few bears, drop into spirit walk to regen mana, and keep the acid rains times two coming until mana is at about 30%. Switch back to WoS + acid rain

#17 (not listed) Total cost of gear:
I was impatient so it's not the cheapest it could be, but I spent about 650 mil gold. 300 mil on the spear, 130 mil on the witching hour, 55 mil gloves, I forget the rest.

P.S. I don't need the money.
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#1- build? ie(zero dog, bears, acid cloud, proctor, crowd control, thorns, etc (if different or a combo just add them together with a short description

Main bears' but bounce around WoS, and i use haunt with RoE for my mana regen
over spiders, because if i have enough mobs around i actually get a ton extra mana regen

#2- 1 hand or 2 hand
1h for me with 3%LS and uhk serp

#3- full zuni set or not (specify which was used if not full set)
Full set, helm and ring because i couldnt give up the health from my Off-hand without
a godly zuni offhand

#4- weapon type(spear, axe, sword, etc)+ attack speed
Using a spear, the weapon itself doesnt matter, it's the affixes, LS,OS,Int+high dps

#5- other set ie(not zuni) + list bonus

#6- attack speed total
1.43 Attacks per second

#7- crit chance total

#8- crit damage total
343% dropped the crit on weapon due to price

#9- mana regen total
75 mana/sec without any skill procs

#10- vitality total
1332 Vit so 60k health

#11- armor total
3500 which while low, is enough when using Horrify-Frightening Aspect

#12- all resist(lowest and highest)
712 Lowest 804 Highest, try to for highest to be physical

#13- life steal(ls) or life on hit(loh) and amount
3% life steal, trying out a 5.1 Skorn

#14- passives(abbreviate if you want)
Spirit Vessel, Rush of Essence, Blood Ritual
Gruesome Feast, Blood Ritual, Rush of Essense

#15- skills(abbreviate if you want)
Haunt-Draining Spirit(switch around with Well of Souls)
Spirit Walk-Jaunt
Zombie Charger-Zombie Bears
Soul Harvest-Vengeful Spirit
Horrify-Frightening Aspect

#16- dps
153,527 Dps

(Edit) #17- cost
i think upwards of 800m probably a little more
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#1-Hybrid Build Proctor/well of souls/bears

#2- 1 hand

#3- 4/5 zuni (body feet mojo ring)

#4- Black dagger (1.4 APS)

#5- No other set bonus with standard build

#6- 1.67 APS total

#7- 47.5

#8- 369

#9- 873 max 104 regen

#10- 1068 (48.9k HP)

#11- 4041

#12- 656 -> 704

#13- 2.3% LS 716 LOH 1248 Regen

#14- ROE BR GF

#15- WOS ZB Vengeful spirit frightening aspect Acid Rain Honored Guest

#16- 160110.17

Price = Cost me around 500mil total, got a lot of deals.

(on a side note I also have a +39%Spirit barrage build and a PVP set an exp set and a full IAS set)
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#1- build? ie(zero dog, bears, acid cloud, proctor, crowd control, thorns, etc (if different or a combo just add them together with a short description)

Proc Doctor - Stun 3.7%, Freeze 4.8%, Immobilize 4.4%, and Chill 3%.

#2- 1 hand or 2 hand

2H -Skorn, 5.3% LS

#3- full zuni set or not (specify which was used if not full set)


#4- weapon type(spear, axe, sword, etc)+ attack speed

Skorn 1.0 APS

#5- other set ie(not zuni) + list bonus


#6- attack speed total


#7- crit chance total

Critical Hit Chance 41%

#8- crit damage total

Critical Hit Damage 521%

#9- mana regen total


#10- vitality total

1048, 44,928.51 HP (no jewel in helm)

#11- armor total


#12- all resist(lowest and highest)


#13- life steal(ls) or life on hit(loh) and amount

5.3% LS, 480 LoH, 572 Regen

#14- passives(abbreviate if you want)


#15- skills(abbreviate if you want)

RoT, AC/Rain, bears, SH/Vengeful Spirit, ZD/Lifelink , SW/Healing Journey

#16- dps


17 - Cost

Probably around 700M gold, but Ive been playing since week 1.
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#1- Bears!!!

With fast attack speed, it is key to have high mana regen, zombie charger reduction, and VQ always proc'ed to allow for continuous bear spamming. The fast attack speed gives you higher mobility (faster casting animations) for upper MP dodging elite affixes which fits my playstyle more than a slow 2 hand like Skorn. Also have an SoJ with additional ZC reduction if i need to use it for ubers, etc.

#2- 1 hand (MCK with 1.4 aps)
#3- 4 pc zuni (helm/chest/ring/boots)
#4- Manajuma's Ceremonial Knife (1.4 aps)
#5- No other sets
#6- 1.85 aps
#7- 41.5% crit chance
#8- 424% crit damage
#9- 89 mana regen (10 mana reduction zombie charger)
#10- 1072 vitality (54426 hp)
#11- 3787 armour
#12- 616-662 unbuffed resists
#13- 2.8% LifeSteal
#14- BR/VQ/SV
#15- Bears/WidowMakers
#16- 190,562.66 unbuffed
#17- I've lost count on the cost of my gear with all the buying and selling that takes place.
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Nice initiative Bro! WD since may 15th here!
I solo mp8-9 for key run, survivabilty for mp10 is ok but dmg too low and solo mp7 for ubers when friends offline.

#1 build:
the regular "hit-like-a-truck" 2hander build with massive dmg from bears and AC with loh for healing and dealing against RD but you'll need the 4pieces Zuni set to run both of those heavy mana spender spells.

#2 weapon:
Skorn baby!! why? cus it's pretty cheap for the amount of dmg u can deal ( got mine for 10mil) no LS on it cus cant afford it but it is replaced by LOH on other slots...so no big deal there. Slow cast but big big crit ( 750k to a million per bear)

#3 Zuni set:
got the 4 pieces ( helm, chest, ring and boots) imo a MUST HAVE for high MP, thats the best set out of the 4 classes...Int+AR+mana regen and even the pieces themselves have very good stats as automatically rolled.

#4 weapon type
Look #1 and #2...i lazy to retype lol

#5 other set:
I got a low mp (mp1-3) gear for fast farming that includes 38 pur and 24% ms with some mf and gf with self dropped gear and cheap stuff from AH

#6 Attack speed:
Right now is 1.09, but i'll try to add another 7-8% more...when i added that extra 9% from my belt it felt easier to play, slightly faster animation cast which is crucial for high MP where u have to kite and/or find good positioning for bears ( hug that wall!!).
For AS, u need to find that balance between it and your mana regen...never be empty mana nor full mana...thats how i weigh my eDPS

#7 crit chance total
34.5% cc...hmmm what else to say...may be that i might some from my zuni pox

#8 crit dmg
515%...i like them big yellow number...grouped with a monk one time and bears crit up to 1.4million!! i was like holy sh#t! lol

#9 mana regen
20 from the zuni + the natural one....quite comfortable right now at high MP coupled with 2 mana passive.

#10 Vitality
1313 vit + 55% extra life...I highly rate HP cus i just dont like to die and hate being a glass canon. Sitting right now at 71k hp but i'd like to reach the 80k

#11 armor
3986, just like for vit, thats a highly rated stat for me I always try to have some extra armor or strength stats on my gear.

#12 all resist
600ish all around highest being physical attack ( around 650 ), this def stat contrary to vit and armor is the least i like and/or i try to have on my gear, why?
-It's expensive, any good rolled item with ar will always be really expensive
-As an int class, stackin int help for dmg and ar too...10int=1ar, i basically have 300ar just from my total int
-lot of magical dmg can be avoided just by kitting, arcane, frozen, desecr.. or just dont hurt a lot, plague (even though they'll buff it the next patch) and electricty...
-You have extra ar from one of the most used WD spell: soul harvest
So putting lot of gold against skill that can be avoided isnt worth my money.

#13 ls/loh
0 ls and 1050 loh, ls being the "cool stat to have" atm so really expensive ( just go check them high dps weap with LS...100s and100s of millions) so i covered it with loh way way less expensive and coupled with AC just give you massive amount of healing.

#14 passive
VQ for the mana regen ofc
SV for the extra 2nd life and the 2sec reduc on sh and sw...A TRUE LIFE SAVER PASSIVE!!
BR for the mana management and the extra life regen

#15 skills
-widowmakers, just switch to it recently from rot and got to say i love it, each attck return mana+ turn on VQ and looks like spiders aggro mob too( not sure tho havent fully test yet)
-AC, in my build just for the LOH return, fully heal you in couple sec with 1000loh and it is my spell to counter RD
-Bears, 3*236% weap dmg...what else to say, only downside is the crappy range and random path but just stick to wall and watch them F#kers walk straight in line haha
-SH, the swiss knife spell, one of the best sikll of the game...give u attack, def and depending on the rune you'll have extra heal, mana or dmg
-hex, a must have for solo key farming imo, turn them elites or keywarden into pig, make the job way way easier (20% more dmg rune ofc) but this spell can be changed while group farming
-spirit walk with mana rune, escape, engage and fill up ur mana pool in sec.

#16 dps
149k unbuffed

#17 cost of the gear (since some gave it too)
around 200 millions, took me time to have this gear and i slowly upgraded piece by piece.
Just know what you looking for and check the market for couples day or even week to know the prices and snatch those good deal

while gearing my Wd i tried to make it the most well rounded possible and on a budget too.
I mainly focus on core stats Int, vita, armor, ar, cc and cd and missing stats from this slot will be on another slot or will be covered by a spell ( ex:horrify armor for lack of armor)

Hope this helped you and 100 mil are always welcome LOL
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full zuni set.. but instead of using the zuni vision i use a rare helm with max mana and mana regen,

spiritual attunement,blood ritual, and depending if i run with some friends or solo i'll either go gruesome feast or vision quest

my current mana regen is at 99 per second without vision quest proc'ing.. with it proc'ing its at 125 regen per second

sitting on around 70k hp 850'ish all res 7.1k armor with horrify buff

1000 all res with 5 stacks of gruesome feast

pretty good bear spec for high mp's even tho i need to get better versions of the gears i have but for now it will do nicely
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#1- Bears
#2- 2-Hand
#3- Full Set (chest, helm, boots, ring)
#4- Skorn (1.0 aps)
#5- N.A.
#6- Base APS is 1.0, with 17% ASI from items
#7- 36% crit chance
#8- 450% crit damage
#9- 65 mana regen, 7 zombie charger reduction
#10- 1376 vitality (~67k with Amethyst)
#11- 3667 armour
#12- ~750-800 unbuffed resists
#13- 6% LifeSteal
#14- BR/VQ/SV
#15- Bears/Widowmakers/SpiritWalk-Honored/SoulHarvest-Vengeful/Hex-Jinx/Horrify-Armor
#16a- 195k+ unbuffed (+30% vs. elites with SoJ)
#16b- 225k+ unbuffed if I replace SoJ with my Hellfire
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Very good to see others post the honest price. GAH is a very important part of reality for most players. One can see I spent 650 mil or so. I had to think back on it to get a good idea of how much gold I had and how much I spent on the gear one could see. It was VERY expensive for me to be able to do MP10. I spent a long time playing as well, starting on the pre-release beta.

For MP0 or MP1 I recommend one of two builds for efficiency:
1. Acid Rain. Get increase crit chance of acid cloud. Crit damage on weapon and crit chance elsewhere matters, thus making it more expensive.
2. Locust swarm Get highest minimum damage (1h spear or 2h mace) and +INT weapon you can find. Crit damage is meaningless for farming efficiency. I think this is the most cost effective farming build currently. I could be wrong, but makes it easier to simply focus on INT, average damage, minimum damage, and pickup radius. Removes the crit damage/chance from the equation.

But for high MP, there is no easy path.
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#1- build? zero dog or bears/acid with LoH
#2- 1 hand
#3- full zuni set
#4- black dmg weapon, LL, attackspeed around 1.4-1.5
#5- manajuma works great, needs to be top end though!
#6- not higher than 2
#7- as high as possible, 50%-ish
#8- as high as possiblle, 350%+
#9- get it from OH and zuni set. use bear cost reduction gear, rest from skills/passives
#10- 1.2k+
#11- 4k+
#12- 700+
#13- 3% LL, 1k+ LoH
#14- blood ritual, vision quest, spirit walk
#15- mandatory are: bears, acid cloud, frightening aspec, spirit walk (honored guest)
#16- 150k+
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