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16 Years in Sanctuary: Ideas that I haven't seen shared

I felt the same after like 2 hrs of playing :(
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Awesome post.

I did not play Diablo 1 or 2, and so I had no idea what I was missing. Now I can say I *know* why D3 is kinda boring... and now I understand all the frustration in the forums, and people that are hugely disappointed.

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Dear Op, the changes about the RNG/items are never gonna change my friend, not as long as there is a RMAH that Blizzard makes money on. Guys, let's all remember this is a business to them nothing more. They rigged the RNG against us from day 1, knowing that you would have to use their AH's to advance in this game.
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I never played D1 online too. Dial-up days...

Besides that, if you really want Nat's weapon, do pindle runs for 60 hours or so. Mostly high end sets drop that way. I restarted D2 a few months ago and, from the Exceptional Sets, I'm missing Griswold Caduceus and the entire Cow King's set. All that come from ~60 hours or so of pindle.

Also, nice post. You showed up how it fells wrong and annoying - even if it's working as intended.

If you compare a good Nat's ring with something like a Jah (power-wise), to give you a chance to roll a faith bow and kill at the same speed, maybe the drop rate is ok. The problem with that it lacks flavor and it's demotivational, since it appeals only to segment of the player base.

On D2, you have your glowing assassin wearing a full set and, when you find a Jah and equip faith on rogue, there's a red glowing thing in your feet that makes you destroy stuff.

On D3 you get a find a Nat's ring that rolls poor and fells like a "silly DH trying to be like the cool guys". The fact that is just plain better spend a couple months playing AH to just buy the ring makes a good chunk of the player base sick.

For some players, the item drop system isn't just a couple spreadsheets/.bin and rolling numbers (that's D2 item system on a nutshell, for those unaware). Items are rewards that you get after great effort.

Some people tend to immerse more on the game-fantasy side instead of doing number crunch and RNG theories. There's no right or wrong, huge games should appeal equally to different playstyles ("maths" guy and "immersive" guy).

On D3, rewards don't fell rewarding, because you have profiles and AH showing in your face your item is bad. Also, you can't do number crunch properly, since you don't have access to stuff like drop rates.

They took the reward-sense from the adventurers and the numbers from the number crunching guys. While some players couldn't care less and don't mind playing without the reward sense and number crunch, those large parts of the player base mind. A lot.

Some design/dev choices just ain't appealing enough for the psychology of a large chunk of player base. While it's hard to say "D2 was better than D3", since the games are very different, D2 item system was a way better "carrot on a stick".
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The part about the rare being a unique in d3 is not true. If you kill a monster and it drops an item, the game "spins the wheel" and, let's say you get a Crag Hammer (ilvl 62 1h mace). Then it rolls for the quality of magic, so inferior/regular/superior/magic/rare/unique. If you get a rare crag hammer, ok its a rare crag hammer. But if you rolled unique, then you'll see "Mace" in orange/brown, and when you unidentify it you'll see that you have a Echoing Fury.
In D2 and D3 each unique item has its own "normal item" counterpart. In d2 this was obvious due to the name "Hydra Bow" but in d3 it gives you the ilvl, so from there you can figure out the base item type.

his point about the legend drops was that when it hits the ground you don't know what ilvl it is. if it just says mace it can be anything from 1h to 2h and from i60-63 so you don't what item it is. the excitement part was when you saw the unique drop in d2 you knew what quality it was when it hit and you got excited to see what stats it rolled or if you dropped a rare of the legend type you wanted you were like OH so close. the drop names aren't the same so its all just frustrating. at least thats what he was trying to say.

Mmm, that's not entirely correct either. If a Legendary weapon drops, it WILL differentiate between one handed and two handed. If a mace dropes and it was a one handed weapon, it'll just say "Mace", but if a two handed mace dropped it would say, "Two Handed Mace". Considering you could hit CTRL to heck the item tooltip while it's on the ground, or just pick it up and look at it in your inventory, you can see what the graphic looks like and what the ilvl is. If you've spent any amount of time with the Game Guide comparing found legs/sets to their rolls in the Game Guide, you'll be able to pick out what the item is even before you identify it. Going back to the legendary Mace example, if you find a legendary Mace, it's going to be one of three items based on the ilvl, so there really isn't much to it.
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Thank you for your post OP!!
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Great post!

Diablo 3 is a looting game without loot, because... f**k logic...
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+1 I made a post pretty much just like this a while ago. The other thing that bothers me is, I see on the ground "Legendary Mace" and it could be 1 of 3 maces in inferno.

The other thing that needs to change is echoing fury needs to be worse than sun keeper. iLvL 62 legendaries need to be worse than iLvL 63 legendaries hands down on all roles unless you are targeting a specific build, like a "fear" build or something.

Lastly on the items gig, I finally find that echoing fury! WOOHOO! oh man, my min dmge is +112 instead of 290, my max dmge is +149 instead of 349, I rolled intelligence, and my 2 random properties are +50-100 bleed damage and +20 cold resistance.

Results in a weapon that does like 750 dps instead of a weapon that does nearly 1300 dps. That's a HUGE gap. Its like finally finding a windforce that doesn't have knockback, mana leach and does the same damage as your buriza.

I get you want randomization and top tier versions of weapons, but seriously, for echoing fury, keep the potential dps range between 1100-1300, maybe 1 random affix (fix the other one) and keep the str, dex, int stat the way it is.
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The only reason I didnt give this guy a Like is because I didnt agree w/ his whole blog, I wouldd like to see a cooler Lobby though...
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Awesome post, +100

These points and the fact that every single person in D3 is using identical gear. With the current rune system they eliminated so much build and item diversity. In d2 you could afford to use a lower lvl item for the type of character you wanted to create endgame.

This allowed even low level rare/set/uniques to have value.
Killing the skill/stat tree kinda killed the genre to me. Rolling a character and finding something different/better made the player want to roll a fresh character to set up stats a bit better.
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Thumbs up!

Your second point shows one of the biggest problem we have in Diablo 3, the real problem with items and how Diablo 2 was so much better on it and how it generated that "addiction" feeling.

Great thread, hope to see some blue posts here soon.
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Great post. Makes me want to play D1 and D2 again :)
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Typically I do not post in these forums. However i am very "up" on these forums... I read through the hot-topics and browse the blues comments, hardcore, and class forums daily. Generally, I have stayed away from posting because someone like the OP comes along and just articulates MY FEELINGS... much better than i can portray them in sentences (0's and 1's).

I hope something can be turned around in terms of LOOT in D3; a new direction from a new director... and a metaphorical + to light radius for HOPE in the future of a (more) FUN Diablo3!?!

OP gets my thumbs way up, and if i could give-em' two I would.
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Is Sigon's gear godly? Also when do you usually see Sigon's when you are level 6 the required level? I say no to both, you see a the point in the gear curve you are at there is not much more you can do with your character. In time you will start looking for the godly gear.
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01/20/2013 07:26 PMPosted by Kinetic
When D2 came out they took this idea and expanded it with titles. I admit to being bummed that the avatar border/dot thing had been replaced, but that's kind of the point here. It was replaced, not removed. Instead of my happy little Star-Trek lapel rank we were given titles. And titles were pretty freakin cool too. Who didn't get a swelling sense of pride when you were rewarded with this screen?

The sad thing is, D3 had tons of it's own titles in the game files, but they left them out of the final game? Why? No clue... probably a stupid reason that they don't want to share.
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01/20/2013 07:26 PMPosted by Kinetic
The slot machine in D3 is rigged. The second I figured that out I was done.


Nothing has made me feel like I "almost had it!". I get bored, I get fed up, and I log out.

And this.
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+100. A most excellent post my friend. Very well written and organized. I wish my mind was as organized as yours, but it isn't. You have just explained the "magic" that D3 is truly missing. I'm glad you took the time to write this. If Blizzard actually recaptures this in D3, I will be playing this game for a decade or so I'm sure. I really want to love this game, but I have to grudgingly admit that I simply do not :(
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I agree with your post. I could not believe the lack of creativity for gems, and then especially the complete removal of Runes. Something big about D2 for me was chasing so many carrots on so many strings!!! Did I want to go for sets, uniques, rune combinations, etc.? In D3 everyone is chasing the same carrot and it's embarrassing for developers. The lack of content is astonishing. I remember in D2 when I found my Occulus Swirling Orb (or whatever). I remember getting the right runes (through fun tradings and communication!!!) to get Delirium and being changed into something; and seeing full sets change people into vampires or stuff.

It's all just really sad, how I expect they'll capitalize on expansions and claim it's from listening to the community and not something they're purposely holding back.

They removed PvP after all this time, and after lurking for quite a while myself, it truly seems because of how broken and unbalanced they made everything. It really is a huuuuge tell sign in my opinion of the eminent doom of this game.
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+1 to OP. A good narrative that was more readable than a lot of the walls of text.
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