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16 Years in Sanctuary: Ideas that I haven't seen shared

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Diablo 2 was 13 years ago. Diablo 1 was 17 years ago.

Yall gotta stop living in the past. I mean jeesh.
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+1 OP great job. I'm with you.

I started to type up a simliar post a couple of weeks ago to explain this but I never would have done it as well as you did.
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completely agreed
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Diablo 2 was 13 years ago. Diablo 1 was 17 years ago.

Yall gotta stop living in the past. I mean jeesh.

Ever heard the phrase??... You won't know where you are going if you don't pay attention to where you have been?
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Lost it at "oo piece a candy!".

That entire feeling of carrot-on-a-stick-that-I-have-a-chance-of-getting does not exist in this game. Agreed, 100%. The ... three or so Legendaries I've got, and the ONE set item I've found were complete crap. None of them felt like I "rolled close" to the item I was looking for, as you so expertly described.

The way gear works in this game is sad. Not only does it have to do with general itemization (there aren't families of gear, like the OP's sash example, or his Nat's Mark example). Skills are almost entirely based on a % of your weapon damage, and you only get stats from gear. This causes characters to be entirely gear-dependent in a game in which the gear system blows. You can have gear dependency as long as 99.999% of the gear in the game isn't worthless.

I'm still laughing about "oo piece a candy!" ...
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awesome post. feel the same way man.
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Same. I play a barb now, I used to be monk but barb is so OP so it was better for me to start over with 250hrs with monk. In 50 hrs my barb was more powerful. Now with 150 hrs with the barb AH flipping is the most powerful source of farming. I found a ring for 25 mil that sold for 120mil and I spend min. a day looking at the AH. Playing the game I did find a witching hour that was worth about 40-50mil. Nothing for my char have I found but INNa's pants and it's not even for a barb. When I go out to play I have 0.0 hope of FINDING an upgrade for my guy.

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How could the developers not understand that in a game like this.. when there's no carrot-on-a-stick feeling, how could it possibly be successful? Thank God Jay Wilson is off this game. Maybe we can get PVP and a playable DIII. Ruined the franchise and tarnished Blizzard's name of excellence for good.
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I played most single player Diablo 1 and 2, but the lobby was something really amazing, never seen anything as magical as that.
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Awesome piece of reading. I hope the blues will notice that and do something with the game.
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Yea battle.net system needs to be relooked at. Sc2 HOTS is making it alot better but still wc3 was the most amazing battle.net system there is.
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You know what I miss? Doing literally hundreds and thousands of Pindleskin runs until that friggin' Schaefer's Hammer finally dropped.
Seriously. Yes it was repetitive. And of course I didn't need it anyways. My Pala was doing fine without it. But it was something to aim for. Just knowing that Pindleskin could drop that thing. That with a 0.001% or whatever chance it was, he would drop the item I wanted. That kept me playing for hours and hours and hours.

You can't do that in D3. There's too much random. A Legendary is never good on it's own, it has to roll good, too. And you can't farm for specific items, because everything drops everywhere.
This is a motivation killer. Sure, I can farm for items in D3. Sure, sometimes I will find awesome stuff. But the one thing that is certain, is I will never find the item I searched for. And that's just sad.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy D3 and I have no plans to stop playing anytime soon. But I do think D3 would be even better with a loot system closer to the one we had in D2.
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Diablo 2 was 13 years ago. Diablo 1 was 17 years ago.

Yall gotta stop living in the past. I mean jeesh.

I'm 100% with you, man. It's a new game and nostalgia doesn't usually get people anywhere. I was only trying to point out a couple core systems that make a game uniquely "Diablo". So many have tried to duplicate the success and, while being decent games, have failed to add up. It's unfortunate that D3 is currently in that category (though I do still enjoy the game at least as much as I enjoyed the imitators).

If we're really lucky they'll consider reaching out to some ex Bliz North guys to interview for the current D3 job opening. I might crap myself.
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I'm surprised that I read the whole thing!!! I agree with you 100%, I didnt play D1 from release but I did play it and man it was fun!!! so was D2... i bought D3 just to keep the tradition going... but i fear sometimes traditions must be broken and D3 has made it for me too....

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That was an excellent post my friend.

I agree with everything you said. What you have said has been mentioned here and there, but you put it all together very admirably. :)

Well done.
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Beautifully written, and nailed it right on the dot. Developers need to take heed to your original post, and at least think about it.

You are 100% right.

Once I found out there was no chat... then there is no way to make a titled game, or a list of games to search (trading, mfing, just messing around, pvp, etc...), then have us waiting for 7 months after release for that juicy pvp 3v3 arenas we were promised, only to get some wannabe pvp joke... yea. Hurts us as Diablo'ers. I've also been around since the first game, and I'm all for a whole new 'look'. But this is completely different and in my opinion, kind of a slap in the face.

I'm with you, there is something inside of me telling me I want to love this game, but the poor choices of the developers is just burying that feeling deep in my guts, covered in some kind of sharp nauseous discomfort as all I can think about are the glory days of D1, D2, and D2:LOD.

God I miss my 96 BvC :) OWNED!!
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10/10 great post
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A good sober post, thank you. Also noting the lack of troll-y/smartass responses, which is a bit strange. Guess nobody has anything rude to say to this.
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This is one of the several posts that have been around in the past few weeks about fix the itemization in the game and I agree 100%.

The itemization in this game is the one major issue that is destroying the game. I am an old D2 play and I also remember the way in D2 you could possibly get a good item if you tried enough, but in D3 you can't, that simple. And the fact that you can't and aren't going to get anything by grinding makes the games not fun. Plus the game is all about finding loot that is what Diablo has always been about, but that is just not here in D3! You can play for hundreds of hours and never get a usable item and that just isn't fun. What's the point?

Just like the last post about itemization, I'm sure there will not be a blue post anywhere in here. They could just say " this is something were looking into" and that would be something, but nope. They will just ignore this post like all the others that say itemization is the major problem with the game.

I understand that this might not be an "easy fix" but at least tell us something. Let us know that something is being done to fix the way loot drops in the game. I don't want every drop to be awesome, but now I know when something drops, that is a turd.

I know this gonna fall on deaf ears as it has before, but I can hope.

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