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How It Went Terribly Wrong, Because They Listened To Us


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I think what he is trying to say, although he did not word it properly. That you do not have to use a CM build in order to have fun. He is right because I cleared inferno with my Wizard with the current build that you see. You will not see CM or Archon in it.

Oh I understand. This game isn't just about clearing inferno though. Hell I cleared inferno with no CM use at all. Just hydra, blizzard, and piercing orb works fine. But in order to get any build to be useful at all it takes gear, good gear. My point was to find said good gear in game without having to fish the AH for hours trying to find something you can afford, or hope for a lucky drop that only comes when the planets align just at the right moment to shift the RNG in your favor lol. I don't need to find 100 rares and hour and a few Legs here and there and them all be worthless. I'd rather have 10 rares all together and maybe 1 legendary and be worth the hunt. They don't have to be the best gear in the world but something to be exited about though. Ya know?

Forgot what pieces they are but most of that gear was bought with a small budget of around 600k. Now if I decided to work on it a couple of days and I really knew the real cost of all of that gear. I might have been able to do it with a budget of around 400-500k instead. That is something that is easy to do just playing the game and salvaging the gear you pick up into crafting mats and selling the crafting mats. When I learn how to use the gold auction house to the fullest while still playing the game. Then I will be able to easily afford even more expensive gear.
You are thinking way too hard. Fixing D3 is simple. Bring back Multi-socket items, ACTUAL runes and rune words with some epic features.(not available at auction, find or trade only), bring back charms and jewels (find or trade only). Create chances for random Uber-Elite battles to occur anytime, anywhere, or as close to that as possible (Low percentage to occur with some type of Increased chance for good loot). Create ability to go aggro and duel/kill other players on the server. Game fixed. They should have never taken these things out to begin with. DUH! GAME FIXED. NO BRAINER.
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What people want out of this game that is lacking?

More depth!

This game gave us less depth that its predecessor and similar games in the genre:
- No way to customize your character (besides dyes or getting a new weapon)
- Skills "unlock" like Call of Duty instead of choosing them yourself.
- Less random maps
- Itemization where everyone is looking for the same few affixes (with the primary stat usually being the ONLY difference)
- A game where you are "locked" into the storyline (which is great the first time through . but after that gets old)
- No elemental damage effects (except cold)
- Only 4 gems
- No way to socialize with other players (feels like a single player game a lot of time despite being have to be online)
- AH basically ruins the challenge of playing with the loot you get .. progressing your character requires SHOPPING rather than actually playing your game.
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As LastCrusader stated, it's all about more depth!

The way the game sits now, there is an elephant in the room that's preventing this game from even having any lasting depth. No it wasn't Jay Wilson, it was our beloved RMAH, and partially the AH.

Blizzard's bottom line (like any company's bottom line) is money. They have to be very careful on what they implement and how they do it or else they risk angering the people who've spent real money on items. Also the people who may have spent hundreds of millions or billion on items.

Adding new powerful items, affixes, runes, jewels, charms, and even more challenging acts will inevitably render people's gear obsolete to make way for the new stuff. That's a hard pill to swallow for people who've invested a lot of time and money into the game gearing themselves. With this, Blizzard runs the risk of turning the people away from the game who are actually willing to spend money.

Sure Blizzard can do whatever they want, but it's not the smartest thing in the world to render people's gear worthless or obsolete once they've spent a bunch of money on it.

This is why this game cannot and will not have anymore additional depth, not until the RMAH and AH are taken out.
i know this is a bit funny to shout, but only thing i would wanna copy and post from that link...

"In behalf of all the Diablo hardcore fans, those who waited 10 years and those who felt that they were robbed. !@#$ you Blizzard, %^-* you Diablo 3 Dev team."

i am really sorry but i couldnt agree more, and that youtube link d3 play was SOOOOO COOL

what the hell happen to it??? who change it??? its a noob of me that just saw that clip for the very first time. but dam! that type of game play its so much coolr!
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this is a riot

all you are saying is blizzard is listening to the wrong people when they clearly should be listening to you

who is the kid here?
I blame all the softies saying the game was too hard, and then again I blame all the QQ on the forums. I didn't thought I was going to play a game with a community build around whiners.
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It went terribly wrong when the itemization and drop rates were designed around an AH where MILLIONS of players would be posting items to sell.

The only way to make an item truly rare at that scale is to make the drop rates HORRENDOUS for the players who simply wanted to play on their own or with a small group of friends (which is how the game is supposed to be .. 4-player co-op).

So .. you get players who get to Inferno .. NEVER seeing an legendary drop (despite being many that are less than level 60 level requirement) ... having to stack MF to even find a decent amount of rares to actually get lucky and get one that has a few good affixes that roll high enough to be considered an upgrade.

Instead you have a game based around loot where you can basically go to the AH and shop .. pick your stats .. and spend your money (real cash or fake) ...
perfect community

D2 attracted the most cheaters I have ever seen in a game.
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