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increase MP level

Can anyone offer advice to increase my ubers MP from 6 without spending 100s of millions?
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anyone got ideas?
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For me personally I would change your ammy to one that has x-x average damage/crit chance 8%+/CD 60%/STR as high as possible then maybe change your chest to IK with some vitality. Give HOTA smash a try, I only have a bit higher DPS than you and I can handle MP 8 no problem. HOTA is great for single targets especially ZK, if you have someone taking care of SB, ZK shouldn't be a problem for you on MP 7 with HOTA - smash rune.

My lowest AR is about 550
HP 40k
DPS 140k + cold SOJ
400 CD
30 CC
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thanks. i only run solo really...not sure why nobody is using tyrael's might at all is it not as good as it looks?
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Nothing wrong with TM but if you wanna progress in MP levels you will need to up your EHP and IK chest with Vit will boost it significantly, especially with the 3 set bonus.
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01/21/2013 10:49 PMPosted by Orwell
...not sure why nobody is using tyrael's might at all is it not as good as it looks?

Tyrael's isn't popular because it has very limited stat rolls.

An endgame chestpiece is going to have 400+ primary stats (up to 300 vit and 200 str) on top of full sockets for even more stats. Just take a look at high-end IK chests for example.
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thanks for the help
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Use these tactics and these requirements as a guideline. It should help.
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does anyone have much info on tyrael's might? seems like 10-15 % demon damage and 3-4% elite damage should make up for lost stat points as long as you aren't worried about IK 3 or 5 piece right?
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It can make up for damage loss due to the stats, but not the ehp loss, especially vitality.

You can check the additional damage to demons and elites at d3rawr.
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so mainly the reason to get high vit on chest piece is so you don't need it from better slots right?
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i did do some mp 7 with no trouble at all just remembering to socket an amethyst in the helm for the ubers this time instead of a ruby (lol). I'm looking at what to upgrade now with about 400m budget.
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looking to upgrade still got 250m budget atm. any ideas? haven't found an IK chest since with 140k dps unbuffed im at the low end to move upwards of 8 or 9, scared to drop the big bonus from Tyrael. i did switch to bloodthirst passive.
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