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1.0.7 Dueling and Shenlong's

i was just thinking about this last night...

i gave up on my shenlong's a few months back given that LS is mandatory for high mps. but since LS isn't really necessary for dueling does it make sense to pick up a new pair?

i haven't tried out PTR myself but with some pretty good rolls i see the following perks for using it with a build that's highly focused on dodge:

- high damage, i've seen some that scale up to 1100 dps
- high LoH on RA
- high CD on FoL
- high dex, both items have this core stat and an added 130 set bonus, more dex higher dodge
- OS, for added dps or even more LoH
- LoSS on FoL, minimal but better then nothing i suppose
- DW, which will boost your IAS (for spirit regen) and dodge (when using guardian's path)
- Added IAS on RA, which should also help with spirit regen

if anyone here has tried this, do weigh in and let us know.

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I ran with Shenlongs in the PTR and a few fellow monks gave me some weapons...Tarzan even gave me all his gear to try out. I can tell you one thing LOH and LS played a very small part in success at dueling. It's best to have super solid eHP while trying to get as much DPS as possible.

I only noticed the LOH in the barb matchup when they rend you. As long as your have 2.5+ Atk Speed and ~2000 LOH you can keep up and slow down the bleeding...not face tank it but mitigate it to some extent...chip at them then SSS for the win.

Just go to PTR and buy a pair so you don't waste gold and try them out. I think ATK speed goes a long way in dueling. Help a lot with the DS animation so you just blink to the opponent.

In regards to other stats the extra DEX accompanied by Inna's give you 260 Dex set bonuses. Goes a long way in Armor and DPS and but you can only get natural CD and socket in FoL and not RS so you are missing out on some damage. The IAS as mentioned before is clutch and the LpSS is negligible since monks are Spirit starved at the moment and the 0.33 you get form Innas and Shens is a joke.

Have fun trying them out and GL-
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Stryder - I have captaincarl's shenlongs set on PTR. i would be happy to give them to you to try if you would like!
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01/22/2013 06:09 AMPosted by Tarzan
Stryder - I have captaincarl's shenlongs set on PTR. i would be happy to give them to you to try if you would like!

Nice...I passed all your gear to Ghost yesterday. His regular build is around 107K after putting on your gear and getting to 235K+ was like a kid in a candy store. Hell I felt giddy wearing your gear haha.
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I have been trying Shenlong's in the live game (can't transfere gear yet) and haven't come to a concrete answer yet I think now my profile is showing where I am at testing on azmodan mp5 in the live game The hard part I have found is not being able to get 2 slots on the rentless fist.The other one you can get two slots and i have been testing LPSS and CD on one and LPSS and Spirit regen on the other. Trying to combine the LTK and bells build ...( If you see any thing I can work one please feel free to comment on my Toon)
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WW you can only roll one random slot on each Fist. The Fist of Legend you mentioned comes auto rolls CD and LpSS with one random stat...usually people look for open socket but some look for LS since it comes with CD already.

As for Relentless Assault it auto rolls IAS, LOH and one other random property with open socket being the most popular and CD being next in line since one will most likely put an Emerald for CD anyway.

With LTK and Bell build you will need adequate Spirit Regen which you cover in the SOJ and helm and you are lowering the cost of LTK as well. First thing to get rid of and upgrade is your bracers! Put them on AH and a Wiz or WD will pick them up cause their decent then use the funds to get yourself a Dex/Vit AR CC bracer.

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thanks guys for the feedback.

from going through the forums there seems to be two prevailing monk routes for dueling:

1. sword and board - spamming bells
2. flying dragon - spamming LTK

it's quite a pity... i kinda miss using shenlongs... wish they were viable for more then low/mid level mps.

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Very Interesting Fourm to read I'm just sad that it looks like dueling isn't going to let you keep something closer to you regular PVE setup is.

Could you plz clear up some of the abbreviations
- LoSS
- LP

Thank you

- Apox187
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eHP effective hit points
FOL fist of legend
LpSS life per spirit spent
LP? Maybe LpS life per second

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I used the Shenlong set (overall 170k+ dps, 850+ resist, 40k virt, 5k armor, 1500+ LoH) for solo mp9 key farming and non-solo mp10 uber has no problem. Seldom die each run. Only feel painful when RD minions come in but that is going to be nerf in the next patch. I got around 3000+ dex using the set. Recently, I only have to switch to use EF to get more DPS (200k+ dps) to solo uber mp8 because for some reason I had been trigger enrage timer for SB/kulle due to not been killed quickly.

So from my own experience, you can use Shenlong to farm high mp and uber, but there are other weapons to better boost DPS.
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Yoz CaptainCarl

pass me ur shenlong set to try on PTR can?
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Shaky man saw this to late just passed em on today. Let me see if I can recoly my character. Add me if it goes through today there yours. If not have to wait a day or 2.

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