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[HELP] Authentication Error 14404

Had to log onto Asia Server to fix it.

Thanks Chriswiz
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I can log into EU and play.
I can log into Asia and play.
I get the 14404 error when I try to log into US still.

Guess which server I want to play on.
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Narull ty so much. i tried the changing sever stuff it diddnt work but then i just went to ur tread then went to the youtube link and did what he did. changed the dns to validated it and the the error was gone. this is the fix
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@ Cruz,

No because my partner and i are on the same connection and tried on the same computer and still had the problem until i changed the DNS settings as requested.
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Blizzard decided to !@#$ on my face today when I made the decision to buy this game; and lets be honest, how many of us actually pay for the games we own - if your answer to that is '%^-* !@#$ and %^-*, I buy every game I own' - then good for you champ, punch my mum and slap my knee.

However! I made a conscious decision to buy Diablo 3, ultimately leading to confusion, insanity, anger and regret.

Firstly. Game is installed, updated and ready to play. !@#$. I'm excited to finally play D#3, as i have played the previous games, + not to mention I study 4 days a week and work 4 days a week (nightshifts included). Type in my login details and smack the enter key like I smacked my ex girlfriend. I get the: There was an error downloading agreements. (error 14404). Slighty pissed off, I accept this issue and begin to look for a quick fix, try ALL of them. They all failed.

I can only connect to the asian server. Cool, idgaf, atleast i can play the game, %^-* and !@#$; stoked and loving life. Play the game, and to my enjoyment it plays well. Untill combat. Laggy as a motherf*cker, totally unplayable; i'd rather touch my little brother and my mum than deal with this %^-*. Only happens when i actaully pay for games.. For any Aussies or New Zealanders, pls, for your own insanity, do not buy this game. F*cking, Blizzard man. What single player game requires you to be logged into a server at all times; f*cking f*ck, touch my !@#$.

/rant #neverbuythisgame #demandingrefund
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Someone posted this in another thread but I'll post it here as well.


This program has worked for quite a few people including myself. I only had to run it once and then I could log in normally even without the running the program.

Hopefully this can help more people.
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