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POE servers vs D3 servers on release

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well i tried to log on to POE and theres 50k people in front of me.

so i think youre wrong on both accounts.
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When you load an area there's a tip saying :

There will be bugs.

Open Beta =/= Official release
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01/24/2013 05:16 AMPosted by Waitubold
PoE's update servers were under heavy load, so it took a couple of hours to get the game patched, but once it was patched, I could play. Seamlessly. No lagging, no rubberbanding... the server side of Grinding Gear's offering never once intruded onto my gaming experience.

.... and then the weekend hit.....

IMO, Grinding Gear are handling their server issues rather well. Unlike D3's opaque error messages, GG give status updates right at login, and have implemented a queue to allow people onto their servers in an orderly/fair fashion, unlike the totally random cr@pshoot that was the D3 launch experience. They're also working on adding server capacity, which should alleviate the problems going forward.

(No, I didn't wait when told that I was 6000th in line to play. The fact that 6000+ people are willing to wait in line to play, though, is amazing, and speaks well to the quality of what they've made.)

For all that they're coping OK, GG are clearly having issues with high server demand; I think it's fair to say that the "word of mouth" about their game has resulted in far more interest than they expected. Disconnects have also been an issue all week-end. Lag and rubber-banding still haven't been problems, at least for me; once you're on, for as long as you remain connected, the play is very smooth.

Some will say that I'm being far more forgiving of PoE's server woes than I am of D3's. I feel that it's justified:
  • PoE was made on a shoestring, from the savings of those involved & some crowdfunding, while D3 is a AAA title from the biggest gaming house on Earth & industry leader in online games;
  • PoE hasn't cost me a penny yet, while D3 cost $60;
  • PoE is still in Beta, while D3 was presented as a finished release.
  • That said, I freely acknowledge that PoE is not without its flaws; it's a Beta, and there times when it really feels like one.

    TLDR: Even with the server load issues and "Beta feel," I've still enjoyed PoE this past week, and still recommend it to anyone who's bored with what they're currently playing, whatever that is. Maybe give it another week, though, before trying it.
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    Well, PoE servers keep kicking me off when im in themiddle of a quest---so the game isnt playable since when you get kicked out you have to start the quest over... lol. But the game is fun, like D3 was in the beginning. (currently half way through Act 3).
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    Well... almost beat act 1 till it dc on me haha. Its an ok game thus far.

    I think it should go back to closed beta. They are not ready for open beta yet.
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    As of just a few seconds ago on Twitter:

    Path of Exile‏@pathofexile

    We have turned the game servers off until the current problems are resolved. We are very sorry about this and will have them up again soon.

    Looks like they are suffering growing pains.

    Good for them though, I hope their efforts are succesful in getting POE off the ground.
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    It seems that they were subjected to at least one DDOS attack over the weekend, too, although they say that today's issues are unrelated.
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    Trying to play today and i keep getting time outs and other reasons for disconnects.

    But keep hiding behind excuses like its an open beta and they have no money.

    Thumbs down.

    Oh yeah and i purchased the cheapest supporter pack and some micro transactions so yeah lol.
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    If you're keen to try again, they should be back up now.
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    Better now.
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    01/25/2013 06:12 AMPosted by ZaSpecialist
    To be honest milions of players play the wrong game, tried PoE and took every aspect in consideration, it's superior to Diablo 3. But you can try and make your own opinion. peace!

    You really can't say millions of players play the wrong game. More appropriately millions of players have made a choice. Right or wrong that is their choice. At least be neutral about it. :)
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    01/25/2013 09:59 AMPosted by pixelrage
    I think its funny that someone who plays D3 will call PoE boring. w/e guys have fun farming Act 3 for 500 hours till you get a Leg worth not scrapping. Also have fun playing the EXACT same char as everyone else.

    Does it always bother you so much when someone has an opinion on something that differs from your own? I look forward to farming Act 3 for 500 more hours, and plan on having fun doing it.

    Btw.. my char isn't the same as any other char, I challenge you to show me the char that is EXACTLY like mine.

    That's cute. BankOne BankTwo BankThree. roflmao
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