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POE servers vs D3 servers on release

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01/24/2013 03:50 AMPosted by GeminiEclips
Why are you guys defending Diablo 3. This game is broken. Downloaded POE, not gonna lie its pretty damn good. It's what D3 should have been. All you D3 fan boys can keep playing this auction house based game with tons of broken promises.

Why are you here instead of playing POE?

Or posting on the POE forums?


You know why I am on here? To see if this game has pvp yet... Nope. PTR SUCKS. 15gbs of trash.

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I don't understand this thread...

... oh yea, actually I do. Angsty, pimply faced, teens who love to rub their opinion in other peoples' faces.

I admire the PoE devs' approach to building a game: release as much content to the public as soon as possible, test the system and take input, improve the game. More and more the line between Beta and Release is getting blurred.

However, I tried to get their installer/patcher to download and updated last night with no luck. I'll try again tonight and see if I get to play. Obviously the load was too much - which is great because it means they are getting a lot of interest.

In the meantime, I'll keep playing Diablo 3, TL2, Borderlands 2, and other games that I am perfectly capable of having simultaneously installed on my HD. And I won't come here and tell you how much better one game is than the other while stroking my willy.
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after all the excitement is over - blizz will release patch - many haters - will play d3 again - just so they can complain. I got no RMAH - I seem to be doing fine. I play POE when the server is being fixed. Cheers
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Less people on launch, but more people than Diablo 3 right now :P
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Just in cases the OP missed it the other 5 times it was mentioned:

"Our patching servers and website are both under extreme load. We are working on adding capacity. Thanks for your patience."



My first login failed in 20 seconds and on 2nd attempt logged in fine, playing since XD

No your not your posting on Diablo forum about PoE like a bunch of other people whats wrong does PoE not have thier own forum
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will see how they will sustain the servers with only donation money . damn this is so deja vu
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Oh. and btw... Just went to check out POE and I get "our patching servers are under extreme load. We are working on adding capacity. Thanks for your patience."

And yet, the game servers still work and the download servers still work.

I don't really understand all the hate for PoE or D3 here. Everybody here plays/played Diablo 3, so why don't you download PoE and see if you like that? It's stupid to bash PoE if you haven't even played it.

It seems a little slow at first, and I've only played for about an hour, but the item and skill system is already more interesting than D3. So after an hour D3 combat and artwork are better (which might change later into the game), but everything else is more interesting in PoE.

edit: take a look at my d3 profile if you want. I certainly don't hate D3.
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You guys are seriously stupid. Path of Exile made a name for itself from a small bunch of guys using their savings to fund it.....

D3 was funded by friggin Blizzard and had the success and fans of the DIABLO FRANCHISE!

D3 shouldnt have had server issues because it should have had the money and the developer power to handle it.

Path of Exile has upwards of 500000 people on the launch of open beta, most of whom they didn't even expect. AND THEY STILL HAD A BETTER LAUNCH!

I agree. Blizzard are the 800-lb. gorilla of multiplayer online gaming, and couldn't manage to let us log in to play at launch; D3 still suffers noticeably from lagging, stuttering, rubberbanding, and occasional disconnection (and even log-in issues from time to time). PoE's update servers were under heavy load, so it took a couple of hours to get the game patched, but once it was patched, I could play. Seamlessly. No lagging, no rubberbanding... the server side of Grinding Gear's offering never once intruded onto my gaming experience.

How is it that a crowd-funded upstart does online better on their very first game, in beta, then kings-of-online-Blizzard do on their live release, after 7 years of development? I don't know the answer, but Blizzard have no excuses for this; if anyone could've/should've done this right, it was them.

When it works, D3's combat is faster-paced. The problem is that it so rarely works; there are almost always issues.
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POE beta launch was a success, best part of this game is that it was funded by donations. Server went down for an update, we received a global message telling everyone that it was going down.. was back online in less then a minute. Would like to see blizzard do that on a release.
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Hmmm... No... it was not a success.

Downloader constantly crashed.. .restarted... crashed... restarted.

Game lagged... crashed... lagged... crashed.

Going to do a play though on normal and donate if I end up liking the game.
Impressions thus far:
-Very unpolished
-Horrible art design
+Interesting Leveling System
+Positive Community
+Indie Developer

People keep on saying.. its a beta... its a beta. But right off the bat its not making that great of an impression.
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Why are you guys defending Diablo 3. This game is broken. Downloaded POE, not gonna lie its pretty damn good. It's what D3 should have been. All you D3 fan boys can keep playing this auction house based game with tons of broken promises.

Why are you here instead of playing POE?

Or posting on the POE forums?


drama, its fun to read.
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Guys why poe vs d3? Just go play d2 lod... Isnt that where these 2 game trying to mimmick but only they have a prettier face?

You haven't played it, let alone looked at it. It's not trying to "mimmick" anything. It was influenced by D2, yes, but all good things have influences.

Do you also think that Star Wars was just mimmicking Flash Gordon but with a "prettier face"?

The game development was funded by the guys who created it and some other grass roots support. They didn't have countless millions at their disposal, yet have created something phenomenal in my opinion. Why is it that you're totally willing to give the multi-billion $ company a pass but won't give the little guys an inch?

Slappy, you are right, i was trying to stir up the passion of the hardcore players, and it is a good game poe it is a true d@d rulebook game not a game to milk players out of more money.
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I only had minor problems with the Open Beta yesterday. My launcher crashed once, about 75% into the download, and when I restarted it, it resumed from where it left off and finished. The patch took about 45-60 minutes for me to download. When I did log into the game, the moment I went to click "play" with the Marauder I made in a prior beta weekend, I was DCd from the server. I logged back in immediately and then only had some very minor lag. Pretty decent launch compared to D3.

Then again PoE didn't have millions of players logging in at the same time like D3, but still...
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PoE's site has a message about their servers being down right now

"Our patching servers and website are both under extreme load. We are working on adding capacity. Thanks for your patience."


I have nothing bad to say about PoE but that is funny.
Notice how the message refers to there servers that deliver patches, and not the servers that allow you to play (So long as you are already up to date)? Also take note that it does not say that the servers are offline, all it means is that downloads of the patch will be slow. (100KB/s instead of 500KB/s)

The servers haven't been down at all that I've noticed and the game only went live today. Runs fine too and combat isn't as broken when ping is high either.
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PoE is only in open beta, since yesterday.
When D3 went to open beta, the server worked as intended.
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-Very unpolished
-Horrible art design

Fanboys will cut your fingers off for writing that :P, only massive amounts of positive feedback for PoE and pure hatred towards D3 is allowed here.
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My experience with the open Beta of PoE so far has been moderately OK. I've played for a few hours, but I've had 3-4 minute (that right, MINUTE) lag spikes, various crashes, lock-ups and bugs.

Its very obviously still very much in a beta state.

Its a good game, but it needs work. That said, I STILL get big lag spikes in D3 from time to time.
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Can someone point me to an article discussing this PoE, D3, etc etc

* just started playing again 2 weeks ago, haven't followed anything...
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01/23/2013 02:32 PMPosted by Kittehx
IDK... I'm downloading it fine, at 90% now.

+1 ^^

PoE had the chance to learn from D3's errors, don't forget that.

D3 had 12 years and is from a major company, don't forget that.

And still failed, dont forget that.
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servers are experience issues massive disconnect every 10 minutes. there working on a fix.

Title of this thread is massively misleading. This is not a launch of the game. It is open beta ppl. There going to be testing stress of servers and working on game bugs.

Game been fun so far and I look forward to release of game. with the open beta they should be able to update alot of bugs, server issues which should lead to a nice smooth release.
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