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Found a nice Skorn without LS, what do?

It's a 1420 dps, 327 str, 190 vit, 200%chd, socketed baby and I'm anxious to try a 2hander build after being bored to bits by DT's.

My only source of lifesteal is my belt and bloodthirst though.. so I reckon I might need some more defensive gear with this ?

What's a decent build for lower MP levels ?
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Definitely possible to run without lifesteal passive and just a 3% belt. You'll need rend:bloodlust though.

With enough armor/resists, you can negate the reflected damage below 3% lifesteal and heal on reflect elites. Don't hit the yellow elite minions first though. They are bugged and will kill you -- target the main one and let splash & rend do the rest.

I was farming MP10 A2 for keys with gear and build in profile.
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Go 2H WW!


Look at me tear up MP10!

Seriously though, Jim is right, HoTA and Rend works just fine for lower MP's.
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Guess my point was not to brag, just to say it is very feasible to survive without LS on skorn, you just need to use rend:bloodlust to keep you healthy. Works at all MP levels, assuming you gear not as a glass cannon.
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Okay thanks. Could you please give me some pointers in cheap gear upgrades? I already burned all of my gold on a budget WW build and now I want to use this..
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All you need is Rend my friend. Once your DPS is high enough, Rend is all you need for life. And lifesteal gear becomes irrelevant.

That's my experience anyway... When you pop Rend, mob's life just melts off. Literally. I can even tank RD with it and it gives me enough life to stay alive the whole fight. Not bragging, just saying...use Rend! See, it gives you life over time. So even if you lose life, yours is constantly being bolstered by affected monsters. Just use Rend every 3-4 seconds and you will be able to tank (faceroll) anything. If your gear is up to par that is...

PS--The skills in my profile are the same ones I use when I run MP10 (which I only do about 10% of the time, if that). I usually stick to MP5-6 though. What I'm getting at is the skills in my profile are the ones I use literally all the time, no matter MP level.
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Its a great PvP weap.

Keep it.

Might go up in value if Skorn has a black damage nerf and no longer rolls that high.
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