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I think the root cause of the problem is some pervasive refusal to read on the part of the majority of casual community members. I have frequented quite a few forums in the past, on every topic from building speakers to swapping a full STi in a normal Impreza (NASIOC is HUGE, believe me!), but NEVER have I seen...

...this whole "TL;DR" phenomena.

The mere existence of this acronym baffles me, and to my mind, is absolutely sacrilegious. Why the #@%! would you come to a *written* forum, only to refuse to read? And even worse, is this quasi-necessity to include a "TL;DR" at the end of every post that is longer than 3-4 lines. When I see posts from the likes of Nameless/Scrapz/Piffle/etc, I read them. Period, full stop. Posts from those guys deserve to be read - which, I suppose, is the OP's point.

This community is actually very, VERY tolerant. There was a blue post a while ago (I think Rob Pardo's post in Jay Wilson's departure thread) that mentioned something about the Battle.Net forums having earned a reputation for "rough justice" or some such. I couldn't help but laugh. Back when I was into Honda Civics - yeah, I know...'twas a long time ago, mkay...?!? - I used to get a lot of information from Honda-Tech.com. Now - the moderators there are very active, and a lot of topics get stickied, amongst other things, which helps. But if you want to see "rough justice" on a forum, go and ask some question on Honda-Tech without proving without a doubt that you've done your research, and most everybody will most positively, absolutely rip you a new one. You have to ask very pointed, specific questions. As is the case here, there are tons of very, very knowledgeable people over there, but they simply do NOT suffer those who are not willing to put in the time.

All of that being said, I do very much prefer this community's more relaxed attitude, but sometimes I wonder if we're not perpetuating a bad habit here...?


sorry man...I had to XD
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I expected that. =)
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Sadly not everyone is that hardworking when it comes to reading those lengthy guides.

I doubt most wouldnt even bother to read this wall-o-text.

If people aren't willing to help themselves they don't deserve to be helped.
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Bump for the sake of human intelligence.
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