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01/25/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Frostspark
I'd like for someone with this attitude to explain to me where the gear that comes from that is on the AH if you can play this game without farming

bots i believe...
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First of all, nice profile. Great that you made another one just to have your brilliant voice heard...

Second of all...I hear this bull all the time, that getting better gear is all about "winning the lottery." That seems to be the mantra of the day. "I have to win the lottery!" And of course, winning the lottery is extremely unlikely, far more unlikely than finding good gear in Diablo 3...


That's what strikes me as absolutely laughable about the majority of this community. Most people have the absolute nerve to buy whole sets of ENDGAME LEVEL gear, then go out in the field and expect BETTER stuff to drop? How stupid do you have to be to realize THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN?!?!?

In fact, once you have exceptionally insane gear, what exactly is the point of continuing to play? You have great gear, you can faceroll MP 10, what's the point of playing anymore? Good work! You've effectively ruined the game for yourself!

Even finding stuff to sell, ya know, because in a loot game, you're supposed to only see gold and price values when judging gear you find. I play with these two friends of mine just about every week, and one of them will link a picture of the tooltip for some item they pick up. FIRST reaction out of the other one's mouth....

Either..."niiiiiiiiice, 100 mil easy." Or, "nah, that won't get you more than 50k."

Really lame! Why is it that greed that has turned this playerbase into absolutely shallow animals? Diablo 2 had competent, creative, and smart players looking to use any creative means to build varied, strong characters. Were they all viable in the endgame? Perhaps, some better than others.

I assure you...Blizzard's not at fault for simply putting up an Auction House. Just as the government wouldn't be at fault for offering a safezone where people can kill each other and not suffer legal ramifications or punishment. People would go there and kill because they WANT TO! Players visit the AH because they WANT TO! Personally? I don't like the AH, so I rarely use it save for one of my characters that I don't even farm or grind with!

Maybe at launch, the game was too hard for some without the AH, but now? With Monster Power? It's been changed so that there's literally NO excuse to abuse the AH and overuse it. Using the AH simply gives you an advantage, and since everyone HAS TO have an advantage, I'm sorry, but that's the players' fault. They complain that everyone has the same build, yet it's not like 80% of the people who say that TRIED other ways and failed. They insist on abusing the AH, a feature designed to supplement one's gear, not make it up entirely, and that's what they're going to get.

Drops rates are based around the AH(not said by me, said by blue post) and guess what happens when theres thousands of bots farming? more items in the AH, more gold to them, worse drop rates for you, less gold for you. There's a blue post about drops being influenced by AH, but it's also my personal experience, i averaged 2 legendaries per run for more than a month long ago. Now it's not uncommon that i don't see a set item drop for consecutive days.


01/25/2013 12:41 PMPosted by django
@ the loot fairies people, yeah nice replies, nice sarcasm. The loot in the AH is the result of hundreds of thousands, or millions of people playing the game. Did i mention the lottery system in my OP? guess i imagined writing about it.

That doesn't explain the quantity of gear. If no one is farming, then the AH remains static in the amount of gear available. Someone has to do the work one way or another. The AH doesn't operate on magic, it operates on killing monsters -> finding drops -> listing drops.

Some people take advantage of people not doing their research and make gold from it. More power to them! They have fun with that part of the game.
01/25/2013 12:32 PMPosted by django
Drops rates are based around the AH(not said by me, said by blue post)

A response in another thread about this silly notion.

They could make perfectly-rolled legendaries drop every 5 minutes or they could give you nothing but white gear, the simple fact is that 99% of what you find will be worthless on the AH.

This complaint just shows ignorance on the part of the poster. You can easily get the gear you need to beat the game and start farming it from drops alone.

The only issue with the RMAH is that now you see those godly items you never saw in D2. So everyone is comparing their gear to the literally one in a billion chance drop.


And might I add some changes we have seen in the game. New buffed legendaries. Double legendary drop rates. All weapons roll at ilvl 63. Off hands roll increased stats. Buff to 2h weapons. All items are now rolled at monster level. Monster power increases chances of every drop having a bonus drop. Almost forgot, potential bis crafting coming soon.

All of those changes happened, yet this ridiculous rhetoric about the AH controlling drops persists. Things that are now vendor trash were godly items two months into the game, yet somehow the AH is still holding back good drops. How is that possible?

How many buffs to drop rates will it take before this bs about the AH ruining drops stops?

PS. No matter how many times they buff drop rates, you still will not be able to afford the best items in the game. Get over that notion, it is not how the world words. The same % of items will be vendor trash, and the same % of items will be out of your reach.

Edit to add.

If Blizzard was smart during the next real content patch with new items they should come out with a blog stating they are no longer considering the AH when assigning drop rates. Its a meaningless statement anyway. The game is designed to be difficult and time consuming to progress, and we set up the drops that way. The AH is just a way to skip past the intended progression pace of the game and gear up super fast. Same exact drop, different message, less stupid complaints. Not much less I would imagine, but it couldn't hurt.

As to your points, I do not see what point you are trying to make. Botting, duping, and scamming are all obviously bad. They are against the rules, and Bliz bans people for them. Perhaps they should do more, and I hope they do, but you are not telling us anything profound by stating they exist and harm the game. We all know that, Blizzard knows that, and there is no flaw in the game design that makes these activities good ways to get gold. What in the world do you want Blizzard to change other than more enforcement?

AH flipping is not a problem for anyone. I again do not see why the game is broken because there other ways to get gold besides grinding.
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I agree if I want to farm items I play D2. Farming D3 is the least efficient way to gear and when you are already wearing decent gear farming in D3 is basically useless.

01/25/2013 12:48 PMPosted by Recluce
I again do not see why the game is broken because there other ways to get gold besides grinding.

lol who wants gold is pretty worthless I am trying to hunt for loot. You want to grind for gold only to realize you cant because bots have been grinding gold 24/7 since day 1 making your little 50 or 100m look like pennies.
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01/25/2013 10:51 AMPosted by django
....to find good loot you have to do everything except actually farming


i farmed 150m ik helm and 30 mil nat boots while paragon leveling.

stop ur whinning.
You're taking this too !@#$ing seriously. Take a break from your computer.

If you really cared so much you would complain to Blizzard directly about hacking forums like Blizzhackers and Ownedcore 'cause within those forums are private circles of hackers responsible for a lot of what you're complaining about. Flipping is fine.
OP how did you get your set?

farmed? wow u did pretty damn well without exploiting the game

rmah? what did u expect then? better loot than what whole europe is farming for?
Yup, honest players feel like they are being punished for not taking shortcuts.
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