Diablo® III

Diablo 3, aka the only loot hunt game where...


How to get gold?

1. Flip items in AH.
2. Bot.
3. Dupe.
4. Exploit commoditiy markets.
5. Scam.


first of all i dont use any of those.

there's a lot of ways to earn gold. of course it's not easy. try to earn it in a little difficult way. before i made 700k per run. = 40mins until i strike a billion worth of mempo and more.

try salvaging iLvl61 blue's and yellows.. right now it's worth 1.1k ea. before it's like 700g only. and if lucky its 1k..

get all tome of secrets,gems. even they're not worth much. but still it counts.
specially get some pick up radius.

find a Rare unid buyer. (making 20m every 2 days) still doing this today.
or just try your luck Iding them.

it's a little bit boring but of course you're farming and at the same time you might hit a jackpot.
OR just play the game... people are greedy once they see a cheater they feel like they are entitled to something.. why not dress like batman and go vigilante hunting for these cheaters and dupers.. or just be patient and let blizzard handle things..
One thing remains to be said: there is always a choice. If you want to loot for gold, then loot, don't get it on AH. If you don't want to cheat, don't. If you don't want other people's cheats affect you, don't play multiplayer. There is always a choice.
So sad.. so true..
Lots of good trolling in this thread. The problem is if you are getting the drops, life it good, if not life sucks. RNG says you may never get them, the system is designed so your dry spells can last months/hundreds of hours.

The one valid point I've seen is w/o the AH, I probably would see more upgrades overall, since I wouldn't have access to upgrades without it, problem is they gave us one and the game ends up being terrible drop wise because of it.

Seems a little crazy to me to ask the player to understand the thing they put in the game, also breaks the damn game.
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Honestly, I make nearly all my gold off ah flipping. I make several million with just flipping for a hour a day. This game is solely about loot which is why the game lacks replay value. The item system is completely broken and since it's tied to the core I don't think it will ever change.

IMO the only way to fix it would be to buff the quality VERY GREATLY. How does this work in other games? well in d2 it worked because you would always be leveling up and you would need the level and stats to use them (ie, level 85 req and 200 strength etc), however, in d3 once your 60 anything is possible which is where it goes wrong. These billion dollar items should drop very frequently, just make them drop often ONLY in mp10 and if only paragon level 90's could use them, problem solved. That way it's not like winning the lottery at all, and your time put into farming will be rewarded as you level up guaranteed. They would need to create several different ilvls though to implement this where an ilvl 70 is guaranteed with 6 high edge affixes. The chance of finding an ilvl 70 in mp 1? Make it like .005% to encourage farming greater acts as well where in mp 10 maybe .1%. New item levels should be made and they should be tied to paragon levels.
Had me 650mil of gold jump out of a chest in the form Blackthornes pants the other day,
hope a bot didn't put that there
You are wrong. Your lack of knowledge probably bears some relationship to you creating an account just to post here so people can't see your progress - or lack thereof ;)
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Ridiculous post OP.

Ive played entirely without AH system. That doesn't mean that nice players haven't offered me gear, to for example help them farm a given area, but that's just part of the fun of coop.

I never touched the AH, and besides anything that would upgrade me, is way beyond my gold atm.

Time is needed to farm, here,just a it was in D2,and if posters don't get that, then they are raging for nothing,never having played games where grinding IS the game.

Funny how people, apparently jealously, complain about D3, when several other game forums have VERY low thread pages,even games out for far less than D3 and the same genre.
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Wait.. what? you dont like a game where you are basically working?
It's nice to have a 2. job in order to feed ActiBlizz and earn 10-20$ a week through RMAH with luck or simply avoid RMAH and work as a sucker for nothing
You are wrong. Your lack of knowledge probably bears some relationship to you creating an account just to post here so people can't see your progress.

He's an EU player. Here's his account:

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01/25/2013 10:51 AMPosted by django
....to find good loot you have to do everything except actually farming.

All the loot I have I found. I also have over half a billion gold from simply selling items I found that I didn't need. I never botted I never duped and I most certainly never scammed anyone or exploited the market.
Yeh the broken down item tables is why I dont play and refuse to play until something is fixed....I dont like playing 600 hours to find nothing but maybe a few 30mil items......I loved diablo for the item hunt and grinding....diablo 3 is only leveling imo.....unless you bot

It is insanely hard to grind for 600 hours and find nothing worth of value.....I have played diablo 3 since release off and on hoping that blizzard will fix the game mechanics that need their attention the most.....Items are one of them.....Not enough content to even be game of the year......
01/25/2013 05:02 PMPosted by Fingerling
....to find good loot you have to do everything except actually farming.

All the loot I have I found. I also have over half a billion gold from simply selling items I found that I didn't need. I never botted I never duped and I most certainly never scammed anyone or exploited the market.

you have played alot as well and dont have godly gear that others have with your elite kills.....with that many elite kills you should be able to face roll mp 10
So true, OP.
my first comment here, though I play Diablo 3 since the release day 1 but I have to complain...the real problem with this game is the chance to find good item for your character is like 0%. I have witch doctor paragon level 44 and still had no luck in finding any good gear for him. Found once a crappy Zunimassa's string of skulls and few !@#$ty Lacuni prowlers and that's it...the only way to profit in this game is to have luck and find some nice gear for other classes, but then again, it's hard to find even such items...I actually had some luck few times and found some nice (not great) legendaries and few very good rares and that's it...ie over last 3 days was playing like 5 hours a day and didn't find any decent item. That is %^-*ing frustrating and that's the main reason why I comment for the first time here. Make the farming pay off more. no matter how, just make it!
Get raped in dueling.
You are not a serious player.
Never will be on top of the DPS chart
And I should care about any of this because?

Dueling is a casual thing with no objectives or anything. When dueling with friends we will all use white gear anyway, because we are not idiots.

I beat inferno with self-found gear, and it didn't even take me that much time or effort.

But here come the WoW players who insist that I should be sad and frustrated because other people have better gear. But why?

01/25/2013 02:44 PMPosted by Aggrothis
lol... You really think that huh? How about to earn more $ from the two AH.
Blizzard are making more money from stopping freeloaders than the RMAH. But yeah.

Always online is a thing for copyright infrigement and the AHs. This was never a surprise for anyone. I still don't get the point of people complaining about how it is not stopping botting . Did any of you ever believe Blizzard for a second that it would? Really?
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