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the point of the game is to play the damn thing, if you want to buy the gear beat everything to a bloody pulp, then you can, if you want to farm, you can, guys its still a farming game if you want to play that way, or you can simply buy it if youre willing to spend real world cash, personally i farm everything i have, i havent played ina long time and am starting back up, im aware my gear is going to be outdated, im looking forward to a challenge
I totally agree with deadlysynz. farming is getting retardedly monotonous. I had a full inventory of drops to sell, 11 of them rare items, 8 of which were for a different class, and the other 3 completely useless...and this happens 80-90% of the time when I need sell. Im paragon 18 with 200% MF and when that legendary drop finally comes around, useless.
Oh and its very rewarding when you complete a quest/major boss fight and you get....$820.00 gold. super since i just spent 20k repairing my gear.
What I don't get is why soooo many people seem to be wholly convinced that they need to buy 'good' items for hundreds of millions of gold. No you effing don't. Good items, as in "beat inferno mp0 with ease and farm mp1-2 very comfortably" items, cost a few hundred thousand, maybe 2-3 million for the nicer ones. Anything above that is just gravy.
remove RMAH, then everything will be solved.

bye bye bots
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I wouldn't care about top end gear at all if al the gear leading up to it weren't equally boring. I had dozens of D2 alts, I have dozens of Torchlight 2 alts. I have 1 of each class in Diablo 3. I only really like the Wizard, and I have one at 60, so...

If only there were some way to take away the "improvements" D3 brought to the table that made alternates worthless, and lower level gear was actually occasionally exciting.
I didn't play D1, D2, TL2, PoE, etc, but I really didn't see much issues with the quality of loot i'm finding in D3. I've found direct upgrades for my character quite a few times, as well as nice items that sold for large amounts of gold/blizz$.

While I do think that the items can get pretty boring when it's mostly just linear stat point upgrades, I don't feel that flipping or any illegal stuff is really needed to enjoy the game.
....to find good loot you have to do everything except actually farming.

I'd like for someone with this attitude to explain to me where the gear that comes from that is on the AH if you can play this game without farming.

You know, I have always wondered that myself. If the AH/RMAH is populated with gear that was found (granted, even re-sold items were originally found, I guess), then obviously SOMEONE is finding it...just not us...
I have made billions farming. legit. sorry bout your luck.

More useful gear dropped in D2.. far more. Although the presence of the skill tree aided this greatly due to being able to tailor builds to specific items dropping.

I was one of those who did fairly well with mediocre gear. I only ever owned 1 enigma, 1 shako, and 1 HoZ, the rest of my items were considered average at best.

bull!@#$ poor player.

Please everyone, stop posting those non-sensopedia topics. You never played Diablo 2 or you were just poor there too.
You never werer farming efficiently there, unless you used a hammer paladin or a soso.. MAybe necro was cheap or barb - but they were not efficient at all.
There were no better drops, you can actually clear this game with only blue items (D3) and it was close to impossible in D2.

Bull topic after a bull topic, go play PoE or some other game if you don't like it that much, really. Give us a break.
I'm playing since release date, with pauses, but I am still enjoying the game, just like I enjoyed Diablo 2.
I never dropped anything as good as runes for enigma in D2, but I can assure you I played more than you, and I had more than 1 Enigma, without dropping it, just trading eh.
Here I already dropped Lacunis with crit, a witching hour, 3 times an echoing furry that sold for over 20kk.

Gimme a fckin break and gtfo with such topics. I know my gear is still bad, and I am still a poor player, but the items do drop, you just gotta play.

QQ kiddies

I bet you guys are not real men:

^ The level of this discussion.

Also there are many builds with lower level gear, you just don't care to try them out. OF course they won't be as efficient as the top end gear is. They never will be and never was.
What's the big difference between gloves that every smitter used and the echoing furry that everone used now for specific builds ?
I tell you what, besides none, the only different is the level requirement, huh big deal really. Just do the world justice and please shoot yourself in the toe, maybe you'll feel diversity in your life then.

Nice try pretending to be pro players who know things.

It's not very convincing when u need to go through all the trouble to use a lv5 character.

Don't treat others like idiots who don't check profiles.

Typing a lot doesn't mean you are right.

Nice try bro.
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Can you actually verify that, say MF 400% and over is significantly better than say MF 300%?
For legendaries the gain should be exactly linear. On a given MP level 400%MF gives 25% more legendaries than 300%MF (5.0 multiplier vs. 4.0 multiplier). There is no "breakpoint" when it comes to MF.

Nice try pretending to be pro players who know things.

It's not very convincing when u need to go through all the trouble to use a lv5 character.

Don't treat others like idiots who don't check profiles.
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....to find good loot you have to do everything except actually farming.

Wanna get gear? need gold.

How to get gold?

1. Flip items in AH.
2. Bot.
3. Dupe.
4. Exploit commoditiy markets.
5. Scam.

What about farming you may ask? nothing. It's like playing the national lottery with only 1 ticket vs people that have high paying jobs. How many people that play the lottery will win it? 1 in (insert random crazy high number).

So, whats left for normal, honest farmers? nothing. You can enjoy the combat in the eternal hope of being the one who wins the lottery, but 99% of people will still always be screwed when fighting for an item vs the non-farming users.

How ironic that a loot hunting game works this way, even considering that it's supposed to be the best out there.

PRO tip for Blizzard: next time you make a game based around an AH, make sure people can't continuosly exploit it in every possible way, it makes the game bad for the honest players.

First of all do not put flippers in with the rest on that list, flipping is legit. It is not against the ToS or the EULA. They are only taking advantage of deals. Sure they also take advantage of those that do not know the true cost of an item. But that is not their fault, that is the fault of the player.

Would I cry a river of tears if I put something in the gold auction house that sells for 50k but find out later I could've gotten 300k. Nope next time I will post the same item for 300k that is all. Learn the true value of the items will beat any flipper. Because then there will not be enough profit to flip.

Flippers are also working off of the items found by other players. So unless the other players are botters, dupers, exploiters (this one I do not understand), or scammers. Then there is no reason to list them in the same breath.

What is good about finally finding what you are looking for. Knowing that you found it, knowing that you did not have to go to the AH in order to get it.

But to you the game has to change where it falls out of the sky like rain huh. Where it is raining the best gear in the game with perfect rolls right.

IMO anyone that does not want to use all of the tools that a game gives them in order to get what they want are limiting themselves. They are only hurting their characters and making it harder on themselves.
I found all the items I needed to get this gear - right now I can't really afford to upgrade - so what am I doing - grinding - and I will get the gear I want. I wish they could get rid of botting - I will survive and thrive.
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