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A lot of people are disagreeing with OP but missing the point... he is 100% right. To get the best gear it came from one of two places, the Auction House, or your wallet. There are no other exceptions.

And I guarentee most of you kids who still play bought gold
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So... Reading these forums all the time, some people get great loot, and others do not. Therefore some people have fun playing this game and some feel very 'burnt out' by it. This really can't be blamed on the people playing the game, nor can we call anyone a cry baby for not enjoying a game. A logical solution would be to create a more clear standard for drop rates (just because you have a 20whatever% chance to have level 63 doesn't mean it's going to be a good one). Everyone wants to feel rewarded, not just the people who are getting "lucky" drops and you can't blame anyone for putting in several hundreds/thousands of hours and not getting a good piece of gear, but I do feel like if that is sincerely the case, then there is a solution.

Exactly ! [+1]

Not true at all man.

I find 2 legendary/set pieces per run on average.
Maybe your magic find isn't good enough.

Not true... I have 300MF+75NV MF + MPbonus 25 MF
Over 500 hours of farm... never did find any set item... only legendaries, but all garbage...:(( im gonna cry :/ ;P
If a search for item by Max properties were added, Flipping would be much more difficult because putting a price check on an item would be much easier for the average user. Right now, the only way to price check is to ask people in public chat (who will usually lie because they either don't know, or want to flip your item after scamming you) or, to carefully sort through items one by one, and compare items in your range to those both lower, and higher than yours, to find a real fair price. Because this takes a bit of brainwork, the average joe who finds an awesome item while farming, puts up items for almost nothing as a bid thinking "Hey, there will be a price war for my item and I'll get a nice profit!" Well. Sometimes there is, and that person is shocked to find out "Hey, my item sold for 8 million!" While the person who put a bid of 8 million or a little more well already knows. "This item is easily worth 16 million, I won't bid more than that because I can flip it!" The only way the flipper won't buy the item? Someone who really wants it, manages to bid more than a flipper thinks it's worth. The only way to get awesome items at price? Never, ever use buyout. Only use bids for what you want, and be sure to find more than one item. Make sure the bids are open bids, and drop several bids in different places if you can afford it. The results may surprise you. MOST AVERAGE PLAYERS DON'T KNOW THIS STUFF. They need to.
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Judging by your character? I like ur post but i dont like the fact u dont even have a character to show.... so i cant really take u seriously
none of that stuff happened in d2


don't worry bro your enigma was totally legit
01/25/2013 11:21 AMPosted by Vehks
The botters are not only finding money and items hand over fist but they are also blasting through paragon levels like they are nothing and the bot does all this for them while they spend their time else where.

If you don't enjoy the game enough to want to have the full experience of legitimate progression then you should quit, because after you have reached that end goal, there is nothing left. No challenge, no new goals, nothing... You can go around curbstomping mp10, but then what? Basically those people that cheat to gain items and levels are cheating themselves out of experiencing the game how it is supposed to be, same as it is in any other game.
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Because you can't find gear that is good enough for Inferno...

Judging by your character, I'd say you know this from first hand experience;)
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OP you are actiually talking about end game gears, for normal person you can farm all your gear and never touch AH and still be able to play game and have decent gear.
-1 for this post. This makes me want to unlearn reading skills.
Most people that compare Diablo III to Diablo II forget that DII wasn't all that great either until the LoD expansion.
So... I'm giving DIII until the expansion before I make any final judgement.

What I do know is that for three months now I haven't found any worthwhile gear. Everything I've used has all been in-game found, crafted, and even bought from the town merchants. I haven't even found any gear I'd give to my follower in two months.
I did try selling found items in the AH, but nothing found has ever sold for more than 50k, they just sit there unwanted, unbid upon, and find their way back in my stash.

It appears I've reached end-game, unless I get *really* lucky here soon. In two months, I should have been able to upgrade at least something for myself or one of the 3 followers, other than making more expensive gems. It seems that if you don't get that one lucky break that nets you a high value item to sell, or to use because it provides both offense/defense + MF that you will just be stuck in a rut until you break down and spend g and/or $ at one of the AH's. Maybe that was the business strategy all along.
d2 had sites out the !@# buying items, and EVERYBODY bought stuff back them. D3 has them and clearly they must be getting used or they woudln't be there. just buy from a chinese prisoner...
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You introduce to a farming game a concept that annihilates farming as necessity - you shoot yourself in the foot (or should i say your player base in the face). Everyone with the brains can figure out what i have in mind.
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You introduce to a farming game a concept that annihilates farming as necessity

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