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Legendary drop rate is crap

legendaries?? what are legendaries??? no such thing... only color red and green items lol
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01/22/2013 06:22 AMPosted by ACE
Keep in mind they are called legendary for a reason. if they were to drop more often it wouldnt feel as good to finaly get one. But if you want to up your chances you should up the MP and try to find some MF gear.

I can't find any upgrade in my last 250+ legendary/set drop.

I see no reason for those craps are called legendary.

They are called brimstone.
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I have gone over 3 days without having a legendary drop and then there have been days where I get 5 legendaries within an hour.

Its the luck of the draw, thats what Diablo is about. If you want to cry about it, feel free but.. people are going to stop listening to you eventually.
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Legendary drops used to be "legendary" till it dropped like candy for everyone and his dog
cry more baddies - you can't have your cake and eat it
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You are probably doing it wrong. Come play pub games and start from Stoney to Ghom. Do about 5 and you will get at least 2 when you are done.
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30 minutes this morning on MP0 doing XP runs. 2 mempos (none with crit of course) and 1 Nat's embrace (crap one too)

No problem here with drop rates but with itemization itself
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Its really garbage.
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you know what is also crap?

the entire d3 game :O
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I have a PRG50+ Monk who has found me a 45M and 20M IK Chests and 3 weeks ago, a 1K DPS OS Shenlong that sold for 90M... The 3 items dropped PRG 20+, 30+ and 50+ respectively. 45M IK Chest was from a Wooden Barrel in Rakkis Crossing entrance at MP 1.

A few days ago, an uber w/ my Monk resulted in my first INT Hellfire w/ 1 dps stat so I felt I just had to try it out on my Wiz for a few more minutes before hitting the bed...

White Mob
Paragon 20 or 21 (not sure, see SS #1 why...)


On most days (in a row) I don't get a decent drop with my Monk only to switch to one of the other characters and a decent Legendary drops even before hitting 5 NV... Note that my other characters were < PRG 20 then

So YES, the RATE is CRAP but that same crappy-ness makes <0.001% of the drops worth playing for.

For those who might not be able to see the images:

Echoing Fury
1004.8 DPS
162 DEX
+0.21 APS
86% CHD
12.8% Fear
Open Socket
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